Every Soul Has a Journey. What’s Yours?

SoulJour is the result of a lifetime of seeking. It is the intersection of many worlds: yoga & meditation + outdoor mountain adventure + international travel + rock ‘n’ roll + design + sustainability.

Short for Soul Journey, pronounced Soldier, we are a holistic lifestyle brand built on the roots of yoga for the seeker, sage, and warrior. We are a force of empowerment: a source of transformational experiences and purposeful product. We believe in the collective journey to reveal our essence, activate our purpose, and always rock our Truth.

SoulJour is a mindset. It’s the courage it takes to look in the mirror and uncover the veil. It’s the focus it takes to scream down a mountain bike trail with a cliff on one side and poison oak on the other. It’s the freedom felt when the band kicks it into high gear and everyone tunes into the same frequency. SoulJours are edgy and disruptive – while always being mindful of the planet. We believe in leaving a mark, but also in leaving no trace.

Our sustainable accessories includes a Cork yoga mat made from premium cork and rubber – a game changer for anyone who has sweaty hands/feet, who lives in a warm climate, or who practices in a heated room. Our reusable 100% bamboo spork saves hundreds of plastic utensils from entering the landfill each year. Lastly, we have a luxuriously soft, one-piece cashmere hood perfect for sivasana, meditation, and is best when worn outside on a cold winter’s night. Made from the underbelly hair of Mongolian goats, no harm was done in making this awe go-to statement piece.

Our t-shirt offerings represent four storylines and make up our Essence Collection: Truth, Abundance, Strength, and Balance. For example, our Abundance tee depicts the 8-pointed star of Lakshmi representing all aspects of material and spiritual wealth. No matter what your situation is, there’s a graphic to remind you of your soul’s journey back hOMe – to remember your Self.

SoulJour on and Rock your Truth like you were born to do…

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