Women's gathering

Ever heard that the way to God Consciousness is through the feminine? What this means is that we need to move away from sterile logic and attune more to our inner creative, and intuitional selves. A higher vibration, if you like, of how we are often living our lives. Women generally are great “multi taskers”, and whilst on the practice side this can be great for all concerned, for cultivating deeper spiritual experiences, we generally need to slow down and simplify our lives. Not easy when we may have to care for other family members, as well as go out to work. Women simply coming together can forge not only great friendships, but can actually help us to excrete oxytocin, which is a natural de-stressor.More and more women are realizing that they don’t have to become tougher to begin to turn the tide of change back to the matriarchy. It is a question of balancing the masculine and feminine energy within us, that is the very mechanism for prying open the center channel, where sacred energy often referred to as kundalini, awakens. It is for this that we practice. It is for this that we become aware, and it is for this that we aspire to create more peace and compassion in our lives. It starts with balancing the root chakra and cultivating apana vayu.

Camella will be giving an informative and inspirational talk along with some asanas, on Friday at 3:30 at the Sedona Karate Academy. More information about Camella can be found at: www.camellanair.com  
Camella at group meeting
Camella was born and raised in Bedford, England. At the age of 17, she began attending yoga classes with her mother. She moved to the United States in 1995, when her first born son was only 8 weeks old.  It was then that she began to deepen her spiritual practice as she became a mother and housewife. She found the teachings she craved in a formal lineage when she began her studies with the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. It was a few years after the birth of her second son that she obtained her Yoga Teachers Certification.


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