“Inspiring, grounding, and calming – these three words sum up my experience at Sedona Yoga Festival! Would I go again? The answer is YES! From world-renowned presenters to kind and helpful staff, there are endless reasons to return. I traveled from Chicago just for the festival and was thrilled by my decision to attend. There are beautiful spots to site see right near the venue too. It is an overall win-win!” — Cassandra Justine IG @cassyoga


“We truly enjoyed ourselves and had so much fun getting to attend a wide variety of classes and connect with so many amazing people!  We hope you’ll have us back!” –  If you’re looking for teachers for next year, I’d actually be really interested in teaching either a Chakra workshop to help people gain a better understanding of how they work, what they’re associated with, and various ways to balance them, or a class on relationships, including prioritizing self-care to be able to be a better partner/friend/sibling/child/etc.” –www.TrippinYogis.com Tori & Aaron Martin 

“This was my 5th year to attend the festival. Every year, I return home, transformed. It is difficult to pinpoint one thing. Is it; the classes I attended? The inspiration from new teachers? The feeling of love and acceptance with other yogis? Is it the beautiful location? Or, is it the awesome beauty of Sedona… I think it is all of these things happening at one time in one very magical place.” – Nancy Britton

“LOVE Vendor Village set up.”  Nancy Britton


“I had a wonderful time while experiencing an array of knowledgeable presenters and friendly, helpful angels. I felt safe and secure. I can’t wait until next year.” – Ruth Pipitone


“SYF is an amazing event and each year it gets better and better!!” – Elisha Thompson


“The Sedona Yoga Festival was an AUM-azing experience. Meeting so many different types of teachers and having such diverse offerings makes this festival a must on the to do list for yogis everywhere. Truly incredible.” – Kirsten Beverley-Waters

“A truly magical experience in a jaw dropping, awe-inspiring location. So much more than a yoga retreat. I always leave here refreshed, revitalized and peaceful. Ready to power through another year, sharing the special energy of the SYF with the world.” – Kathryn Remati

“The Sedona Yoga Festival Consciousness Evolution Conference was amazingly transformative and exceeded all of my expectations! I loved the choose-your-own adventure style with hundreds of workshops and classes to choose from. I’m a beginner yogi, and I had great experience selecting from the plethora of yoga practices and workshops, I took something home from each and every one of them. The venue was welcoming, the staff friendly and accommodating, the format accessible and fun! I would recommend the Sedona Yoga Festival to anyone, from beginner to guru, looking to have a transformative experience that will leave you supercharged until next year’s event!” – Nicole Driscoll


“I splurged on the Atlas Evolution procedure, can’t resist bettering the body I reside in, & had amazing results!” – Julie Fuller


“Sedona Yoga Festival is definitely something to put on your bucket list. Come visit the festival and get a free view of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Very spiritual place to explore your spirit and renew your soul.” – Karen Halscheid


“I have been to the festival two years running. The selection of quality classes is mind blowing and it never ceases to have a profound impact on my life.” – Lin Ferrell Emm


“Yoga in the red rocks of Sedona is a perfect fit. Looking up from sirvasana at the bell rock was otherworldly, inspiring and just plain wonderful.” – Katherine Blue

“I seriously can’t say enough about Kalindi From Amrit Yoga. (Studio Partner) It was so profound and spoke to me in every level of my life. She should absolutely come back in years to come.”– Ariana Miccolis
“Sedona Yoga Festival is much more than a gathering of yogis. And while that in itself is reason enough to attend, the wide range of classes, excellent presenters, beautiful setting, and focus on Conscious Evolution, add up to make for a healing, empowering and holistic experience. I recommend the Festival without hesitation to anyone on the path of awakening and greater self-knowledge!” – Dawn DelVecchio



“This was my first yoga festival. I was not sure what to expect. I do not practice much physical yoga. The workshops alone were well worth it!” – Doug Eagen



“To me, the Sedona Yoga Festival is a bit of Heaven on Earth~ lovely and expansive in every way.” – Roxanne Wessel


“Sedona is a magical place. It is where people cry to heal and to focus on themselves. The people are warm and friendly. This festival offers so much to attendees that it is something not to be missed.” – John Samano





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