Hello, Bright Lights! As a Yoga Instructor and a Photographer of Sedona Yoga Festival, I feel so blessed and honored with this Aumazing experience. As a Yoga Instructor, giving, receiving and sharing the knowledge of YOGA is just the highlight of my trip. I thank you Sedona Yoga Festival specially to all the staff and of course Heather and Marc for this opportunity. It has been nothing short of illuminating! Everyone has given me so much to think about and after this that weekend consider you all my “teachers” and “students” for yoga and mentor in life.

Sedona Yoga Festival is always will be my home. This is truly the first yoga festival that I attended and just fell in love with everything. It gives the sense of blissfullness and feeling the vortex inside me which is a funnel shape created by a whirling fluidlike a vortex of spiritual energy which resonates within and strengthens the inner being of each and every person at the festival. To be inspired! learning new perspectives from a variety of geographically diverse teachers boosts our collective energies. You can’t help but feel the life-enhancing power of being a part of the creative process. It was truly MAGICAL!

As a Photographer, going back again and wearing a different hat is an honor! Photography is my love as to teaching yoga and I just love “Capturing the Moments”. Working and be part of the Sedona Yoga Festival is not only partly a retreat but also a kind of yoga vacation. Just the location alone is just is amazing. What better way to spend your time away from work than doing something you love and investing in your own personal growth.

There is this grace and divine to all – thank you Sedona Yoga Festival for teaching us more heaven and less earth. Thank you Heather, Marc and all the staff for the commitment to this magical art and the effect it's having around the world…for how it has affected me. This is a once in a lifetime experience of sharing the love of YOGA.

Thank you to all for your love, hugs and support. I look forward to being of service to each one of you in the future – SEDONA YOGA FESTIVAL 2018!

Peace and Love, Alan


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