Spiritual People Launches with a Mission to Bring Communities Together to Thrive

There is an energy and healing that happens when people come together. It is an ancient truth that has been somewhat lost in our busy world.

This is one thing that the new app, Spiritual People, is aiming to address. At Spiritual People, we aspire to inspire. We believe that we are more alike than we are different and that it is by engaging with one another that we can build a better world. We are moved by the true meaning of mindfulness: to be aware of the present moment but also attuned to another’s mental and emotional state. We believe in cultivating clarity of purpose through emotional, spiritual, and physical health. We believe in taking care of our planet and in advocating for those in need. We want to create a shared experience for those who believe in having a positive impact around the globe.

Spiritual People wants to encourage and nurture the importance of having real-life moments. We are creating a vibrant community that connects like-minded people who may have never crossed paths before. We wanted to create a platform with tools that would make it simple to bring awareness of the whole wellness community whether in your city or the rest of the world so everyone can grow and thrive together.

Fun fact? We’re coming to the 10-year anniversary celebration of Sedona Yoga Festival, with some very special opportunities to augment your conference. We want to help make SYF an incredible experience and connect you with the rest of the SYF community during your stay. Our features are designed to be fun, as well as helpful tools.

Join Up
We have created a special SYF social community so you can share and see what everyone is talking about at the festival.

Get Inspired
Enjoy learning about trending topics and the latest discoveries in health and wellness. Listen to a calming podcast on your flight or a curated playlist for a road trip.

Daily Prizes
Fun Spiritual People give away every day, with check-ins with the app.

Where to Go
We have a guide to all the recommended places to go in Sedona. Discover the best that Sedona has to offer.

Easy Meet-ups
Drop a pin, and share your location so everyone can save time.

Social Events
Find all the social events at the festival. We’re sponsoring a nature hike, where you can take in the beauty and get to know one another. Also, one lucky hiker will win a fun festival prize.

Connect here at Sedona and beyond. Spiritual People is a place to stay connected with all the new friends you have made over your stay at the festival. But, it is so much more we are focused on building a global platform to help wellness businesses to grow by connecting them with a vibrant wellness community. We can be the perfect matchmaker for individuals to discover events and businesses around them so they can connect with like-minded people and support practitioners and businesses that are committed to greater wellness for everyone. Spiritual People is for connection and discovering how as a community we can make a difference in each other’s lives and have an impact for good on the world around us.

Find your people! If you’re a SYF2023 participant, be sure to download the app and set up an account before arrival. You’ll not only then have the opportunity to be entered to win giveaways, but you’ll have access to the connections, advice, and community-building opportunities mentioned above. Learn more and download for whatever device you use here.



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