Hello Yogis,

How are you? Has your world changed since we connected last? Are you finding peace in your heart amidst the chaos? Do you feel that you are able to see clearly in the midst of all of it? Are you practicing? What does that look like for you? How are you doing with your expectations? Is letting go becoming easier… or harder? Are you finding ways to help others, even if that means getting your own hOMe in order?

The container that is SYF is spilling over this year like a waterfall… We find ourselves on the move and in the flow. Whatever you think you “know” (or we thought we knew!) about festivals and conferences and how they work and what to expect you can pretty much forget about now. We need you to get here and BE here, … Now is a time to show up, to engage, to stand clear in your center, in effortless action and ease. Can you feel it? Yes? No? Let SYF Shift Your Perspective.

There are hugs and tears, laughter and dancing, quiet times of deep reflection, provocative moments that challenge your usual reactions and ask you to respond meaningfully from the heart space. From space even. Carry your blood, flesh, and bones from session to session, venue to venue – some small and intimate, some so full of humanity you get lost in it… carry your SELF through and out and release any tendencies that no longer serve, build up an authentic strength and will that you don’t even know is available to you – until you feel SAFE, burn the passionate fire of love and inspiration in your belly, the warmth of your heart then beating the endless drum of love and compassion, the voice you’ve been seeking then flowing in kind and clear devotion, until the light bulb goes off in your mind.

Are you ready for this? I mean, truth, we’re all going to die – someday. What we need to learn to do is live – a joyful and peaceful calm in the midst of any storm. How do you connect with all that’s going on out there? Look within. Find and make the choiceless choice, effortlessly, and without grasping… Right? Could we be more shrouded in veils in this time that they are almost becoming easy to brush aside? What is your SOUL resonating with? We are being called on now more than ever to make time for that level of discernment. You have a role to play in the play, and i’ll wager that if you don’t yet know what it is you really, really want to know right about now.

SYF is set to amplify the force of the winds within you to wrack any stagnation, set light to the fire of the inner teacher, to wash away the stains of the past, and finally free you from the weight of your expectations by quaking you to the core. Who’s in?

How are we going to do this? Intention, circumstance, subtle programming, sharing in this intention with the faculty and presenters. It is what wants to happen… The program is different than in the past: we will need to align and realign, move together and move independently, move from a place of deep knowing and trust in oneself, and look out for each other. Take care of each other. Be in service. We’ll talk, dance, practice, pray, be quiet, be loud, hug the rocks, share in so much together, be utterly alone to reveal that we are never alone – the true picture of it is going to be created by who shows up! Will you be here? The amplifying force of the location all by itself – Sedona has always stood strong in its knowing and fearlessness – is a force that if we all align with it in the power of LOVE and UNITY could help us shift to the tipping point. Will this be the year? Are we ready to rise up in consciousness and evolve into an enlightened society? Are you?

So many questions, so little time.

As it turns out there are only 300 All Access Passes left for SYF2018 The All Access Pass will be a part of the State of the Union: Yoga Talks and once those are all gone most classes, workshops, and 1-3 hour sessions will be available as single ticket for general public (unless they are full). Turns out its a pretty tight tribe that’s feeling the call to amplify our consciousness evolving in this way. If you are feeling the call then be here, please. This is a container that is held for you to rise and shine. All the humans dropping in for a taste of what we’re doing for three and a half days together need you, too.

What’s the State of the Union: Yoga Talks? While still revealing itself it is now being called for to start talking about the big stuff – together – in person. There are many leading teachers that return to SYF year after year who can really shine a light on living our yoga and leading from the heart. Let’s take these deep discussions into the big room now and explore together how we as American Yogis are showing up in our culture, in our communities, and in the world. Nothing’s off limits, there will be Q&A and if we can get some support for it, it will be recorded. You’ll know if you want to be in the room. And, yes, there will be time for lots and lots of dropping in to practice. Practicing is the key!

So that’s a little ramble about this year’s intention: Shift Your Perspective, Show Up in Effortless Action, Leading from the Inner Teacher – the voice of your soul – which knows its purpose. Easy 😉 Easy for me because its my purpose to orchestrate this. Let me acknowledge to you that I am grateful for all of the adversity I/we/SYF has faced so I could truly SEE how easy it all is – in the midst of any storm. Guaranteed this isn’t the first age that has seemed so hard… So, here we are. I see you here already and I feel it in my being – its going to be sooooo good.

In joy & service – and hopelessly devoted to you~

Heather Shereé Titus
Director, Sedona Yoga Festival
Co-Founder | CEO, Aumbase

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