Stick Your Marketing with Sticker Communications

by Lisette Cheresson, SYF Communications Director

As our world moves forward at what feels like the speed of light — but certainly the speed of texting — it can feel overwhelming to keep up with all the digital communiques. Email, social messages, messaging apps, texts… there’s no shortage of research that shows that the overstimulation of the way we share news and updates can be not only exasperating, but even harmful for our brain. The Mayo Clinic refers to this as “cognitive overload,” but for those of us who take seriously the mindfulness practices of stillness and presence, the constant dings and need for response is an inherent challenge. What ever happened to good old-fashioned marketing efforts?

The idea that “marketing,” as a concept, can be old-fashioned is perhaps a bit of a stretch — indeed, how many decades must something be in existence before we consider it to be endemic to a bygone era? What could possibly still be a meaningful way to get your brand or service out into the world that doesn’t rely on the digital space? Enter: sticker marketing.

As a child of the 90s, I remember plastering my Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers with free stickers of all kinds. Some I couldn’t even bring myself to use — I still have stacks of bespoke stickers from my favorite stores and coffeeshops from the town in which I grew up. There’s something magical about sticker communication. It’s graffiti, but semi-temporary. It’s art, but accessible. It’s marketing, but it’s fun. Who doesn’t have a fond memory of some object in which stickers played a prominent role?

For his birthday, a friend of mine got stickers made up by Sticker Mule for her partner’s birthday, in which she plastered their dog’s face all over their city. Every time I walk by one now — two years later — I smile. A sticker out in the wild with which you have a personal association is a special secret between yourself and everyone else’s interpretation of your art.

As a small business owner, I call back to those childhood propensities to plaster my notebooks, and rather than relying solely on the digital space for marketing, prefer to plaster my messages in the real world. Stickering is a great way to advertise yoga class, or an upcoming workshop, or a website. Art can be flashy or simple — it’s like a cooler business card that carries its own out in the world. SYF is no different. We love sharing our annual sticker with our attendees — and get absolutely tickled when we see them on water bottles or yoga mat bags or TT binders years later. And when we create them, we always go with our favorite fine sticker maker, Sticker Mule.

If you’re a yoga or mindfulness professional, rather than throwing spaghetti at the digital wall, try sharing your message with something that sticks. Literally.

Want your SYF2023 sticker? Don’t miss your chance to join us for our 10-year anniversary celebration April 27–30! Passes available here.



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