Nature Beyond Threads: Artful Designs Inspired by Nature’s Beauty

Nature Beyond Thread‘s activewear are original designs curated by founder Noelle Kristine’s captivating photographs of stunning natural landscapes, encountered during her global travels. The images evoke a sense of tranquility, serenity, and harmony. Scientifically, looking at pictures of nature speeds up mental restoration and improves cognitive functioning — as well as restoring focus, reducing depression, and improving our overall mood. This means that stepping into NBT’s activewear will not only help you remember to ground throughout the day; gazing at the intricate patterns of nature on your body will also help put you in a better mood and help restore focus. Their activewear also serves as a much needed, gentle reminder that you ARE nature — fashioned from the very same particles as the powerful ocean, grains of sand, ridged mountains, starry skies, and rippling plains.

Their distinctive clothing line transforms these mesmerizing landscapes into wearable masterpieces that allow individuals to showcase their love for nature while embodying a sense of adventure and exploration. Through NBT’s extraordinary creations, you’ll discover the perfect fusion of art, fashion and sustainability brought to life in their stunning active wear collections. Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of nature, masterfully woven into every garment and join their mission to create a world where style, nature and ethical practices unite to leave a lasting impact.

We caught up with Noelle to learn more about how this incredible brand came to be. Read on for more!

So cool that you drew inspiration from your travels to create NBT clothing. Is there a particular space or story that stands out to you?

I had been traveling alone with my camera for years, capturing the intricacies of remote regions and environments that were only visited by others, occasionally. The photos from these solo adventures are filled with excitement, enjoyment, and fond memories of all that I have experienced and the people that I have met along the way. Nonetheless, solo travel is, inevitably, an isolating experience. My landscapes invariably capture that isolation. Much like my own approach to life, landscapes that we see in places like National Parks are content with themselves, fearlessly independent, and unafraid of changing on their own time, at their own pace. They change slightly, slowly and cautiously, yet never make an excuse for their own growth and transformations. I am hoping that our designs will inspire exploration for others and for them to create their own personal connections to nature, people and art.

What’s a way nature / nature-inspired beauty has fostered a sense of connection or calm in your own life?

When I was younger at my family’s cabin in Lake Tahoe, my dad introduced me to skiing at Heavenly Mountain and that forever changed my view of the natural world. Even though I was terrified at the time, I was so mesmerized by the superb beauty of the jagged granite snow-capped mountains that surrounded me. I was in absolute awe of the epic setting and from that moment on I began to have a love for the outdoors and the feeling it gives me. I am at peace when sporting yoga pants and a backpack on an outdoor adventure. Beyond capturing its natural splendor, outside — among the dirt, trees, rocks, sand, water, grass, and flowers.

What inspired you to create “wearable nature?” Was there an “aha / eureka moment” for you?

After learning about the positive effects that nature and nature photography have on the brain, it sparked a sense of hope + inspiration when looking at my landscape photographs in the darkest depths of 2020. I decided to take this inspiration in my work to pursue it further. It’s important to recognize the power that nature has in our lives, and to find ways to incorporate it into our daily routines. Sustainable fashion became a passion of mine after researching the impact that fast fashion is having on our planet. I loved the idea that this seamlessly blends some of my other passions such as landscape photography and the great outdoors. I also love that it has relived my adventures while inspiring others.

What do you want people to feel when they wear NBT clothing?

Our imaginative approach offers customers an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and showcase their passion for art and nature. Wearing NBT is not just about style; it’s also about sharing a story and connecting with a global community of like-minded individuals who value the planet and its diverse beauty. Not only do we want them to feel calm and grounded throughout the day, but we also want women to feel empowered – Nature is Art, so we want them to become the art and unleash the artist within them.

Do you have a personal favorite piece or collection?

Of course, all are a personal favorite but when deciding which designs to choose for our launch, my Death Valley photographic collection stands out. The stark beauty of the landscape provides compositions, textures, patterns, and shapes that are both subtle and striking. In this collection, you can see how the landscape changes depending on the time of day and how the shifting light can transform the scene from ordinary to extraordinary with colors and shadows that dance across the landscape and the details within. For example, our designs named Mesquite and Sand Dunes sets are taken at the same location but at different times of the day. Mesquite was taken at sunset while Sand Dunes was taken at sunrise.

How often do you come out with new patterns/series?

We launched at the beginning of 2022 so it’s been a year pushing the first 11 designs to bring brand awareness and sharing our story. Nature Beyond Threads will be coming out with new patterns and collections this year.




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