MAY 2022

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Give it up for Grace

3 Days of Total Energetic Transformation

Artists and authors. Healers and holistic practitioners. Ayurvedic and energetic experts. Philosophers and performers. Musicians and meditation leaders. Yogis—and YOU.

What do the members of this diverse, dedicated and delightful squad have in common? We’re all part of the life-changing Sedona Yoga Festival. But more importantly, we’re ALL the guardians of our collective consciousness. There’s never been a more critical time to come together—and there will never be a more powerful place to do this than Sedona. 

SYF2022 is a unique opportunity to gather together in joyful pursuit of possibility, in one of the most transformative environments on the planet. Surrounded by natural beauty and swirling in intentional energy, you’ll enjoy three days of peace, practice, conversation and celebration. Craft your own evolutionary path with a customizable curriculum. From the spiritual heritage of yoga to the future of the practice as we know it, you’ll expand and explore under the guidance of our esteemed faculty—and in the embrace of your peers.

We invite you to join us for an enlightening, thoroughly enjoyable journey to the next level—whatever that looks like to you! Because here’s the great thing about evolution: by definition, it’s open to everyone. There’s no wrong place to start, and there’s no pre-ordained finish line. Even better: although mind-body-spirit transformation can be a deeply personal process, it’s also supported, empowered and amplified by community.

Now in our eighth year, Sedona Yoga Festival is honored to be leading the conversation—
and facilitating authentic connection between people, passion and potential. Whether you’re an experienced teacher or an absolute beginner, we believe evolution is a collaboration. And we couldn’t be more excited about what we’re creating…together.

Sedona Performing Arts Center and Red Rock High School
995 Upper Red Rock Loop Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336


Beginners welcome. Experts, too. No matter where you are in your yogic journey, there’s so much to learn at SYF2020 about all aspects of a yogi lifestyle. Yamas, Niyamas, Hatha. Ashtanga. Acro. Adaptive. Restorative. Kundalini. Yin, Meditation, Ayurveda . Thai. Explore it all.

Join in-depth industry workshops and round tables, practice asana all day, or dive into Yoga 101 and beyond.  Whatever makes you bloom… SYF will provide.



Optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers.
“Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with First Responders, Veterans, trauma survivors, those affected by PTSD and many more. Scientific studies now show that yoga and other mindfulness practices have a significant positive contribution on alleviating PTS and STS symptoms, and on strengthening body and mind resiliency. Students will leave this trauma-sensitive yoga training with the necessary tools to begin working with this population.



SYF Presenters are selected for their unfailing authenticity and commitment to consciousness evolution. Vanguard teachers of Global Yoga Culture converge alongside new voices to share in dialogue, explore one another’s offerings and collaborate in presenting the most currently relevant ancient material to the attendees.  There is definitely something for you no matter your age, experience level, or style. From absolute beginner to seasoned teacher, SYF is your annual reset, reinvigorate and inspired destination for transformation.



There are places in the world that simply exist on a higher plane, and where it’s easier to tap into one’s highest self. Sedona is one of those places.

If gathering for a yoga festival isn’t a high enough energy already, register for any of the 100+ on the land sessions with local healers, guides, and yogis, or join international presenters offering yoga on the red rocks. *permitted by the Coconino Forest Service



The musical offerings at Sedona Yoga Festival are consistently among some of the very best the yoga community has to offer – and 2020 will continue to raise the bar!

From kirtan, sound-healing, sacred music and DJ’s, SYF2020 has something for everyone!”



There is a magical place at Sedona Yoga Festival for kid’s yoga ages 6-13! Scheduled to coincide with adult classes there is so much fun to be had at this years SYF. Our kid’s yoga program will include Acro yoga, yoga dance, music, art, and much more. A full weekend of free and open to the public kids yoga activities will be created by our team of amazing presenters that work with kids all over the world in all different ways – with YOGA!



Extend your Journey. Register for a pre or post conference immersion for a deeper dive. Offered Thursday and Monday, March 12 and 16, 2020 at various locations inside and on the land. Featuring Sean Johnson, Wah!, Peter Sterios, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sundar Balasubramanian, Anahata Ananda, Amalia Camateros.



Expect a variety of mouth-watering dishes on campus! With food vendors offering vegetarian, vegan, keto and organic nourishment, you will be sure to feel energized and supported as you practice throughout the weekend! SYF is very selective about the offerings that share in this platform, and the addition of food vendors has been phenomenal so far!



Vibrancy abounds and there is much to delight as SYF re-opens its largest yoga expo ever, featuring conscious vendors from all over the country sharing beautiful, soulful products and services. We have heart-fully selected vendors for their clear commitment to evolving consciousness, with exclusive products just for YOU! The Expo is free and open to the public, so bring your friends even if they aren’t joining you for conference sessions.



Continuing education is a vital part of certification programs designed to credential professionals across the United States to ensure licensed professionals access to reliable, credible, high-quality continuing education throughout their careers. By obtaining continuing education (CE), a practitioner demonstrates a personal and public commitment to enhance continued competence in their profession, which is why it continues to play such a critical role in a board specific professional certification program.




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