Toe Reading – David Dhanvantari Tietje and Leah Lila Misty

I had no idea anything like Toe Reading existed until this past February. My girlfriend and partner, Leah Misty and I were attending as presenters here at the Sedona Yoga Festival and she seemed quite excited about one class. I saw nothing else on the schedule that piqued my curiosity as much, and knowing this would be fun for her, we went. Lo and behold (a phrase my Father’s friend used to punctuate his stories with), I think I got way more excited about it than she did! The instructor was very enthusiastic, warm and hilarious and certainly held our attention. I remember feeling such love emanating through her and it was contagious.

toe readingKC Miller is her name and she is the author of “Toe Reading – Are You Walking Your Destined Path?” She was very generous and gave each person attending the class the introductory 16 hour course absolutely free. Leah and I registered for the online course soon after returning to Dallas. I had never taken an online course, except for Defensive Driving a few years ago.  Although we were excited, while downloading the materials for the class we almost didn’t get started because all the technical things seemed overwhelming  This was new territory for both of us and looking back I can say it really wasn’t that problematic, but it brought up stress and many feelings of inadequacy.

Then there were assignments and deadlines that brought more challenges, but I was determined to finish no matter what. Leah and I supported each other through the homework and I found my intuition and even a writing style I certainly would never have believed. We both felt energized, in sync with each other and thrilled we were on this path together.  Usually writing on a computer has always taken so much energy out of me because I seem to take so long getting my ideas out of my head and down on the page, but this time was different. I felt a sense of calm and the words flowed. Part of the homework was to comment on our classmates postings in a meaningful way which was difficult and at the same time brought out my creative side. This was a first for me and certainly a mind expanding opportunity. We even asked our Facebook friends to send pictures of their feet and this kept us busy practicing for a few weeks!

Maybe you are now curious about what exactly is this ‘Toe Reading’ thing I’m talking about? “It is the metaphysical understanding that the direction and formation of the toes are the physical printout of the path a person’s life has taken. The toes are one of our bodies depositories for stories and emotions. The energy of emotion changes the shape of the toes, especially if it is negative. A Toe Reader is someone who honors the stories coded in the toes and is spiritually and emotionally available to unlock the storyline stored in the cells of the body, specifically stored in the hologram of the toes.”

For example, if a persons right pinky toe and the fourth toe seem to look very connected, like maybe the pinky is hiding under the fourth, this may possibly mean this person is dependent upon a relationship for financial security. Why? Because the pinky toe is the Abundance/Prosperity toe and that fourth toe is all about Relationships. This is only one of the more obvious examples. “A trained toe reader listens and makes inquiries, quietly observe and senses the energy, and presents metaphoric connections. Toe Readers move the client to action by asking questions, propelling them to integration and healing.” The process is about listening, asking questions and having the client physically describe the shape and everything about their toes. Those descriptions are the key to understanding what is happening in your life, becoming aware of it and accepting the encouragement to embrace change.

‘Soul Coaching’ or Toe Reading Part 2 was scheduled for the end of July in Tempe, AZ at SWIHA, the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, which is the school KC Miller founded.  We signed up to attend and decided to take a road trip from our home in Dallas and also return to Sedona for a few days. (We fell in Love with Sedona, “ChocolaTree” particularly!) It was even more exciting than the online class, one reason being that when we arrived, KC was celebrating her 60th birthday and the whole school was invited. Leah and I got to thank her, sing Happy Birthday and also eat some cake with her and the wonderful staff at SWIHA. In the course, taught by Cheryl Speen (Amazing!) we learned how to use essential oils, and to trust our intuition when working with clients. On our last day we practiced Toe Reading on a complete stranger and it was definitely not as scary as I first thought. I felt very connected to this client almost as if we had known each other for years.

It is now just after Labor Day weekend and both of us have returned from Free Day of Yoga Dallas where we were set up to practice Toe Reading and Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork with other healers for short 15 minute sessions. We are doing these and other sessions to acquire our Master Toe Reading certificates. Leah has been getting more inquiries and sessions than me, but we also have a Toe Reading Party scheduled together for this month. The times we’ve worked together have been my favorite sessions because it seems we just get in sync, roll with it and have lots of fun. This has been the biggest, surprising, fun and rewarding journey that I’ve had in my adult life which seems to be happening to me even more often lately.

David Tietje 225x225When I started teaching yoga 17 years ago I began noticing other people’s feet. Some new students didn’t know that yoga is practiced in bare feet and we sometimes talked while I asked them to remove their shoes. I had to look at many different bodies and parts so I could let students know what to do with themselves. This is when I noticed the many different shapes, sizes of toes and of course all those feelings, positive and negative that I had. Some feet and toes I saw as appealing and others seemed very odd looking. I saw people the same way, and now realize that had nothing to do with their feet and everything to do with how I saw myself. Yes, I was a ‘Yoga teacher’ and I also wasn’t perfect as I believed I should have been. Now I am very O.K. with that.

Much Love and Happiness!

David ‘Dhanvantari’ Tietje
Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage
LMT 106542
Spiritual Healing Yoga

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