by Denese Cavanaugh

Ever notice how pets stretch upon waking? And, remember when our basic instinct was to stretch – reaching for the sky with extended arms, along with a big yawn before getting out of bed? The natural instinct to stretch seems to take a turn as humans grow. Sleeping positions and stretching before getting out of bed should be a waking ritual. Natural waking instincts are ways the brain connects to the stiffness we feel from fascia laying dormant, when we sleep. 

Stretching in the morning is an organic way for the body to prepare the joints fluids and muscles to begin to move and fire up. The breath is helpful as well- a way to bring natural heat to the equation. A good night’s sleep mostly depends on conditions, such as the correct bed, and the sleeping positions. Side sleeping along with using lots of pillows under the head and shoulders, could misalign bones and muscles over time. Statistics remain high as back pain is linked to eighty percent of those who sleep improperly. Poor sleeping habits can change our posture, which invites pain. Taking a moment in the morning to return to the ritual of simply giving yourself a nice long stretch each morning, can go a long way. Take it from our four legged friends when waking, let it start with a big stretch before dashing out.

About the Author:
Take one class with Denese and you will see why she is going places and voted “BEST YOGA INSTRUCTOR 2014 & 2015” –Washington City Paper. Denese Cavanaugh ERYT500 has studied with master teachers since 1995, and has been teaching yoga since 1997. Denese teaches various yoga workshops in the US and abroad as well as weekly and monthly classes in the Washington, DC and NYC area. Her many teaching styles include Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, Iyengar Alignment inspired, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Restorative, Prenatal and Kids Yoga. Yoga has helped Denese uncover her most joyful, most authentic version of herself; her non-dogmatic approach inspires others to consciously reveal a new found balance, while having a blast on the mat. Large presentational venues from 500 to 3000 participants come easy for Denese, and she loves sharing with her community. She is humbled and grateful to her yoga teachers for sharing their unbounded insight and generosity, and is honored to also share that generous evolution with others. She currently offers restorative Retreats, Mala Flow 200hr RYT curriculum to teachers here and abroad, such as Milan, Italy and has taught in Goa, India.

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