Written by Daniel Hyman, Healer, Self Love Activist 

Where do we look when we want to heal a part of ourselves, but the old and recycled programming from our egoic mind keeps holding us back and will not let go? The obvious answer would be to focus on our Heart Chakra, but sometimes even when we do that work, we still do not get the results we desire.

So what do we do then? How can we heal our heart when our head will not move and is getting in the way of our divine right of love and joy?

An alternate option is to redirect the focal point of our healing away from our Heart Chakra and move to our Sacral Chakra.

In addition to being the “go to” chakra for emotions and having a connection to the element of water, our Sacral Chakra is the energy center that links us to our creativity and pleasure.

Pleasure is something that is felt, and yes, we can think about how we feel about the pleasure we experience but the true joy from pleasure comes from being present and feeling itnot thinking about it.

Understanding the difference between truly feeling something as opposed to thinking about how we feel about it is so important. Often times, the source of what is blocking our healing process of letting go is that we are stuck in our own head, thinking about our feelings.

Finding purpose and forgiveness is key in the process of healing our hearts. On this journey, we find access to purpose and allow forgiveness into our hearts by replacing the old and permitting the new to enter, bringing new experiences of happiness, love, and joy.

To attract the new, we must let go and heal from the old. We have to find a way to replace our old, negative thoughts and feelings that are stopping us with new, positive thoughts and feelings of love and joy that will ultimately lead us to what we truly desire.

We must reverse the polarities.

When positive feelings and thoughts are present, more “light energy” is available to flow through us and accelerate our healing process. The acceleration of our healing generates our vibrations to go higher more quickly. This empowers us to begin attracting more connections and experiences into our lives that are in alignment with what brings our soul pure joy, love, and fulfillment.

One of the best ways to access these new, desired feelings and positive thoughts is by diving deep into our Sacral Chakra and tapping directly into our creativity.

Our creativity is one of our most powerful healing skills. It comes directly from our spirit and like water, it carries the power of flow. When we are in the flow, we return to our natural state of beingthe perfect alignment with our higher self and the love that we already are.

There is an art to awakening your creative gifts and tapping into your flow. To learn more, please visit www.goddessdanceiam.com


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