If it weren’t for all those OTHER people, life would be good. Life, we project so many conditions on it. I would almost pity life for the bad rap it gets, but life is ongoing, no matter what we think about it.

While growing up we are molded, shaped, sometimes wounded emotionally and physically, being most profoundly affected by family – biological and non-biological. We are incessantly bombarded by worldly news of scams, scandals, suppression and corruption. The media perpetuates anticipation of worst case scenarios. The news anchor announces at 7:00 p.m., “Tune in to catch the latest fear infused breaking news at 11:00 p.m.” These insidious impressions make it easy to slide down the slippery slope of indignation, divisiveness, cynicism, and self righteousness. We’re invited, “Join now. Become a worldwide member of the Up In Arms Club, with its affiliate branches, Bent Out Of Shape, Up On My Soap Box and Ruffled Feathers.”

These external influences train(ed) us, with mutually unspoken messages and agreements. Some messages are warm and supportive, others, derogatory and suppressive. Our familial and societal acculturation affects our capacity for perceiving and receiving life’s blessings. I had enough fortitude and support to be fruitfully productive for years, yet, I had also internalized the suppressive saboteur archetype, hampering my own joy. I used to allow these types who perpetuated that vibration, into my world. Bubble busters, as well as, kind, supportive people can be found in men and women, all religions, socio-economic classes, political parties, and ethnicities. I used to make myself a dim wit, erroneously thinking that by diminishing my light, I would ease the discomfort of those unaware of their own internal source. That is what I was trained to believe. Eventually, I realized that suppressive people usually seek their power from controlling others. Now, I just move on, managing my energy for enjoying life and serving others.


I train daily. Life’s just more fun that way. Knowing the guaranteed results of joy training, I eagerly meditate, daily. This training reveals the impervious joy and continuity of peace that is, always right here, within. The self-honesty that is required; acknowledging internalized pettiness from self or others, is an acquired taste, not always easy to face. Reviewing what I am accepting and rejecting into my consciousness is a full time job. But, in the long run, doing the time saves time, bringing about a mindful, efficient flow.


Feeling emotions as they surface sets them free. Otherwise, they remain as physical discomforts, distracting from joy. If ancient hurts have been deeply buried, grieving can feel like a bottomless pit. Acknowledging painful emotions does not preclude feeling peace. Feeling them is the way through them. Being present with all, increases discernment, assisting in expressing thoughtful responses, rather than destructive emotional reactions. Eventually, tears of sorrow are replaced with tears so full with the richness of life that more meditation feels necessary, for integrating the prolific beauty being perceived. Then, the internal and external saboteurs are suddenly outnumbered. They don’t stand a chance.

Life, it turns out, is good, no matter what we think.


1. Meditate daily (start easy, with a timer if necessary)
2. Conscious Breathing (use counts until you develop focus)
3. Track limiting/derogatory thoughts (breathe through, dissolve, and release)
4. Surround yourself with affirmative people, language, objects
5. Do enjoyable exercise to increase endorphins
6. Set your own pleasurable pace for practicing these tips
7. Forgive yourself when you slip
8. Be grateful for the privilege of learning and the pleasure of serving

~ Marguerite Baca


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