We are beyond excited to have you join us for the 7th year of the Sedona Yoga Festival amidst the majestic lands of Sedona, Arizona!

World-class presenters, workshops and artists are key elements in making this an unforgettable, life-changing experience. To keep the magic alive and deepen the positive impact on our community and our world, our commitment to ecological sustainability is at the core of the choices we make as festival organizers.

As attendees, we know you come here to be part of something amazing; with your help, we will continue creating a leading industry yoga conference that will change the way we celebrate life at the deepest level.

Why Zero Waste?

Our last post talked about the importance behind the Zero Waste movement. For us at SYF, we realize that our health is intrinsically linked to the health of the planet and all beings. We are blessed to join together for a weekend deepening our practices of wellness and mindfulness, and we believe that environmental stewardship is an essential way to give back to this place, this community and this precious life that gives us so much.

How is SYF going Zero Waste?

We’re honored and excited to be taking a lot of steps toward environmental stewardship this year. Here are a few of our major initiatives, including our fabulous partners and sponsors whose support and collaboration are instrumental in our success:
An essential part of Zero Waste is taking responsibility for the inevitable “waste” we produce. This year, we’ll be setting up Resource Recovery Stations where we’ll feature Compost, Recycling and Waste bins — the goal is to Recover as much material as possible, composting and recycling first, and sending as little as possible to the landfill.

Thank you to our Sponsor, Interdependence Foods, for sponsoring the 2019 zero waste stations!

Many thanks to Sedona Compost & Sedona Recycles for sharing resources, supplies and time with us toward these efforts.

Water is, of course, is an essential element of any event, especially one with so much emphasis on movement, sweat, replenishment and nourishment.  Providing our attendees with safe, healthful drinking water is high on our priority list, as is making sure that water comes without negative ecological impact.  We aim to keep SYF free of all plastic bottles, and encourage everyone to bring a vessel to refill at our hydration stations. We are proud to have beautiful, clean glass bottles from Sedona Bottling Company for filling and drinking on the festival grounds; for our On The Land excursions, we are grateful to be working with Proud Source Water to provide the highest quality water in recyclable aluminum bottles.

This year, with the help of Climate Yogi, we are providing guests the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets for their travels.  Learn more here.

We are blessed with a wonderful lineup of Conscious Vendors providing thoughtfully, ethically and regionally (wherever possible) sourced food, wares and gifts for guests.  We are working with them to eliminate waste and non-recyclable/compostable materials from the festival grounds. As you explore their offerings, we encourage you to be compassionately curious and learn the stories behind what you purchase.

Perhaps the most crucial element of all in successfully going Zero Waste are the People — You, our beloved Attendee, with your care and attention, make this all possible.

Whether you’re a seasoned attendee of yoga festivals, or if this is your inaugural year, deciding what to (and what not to) bring to a festival is rarely an easy task.


We’ve put together a Zero-Waste guide to help you pack your bag and prepare for your amazing journey;

Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is a no-brainer at a Yoga festival in the desert!  Staying hydrated can be an act of love for ourselves and our earth when we choose to refill bottles made from non-toxic, up-cycled material.

Food Essentials

SYF boasts incredible festival cuisine, and we are proud to have vendors who are as excited as we are to create dining experiences that are not only delicious, but healthy for people and planet alike.  Though we request that all our vendors adhere to strict guidelines and use compostable and recyclable materials, imagine how clean our festival will be if each attendee brought the following items — talk about Zero Waste!

• Wide-Mouth Mason Jar

• Insulated Thermos for hot liquids

• Reusable Utensils

• Cloth Napkin // Bandana

•  Bamboo//Metal Straw

Personal Hygiene

The ritual of cleansing is a central aspect of our Yoga practice, and we certainly want to stay clean and healthy as we share time and space together.  We are thankful to have the support of Sedona Compost to provide an ecological solution for used paper towels, but again, we’ll practice R#2 — Reduce first, wherever possible.

• Washcloth

• Biodegradable Soap

• Recycled//Organic Toothbrush

• Ecologically sound Toothpaste

Tote Bag/Basket

For carrying your Zero Waste kit to and fro 🙂 

If you have any questions, ideas or tips, please reach out to our Zero Waste Coordinator, Jo.

With every choice we make, we are given the opportunity to make the world a better.  Thank you for joining us on the journey toward Zero Waste.

With gratitude,

Jo and the SYF Zero Waste Team

 Molly Jo

Molly Jo

SYF Zero Waste Coordinator

For over a decade, Molly Jo (Jo) has been committed personally, professionally and academically to cultivating a vibrant, sustainable existence for herself, her community, and the greater ecology to which we are all inextricably bound. She has been blessed to study, teach and grow alongside phenomenal teachers, healers and seekers among extraordinary landscapes and beings.

She began her journey as an Environmental Educator, connecting students of all ages to the wonders of our Earth through classroom and field instruction. She first learned the Leave No Trace (LNT) ethics as a Wilderness Trip Leader in the boreal forests near Lake Superior, and the principles have since guided her choices and actions as a citizen of the world, an educator, and an organizer. Over time, her relationship to the land grew, and she deepened her skills as a practitioner of Herbal Medicine, through which she became keenly aware of the universal application of LNT — The Honorable Harvest — in which, as humans and stewards of the planet, we not only are responsible for leaving the places we visit and inhabit better than we found them, we are also indebted to use our gifts and our gratitude to enrich all those whose lives we impact.

An avid individual practitioner of Zero Waste (ZW), Jo has actively promoted the growth of the ZW movement through event coordinating, volunteering and education since 2010. Currently engaged in Masters studies in Educating for Mindfulness and Sustainability, Jo is passionate about the intersection between Yoga and Ecological Stewardship. She is deeply excited and honored to bring her love and energy to Sedona Yoga Festival. She hopes to demystify Zero Waste, and bring a little more joy and ease to the practices of Ecological Stewardship and Sustainability with the help of a community on the path of mindfulness, gratitude and love.

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