Soul-u-tions: Solving the Connection vs Protection Dilemma

As Spiritual Seekers expand their awareness and learn to tap the psychic senses, they automatically become more vulnerable to additional disruptive energies. It opens them up to a whole new level of Limbic Brain distress. That disharmony directly counters the serenity and security benefits that initially come from Yoga, meditation and increased awareness. It can even overwhelm the positive effects of Yoga and spiritual exploration, leaving seekers more stressed and on edge, than at peace. My book, “Access Your Brain’s Joy Center” (avail from as a book or Discounted Book+CD+PSST Relief DVD) has specific Brain Science insights and techniques for Self-Triggering NATURAL Mood-elevation Centers in the brain for help countering Limbic Distress AND “Feeling Better Fast” without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating. The “Yoga of the Soul” Workshop I will be presenting at the Festival will teach separate techniques for enhancing and maintaining your serenity during the most intense of pressures, even when you can not get to a Yoga Class or have the time to do your Yoga at home. Remember, the Limbic Brain originally evolved as a warning mechanism directly tied to the senses. Seeing, hearing, or feeling signs of potential threats were wired to automatically trigger fight or flight physiological reflexes (raising blood pressure, muscle tightness, and an on edge versus relaxed inner state, etc.). Leaving the Psychic Senses open (and/or without shielding) opens a Seeker up to increased vulnerability to Limbic Distress. That vulnerability is even further exacerbated by Social Media. People who use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are opened up to even more wide ranging Limbic Brain triggering. Seeing distressing events (or comments), happening elsewhere, on a phone or computer screen, is the same to the Limbic Brain as sensory input coming from the immediate surroundings. That is why the techniques in my book “You Are Psychic!” (available as in print, as an E-booK, or an Audible book) are such a powerful tools for protection, as well as openness. Knowing that, for sensitivity, you do NOT have to leave the Psychic Senses open, all the time, is a key for psychic safety. Knowing the Psychic Reception Areas and how to tap them, gives you the ability to turn up the volume or shutter the windows, at will, as the circumstances dictate. An further analogy of the problem would be enjoying the fresh air and view of unshuttering and opening a window, but then without a screen in place, letting all the bugs in. Additionally, just opening a window without the ability to close it during inclement weather and extreme temperatures would be more harmful than beneficial. Similarly, opening up spiritually (especially including the Psychic Senses) without an equal focus on Aura Shielding and protection skills is unwise and even potentially harmful. The “Dynamics of Being a Free Soul” 10-Lesson Course (Textbook, CDs, or Discounted Text+CDs option) available thru can help you practice and master three different Aura Cleansing/Strengthening techniques. Remember also to do those technique with a Bi-Level Soul-shifted perspective (versus head area focus that puts you more at a Limbic level). Some people say, “Thinking about Aura Protection is just being negative and giving into fear.” That IS accurate if they do not know the Soul-shift technique (see YouTube Videos viewable thru, because then the thoughts would be more from a Limbic level. Doing Bi-Level Aura Cleansing from the Soul level strengthens the Aura with love and from a universal connection rather than from a fearful Limbic Brain level. Pete A. Sanders Jr.

Pete A. Sanders Jr.

Pete A. Sanders Jr. is an Honors Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with principal studies in Bio-Medical Chemistry and Brain Science. Accepted to attend Harvard Medical School, he chose instead to pursue independent exploration of Mind/Body/Spirit potentials for developing THE FREE SOUL METHOD, “Inner Technology” Techniques and “Secrets from Science” for Creating YOUR OWN Enlightenment.

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