Unity of Sedona is a heart-centered, spiritual center located amidst the energy vortexes of one of the world’s most renowned hubs of New Age spirituality—Sedona, Arizona. Our center is for spiritual “travelers on the path” and those committed to remembering their true identity (love). We incorporate the teachings of all spiritual traditions and teachers, such as Jesus, Buddha, the Ascended Masters, and Eastern and Western mystics, as well as incorporating the paths of healing and spirituality as a means of awakening the Light within.

Our Sunday services, usually led by our primary Spiritual Leader, Michael Mirdad, are not like anything an attendee might experience elsewhere; it’s more like a miraculous experience. In a single event, some audience members experience the greatest teachings and insights in their life, while others are brought to the deepest tears, and still others to laughter from the wonderful lightness and humor.

In addition to our globally broadcast Sunday Sacred Services, we also have classes, workshops, concerts, spiritual gatherings, 12-step meetings, and numerous other events. Our Center also features a labyrinth and a metaphysical bookstore and gift shop to be enjoyed year-round.

Unity of Sedona sponsors most of Sedona’s premiere spiritual events and concerts (such as Deva Premal), including the annual “Sedona Summer & Winter Festivals”—featuring speakers, performers, psychics, and vendors. These Festivals are generally attended by people from throughout the country and beyond, and are a great way to honor the natural cycles of the year, the earth, and our own consciousness—all while learning, sharing, singing, and playing.

Our Mission Statement: Unity of Sedona is a spiritual center that integrates the paths of healing and spirituality to awaken the Inner Christ, creating a world of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance.

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