The cousin team of Nick and Javier Montoya present Sedona Yoga Festival Pre-Festival Training:  Ageless Yoga for Everyone

Who is this cousin team of Nick Montoya and Javier Montoya who have made it their mission to help people get healthy – no matter age or physical ability? Together, they teach, inspire and motivate thousands through their Ageless Program workshops, classes, DVDs and retreats.

1544468_760930413935099_1151617763_nAfter experiencing serious health issues at the age of 50, Nick regained his health through the practice of yoga and meditation. Nick was no stranger to the stresses of life that was the culprit for his poor health. He was a senior manager for a Fortune 50 company, raising three daughters pretty much on his own, as his wife suffered from both bipolar and borderline personality disorders. He had severe leg and back pain – some days he could not walk. His blood pressure was extremely high. He was 50 pounds overweight. Migraines or stress-induced headaches were constant. The prescribed medications in his medicine cabinet would increase with every doctor visit. The medications treated the symptoms, not the source and he continued to feel worse and worse. Nick’s body began to shut down and he felt that at any moment he would die. Until his eldest daughter made him go to a yoga class…

Javier is a musician, composer, vocalist and all around artist. His lifestyle choices in his early twenties brought his dreams to a screeching halt. His daily routine consisted of several hours of practicing guitar followed by hours of creating music on keyboard, followed by practicing golf and then going to work as a bartender and topping the late night off with binge drinking. One morning while practicing guitar, his left wrist cramped up and remained stuck. He watched as his numb hand slowly reopened and he sat fearful as he could not play another chord. The cramping did not subside and doctors were liberal with the medication. Emotional stress added insult to the injury and Javier developed gastroesophegeal reflux. Now he was no longer able to sing. Like his cousin, yoga and Ayurvedic health was the answer and Javier dedicated his life to eating holistically and practicing Yoga and Qigong. Javier came back stronger than ever and rededicated his life to sharing his learnings and talents with the world.

Nick has the natural gift of teacher. He easily formulates processes and steps into programs to make learning simple, fun and lasting. Nick captured his most successful project planning process into a book published in 2006 called “The Magic Megaphone”. It was not a surprise that when he left the corporate world to become a yoga teacher, he was able to formulate programs to teach people how to be their healthiest best. These programs include “The Ageless Program”, “Ageless Yoga with Nick Montoya”, and “Ageless Movement & Breath From Your Chair”.

Nick creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for his students to have a quality experience. This includes music and not just any music; music that is created and composed for the teaching at hand. There was no better person to do this for him than his younger cousin Javier. He called upon Javier to compose music for his early DVDs and to assist him with retreats. Javier not only brought his music to the table, he is also a yoga teacher and specializes in chakra balancing and Nick readily added Javier to the teaching mix. It became the MontoYoga teaching team.

1425301_753291191365688_1603906569_oSedona Yoga Festival is proud to have Nick and Javier conduct their Ageless Beginner Yoga Workshop as an all-day pre- festival experience on Thursday, February 6. It will be a transformative journey for everyone, no matter if this is your first introduction to yoga or if you have been practicing for years.

The day will consist of the four themes of transformation from The Ageless Program:

  1. LETTING GO of one thing that holds you back from being your healthiest best
  2. Being at PEACE with what you let go of
  3. REJUVENATE– to make young or youthful again, and
  4. CREATE the next chapter of your healthy life

The beautiful L’Auberge de Sedona is the host venue and the perfect setting for this special day. Nick and Javier are bringing an extraordinary team of Ageless teachers from around the country to assist for the day in order to ensure that every attendee gets special attention and care. An amazing lunch is provided and you can expect to be showered with Ageless gifts from Nick and Javier. You will be treated to the soulful music of Javier throughout the day. New lifelong friends will be made and the Ageless teachers will be on hand throughout the rest of the Festival to assist you on your Festival journey.

You will smile a lot. Laugh a lot. Feel good positive things that are buried within. The most common testimonial from those that have attended Ageless Workshops and Retreats is, “It changed my life for the better!”

Nick and Javier and the rest of the SYF team look forward to welcoming you to this special event.


There is limited space, so do not delay in registering for this pre-festival event at:

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact Nick or Javier directly. You will find them approachable, caring and taking good care of you is their priority.

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Call Nick: 916.813.1369 Call Javier: 818.636.8564

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