It’s spring time in Sedona and you’ve found a gorgeous little creek bed to spend your lunch time. You kick off your sneakers and dip your feet into the crisp spring fed waters at Red Rock Crossing. You become mindful for several seconds as brightly hued desert blooms fill the air with sweetness and warm sunshine flushes the skin. A breath of life force returns to all meridians after a long winter’s hiatus. Thoughts arise, and then you watch them go; There is so much life here…These waters feel so… healing… is this what it means to be… “blissed out?”…. Ugh! Wait! You’re about to be late for your yoga session with Saul David Raye and that really cool DJ! Oh crap! You hurry back up the trail trying not to break the stillness… promising yourself return before the festival’s end.

A year can go by fast when you’re living in the Now. That’s why we’re gearing up to start thinking about SYF2019, which will take place at the start of spring, on March 14th-17th. We’re brewing up new ideas about a more practical ticketing structure as well as finding a new place to call hOMe!

From Whence We Came and Where We’re Going Next

This year our venues were spread all over Sedona, and while it gives everyone an opportunity to tour our little town, we also wished everyone was all together like the family that we are.

Much to our satisfaction, we’re now delighted to announce that The Sedona Yoga Festival has officially found it’s forever hOMe! The festivities will again take place at Red Rock High School, and it’s adjoining Sedona Performing Arts Center (SPAC) except this time, we’re doing it during Spring Break so that we can have the whole place to ourselves, and high-five in passing, under the same roof!

Exciting News About SYF2019 Ticketing

The think tank at SYF Headquarters will be formulating a new ticketing structure soon, with an “All Access Pass” which will be exactly that. These tickets will be limited, and likely, more-so than in previous years. If you’ve made up your mind already about attending next year, it’s advisable that you get your All Access Pass at the current low price of $277, before this price goes up. No one knows when this will be, so seize the day! In the meantime, while SYF’s architects of aum re-create the ticketing structure, we’d love to hear from you! Want to tell us about cool ticketing options you’ve experienced? Write us with your ideas!

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