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Enlight 2At the 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival, I will be sharing (for the first time) how participant’s can best use Sedona’s special sites for enhanced Yoga and increased Energy Connection.
Each year Sedona becomes more and more known for “The Vortexes.” What are they, where are they, and is there any science that explains them? The Vortexes are geographical/topographical sites on the Coconino National Forest that can enhance yoga, meditation, mind/body vitalization, stress reduction, healing hurts from your past, and outside-the-box creative thinking and problem solving.
Sedona’s spiritual heritage actually goes back for millennia. The Spring 2015 Edition of the Visitor’s Guide published by the Sedona Red Rock News, states that archeologists believe the Sinagua (native people of this area from 600 – 1400 A.D.) may have held Sedona as Sacred ground, because their ruins ring Sedona. It is felt that they lived on the outskirts and traveled into the red rock area for sacred ceremony. (The vivid colors red/orange and greens ARE physiologically and spiritually inspiring).
Vortex JPegs 001Starting in the 1960’s word spread in the United States among spiritual seekers to visit Sedona’s high energy meditation sites.” In 1979 those locations were nicknamed “The Vortexes” and that shortened label has stuck. One of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce’s recent slogans has been, “Isn’t it ironic that the most beautiful place on earth is famous for what you can’t see.” The fundraising bike ride in Arizona for the MS Society has moved from Scottsdale to Sedona and is called, “Ride the Vortex.
The Vortexes are NOT electric or magnetic sites. There is no major electric or magnetic field difference at them. That labeling system was meant to be symbolic, NOT literal. The same is true of the masculne/feminine, and positive/negative labeling systems. It is more accurate and helpful to describe the Vortexes as Upflow or Inflow sites and match that to the topography and the type of prayer/meditation you seek.
I explain more in the video below… Enjoy! See you at SYF2016!

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Pete A. Sanders is an Honors Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with principal studies in BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science. He is a 35 year Sedona Resident, the Founder of Free Soul (www.freesoul.net), and the author of Scientific Vortex Information, Access Your Brain’s Joy Center, and You Are Psychic!

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