The New Paradigm in Healing Body-Mind-Spirit and Planet

by Dr. Keneen Hope McNiven D.C., Founder of Hope, Grace and Gaia Transformation Retreats and Hope Chiro Yoga
How has life shaped you? What is your relationship with gravity, which is a form of Grace?

According to Liz Koch, author of the Psoas Book, “Gravity is a cohesive, graceful and loving support between heaven and earth. Gravity informs the rise and fall of the tides, our cells and the relationship between the earth and the sun.  It is responsible for the health of our bones, joints and nervous system, as well as for optimal brain health and well-being. To engage and feel gravity deeply, is to also embody a deep sense of Grace, of being lovingly held.”

Fall from Grace

Do challenging residues from the past burden your body, mind, or spirit in the present? Our posture, spine, muscles and fascia contract with and reflect unresolved stresses. Some of the “shapes” we inhabit reflect our fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses to previous stress or trauma.

Additionally, some of the shapes are much more subtle and reflect memories of needing to duck, dodge, brace or protect our vulnerable underbelly. All these postural reactions or shapes contribute to back pain, joint pain, stress, fatigue, sleep loss and PTSD, along with a host of therapeutic issues that many of us experience in yoga. On and off our mats these shapes and disconnects from gravity or Grace impact our well-being and the embodiment of our awakening as well. The unconscious energetic memories and trapped energy they carry also have an impact on our relationships and communities.

Call of Grace

When we learn how to “re-shape” ourselves, recognize and honor the wisdom and messages inherent within our posture, pain and health challenges, then they become a graceful guide to optimal healing and recovery. A profound sense of Grace infuses us when we befriend gravity and re-align physically and spiritually between heaven and earth. We become healthier, emotionally authentic and enjoy more optimism, hope, trust, peace and joy. As we reshape the past and embody more presence, we enjoy a profound connection to our true nature depths, and our lives, health and actions are Grace-filled.

Hope, Grace, and Gaia

“One who has health has hope, and one who has hope has everything.” – Thomas Carlyle

When we resonate from embodied Hope and Grace, we radiate enhanced health and we emanate an abundance of vitality and awakened consciousness. The more Grace-filled we are, the more “fully human and fully divine” we are. We feel part of a oneness that includes all of reality, animate and inanimate, and from which we are not separate. Our relationships, communities, politics and our planet reflect this evolution, and also reverberate with cooperative synergy and wholeness. This Non-Dual “Gaia consciousness” is the realization that we are all truly one unified Being.

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