Hello Universe, I want to share with you some circle wisdom that I have gained over the years by looking at some shadow traits of the Divine Feminine.
We cannot truly experience the Light without illuminating the Dark and Healing it.

Lets journey into our own mysteries together with compassion and love.

Feel into these 3 shadow traits of the Feminine…
Insecurity, Jealousy, and Judgment.
Very low vibrational words.
Try saying them to yourself out loud:

Lets look at each word as an individual energy or vibration.

How does insecurity feel and look like in your human experience? When you are around other women do you feel anxiety about Self and lack confidence? Do you feel OUT of your Power and threatened by others? Are you frequently comparing yourself to other women in your mind? Have you suffered past trauma in your female relationships that have wounded you? Friends, bullying, betrayel? Or are you empowered when surrounded by groups of women and lifted up?
The energy and vibration of insecurity is so low and literally at a snails pace. It’s heavy and a total illusion. At your core you are Divine Power, Stable, Wise and Rooted. Trust it.

Judgment. How does Judgment make you feel, inside? Pause, close your eyes and feel the word. Have you felt judged by someone else before? Maybe as a Mother, Lover, Wife or Friend.
Have you felt pressured as to what is acceptable behavior as a woman and what is not? The Good Girl syndrome? Have you too judged other women for being a certain way? A lot of these karmic imprints have been part of the collective feminine for centuries going back to the times of early American civilizations such as the Puritans and the Salem Witch Trials. When women were very much expected to be a certain way, silent, submissive and controllable. There is no room for judgment between women now. It is major block and totally unnecessary. We are all unique and magnificent and never to be duplicated. With openness, honor and love we cultivate Self Acceptance and Acceptance of others.

Jealousy. Such a powerful and intense emotion; feel it.
Think of a time when you felt jealous over another woman.
What comes up for you?
To me I feel anger, lack, and “I’m not enough”.
It feels painful and also highly reactive.
During the birth of patriarchy (our masculine dominated society), women were forced into domestication (house wife-isation) and became isolated from true sisterhood and connection. They spent more and more time indoors and disconnected from of the flow of nature.
In ancient cultures women raised their kids together, they created together and they healed together. And most forms of worship were outside.
They valued each other and the wellness of their community. They were in touch with their gifts and earthly powers. There was no room for jealousy because they were literally breastfeeding each other’s children.

Jealousy leads to loss of Power and no one gains. It’s an extremely low vibration that can throw you off and destabilize a community. Is there past trauma and drama lurking in your field that allows for this vibration? Blocking you from a tribe of sisters that could be elevating your Human Existence? The time is now to reconnect to your own Divinity; that creative force that links all women as One with Earth. Jealousy is a block to reclaiming this ancient power that is our birthright.

These 3 words Insecurity, Judgment and Jealousy are 3 big shadow traits of the Feminine and are some of the most common themes that get triggered when women gather.
They are representations of the Sister Wound that we all have. And this cultural wounding is blocking us from reaching our maximum potential as women. Instead of collaborating and creating a better world for Humanity like our ancestors did, we compete, compare, judge and separate from each other. These shadow traits are weighing down the collective feminine and if we are to Rise we need to prioritize healing the Sister Wound now.

What can we do to shift the consciousness and heal the Sister Wound so the Feminine can Rise?

Use the holy mirror! When you feel your Sister Wound being triggered (ie. The shadow traits above or otherwise are surfacing when around other women), ask yourself
“what is that, that I’m feeling right now”? Get clear about the emotion.
“where am I feeling it in my body?”
“when was the first time I ever felt this way?”
“and what do you have to teach me?”
This is shadow tracking. Its shamanic and one of the truest ways to heal that I know of that negates spiritual bypassing (using spiritual practices to avoid painful wounds “I’ll just go to yoga and I’ll feel better”).

You have to go into the wound. And remember that all of our relationships are tools to make us conscious, not happy. So shadow tracking applies to triggers and wounding related to romantic partners as well.
When our wounds get triggered, the person triggering them has been contracted by your Soul to re-open that wound so you can track it back to the very first time you felt it….

When you remember the initial wounding, forgive those involved and release them. You can do this through meditation, journaling or ritual. Be sure to ask your Soul what the wisdom is after you complete your healing. This is the alchemy or the Gold you retrieve from doing the actual work of going into wound instead of avoiding it. You will definitely learn something about yourself and how to show up in the world more openly.

Your tribe of women is waiting for you. They are ready to elevate your consciousness and lift you up to that unstoppable force within that is your Truth! By establishing sisterhood you gain a steady flow of power, support, strength, wisdom, trust, love and stability. You become more connected to the Light traits of the Divine Feminine: grace, elegance, pure love, playfulness, whole, complete and connected to nature. Intuitive, creative, sexual and fulfilled with Life!

The mission of the Goddess House is to provide a safe, sacred space for women during the Rising Feminine. A space where women heal themselves, those they love and then the world!

Join the Goddess Revolution today!

 The Goddess Embodied, Weekend Retreat for Women.

Joshua Tree, Ca. April 20th-22nd.

The Yogini Priestess Path
In Person: April 15th-July 8th
Online: May 15th-August 9th

Massive Love to All,
Nicole Ballantyne
The Matron
The Goddess House of Yoga


 Nicole Ballantyne is creating a powerful culture for Women to Rise up and Heal. Through unique retreat opportunities and Goddess based teachings and workshops students can expect to leave her events as changed Humans. More Connected, Aware and in Love with life. Students gain Empowerment and Clarity about who they are and where they are headed.
Nicole is the Matron and Creator of the Goddess House of Yoga. The Goddess House is an old world concept flowing through her similar to the ancient House of Maidens in Arthurian Times. A Sacred House where women were initiated and trained as Priestesses. Nicole lives in the Goddess House (in central Phoenix) with her fluffy German Shepherd, Sierra Nevada and her black kitten Midnight. As Matron she runs Ritual Sisters, a Sacred Women’s Circle, that provides Support and Sisterhood for women who are ready to Release, Heal and Rise above the drama and trauma of the past to find a new way of living fully.
Nicole also created the Yogini-Priestess Path, a Triple Moon Intensive, to help all women understand and embody the Divine Feminine. Through the YPP program, women can expect to gain the tools necessary to create a Higher State of Being. A Yogini-Priestess knows and flows with all 8 phases of the Moon, the Cosmos and the Seasons. She is the Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman in One. The Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine. Both Saintly and Sexual.
Part of Nicole’s mission is to activate other Leaders, and YPP students can expect to be ready to lead their own chapter of Ritual Sisters if they’ll called to upon completion of the 3 month program. In 2020, She is planning to unite the different chapters/circles of Ritual Sisters forming a Goddess Festival and Celebration of the Rising Feminine.
Nicole resigned from being a registered nurse 3 years ago to dedicate her time and energy to her Soul Purpose of healing the world through yoga, spirituality and the Rising Feminine. She has taken a personal oath as a protector of women and nature and bares this oath as a bow and arrow tattooed on her Heart. She is the Mother of 2 astonishing daughters. That are so Amazing and Wise. Tatum 20yo and Alana 18.
In her spare time she likes to hike and adventure in nature. Camp and backpack with her friends. She practices Vinyasa Yoga 6 days a week and loves to be upside down. She likes to drum, dance, chant and sing. And most of all be silly.
She is here to remind women of their unlimited Potential and the Power that is formed through community and sisterhood.

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