Photo by Miguel Guzman at Sedona Yoga Festival’s “Yoga for PTSD”

By Erin Byron

I am pumped about the Yoga for PTSD track at Sedona Yoga Festival.

That may be a weird thing to say because, let’s face it, trauma/PTSD is a difficult subject.

The SYF approach to the topic makes the whole thing easier. Compassionate community, inspiration, and the range of ideas uplift you. It was fascinating for me to experience a deep sense of well-being while at the same time reflecting upon terrible things.

This is a rare kind of magic. The ability to move through darkness feeling calm and heartened is so healing. That’s the tone SYF sets. “It’s okay,” Marc told us during the Yoga for PTSD intros. And the opposite? “That’s okay, too.”

Photo by Miguel Guzman at the “Yoga for PTSD” track, at Sedona Yoga Festival

For those living with the frustrating and sometimes debilitating symptoms of trauma, the Yoga for PTSD track proves that we are not alone and gives us the chance to connect with friendly, like-minded others.

In so doing, there is a softening in our hearts. Somehow the atrocities we suffered or have been witness to spin a thread of connection between us. Connection is the key to healing trauma. Education, tools, and practices aside, SYF brings us this opportunity to rest in like-minded community

Yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and other service providers have the chance to build our toolbox, gaining new insights and techniques. The quality trauma education deepens our range and refinement in applying to the skills and practices we already use. The Yoga for Trauma track is a complete 20-hour certification offering a broad range of ways yoga benefits trauma survivors.

At the “Yoga for PTSD” track at Sedona Yoga Festival.

Want to develop resilience in a high-stress environment? A very special place is held for first responders, too. SYF Founder Marc Titus speaks openly of his experiences as a wildland firefighter and someone living with PTSD. Many first responders join the Yoga for PTSD track of the festival – some more than once!

It’s worth repeating attendance. The presentations change each year. Research on the impacts and best practices for PTSD is continually evolving. The attendees are continually evolving, too! Different people try it out each year while some people return again and again. Each Yoga for Trauma track is unique and rewarding.

Photo by Miguel Guzman, at the “Yoga for PTSD” track at Sedona Yoga Festival

Every year is different and we are different year-by-year, too. We gain new insight and learning more deeply each time we revisit the intention of healing trauma. For your own recovery and for those you love who are living with the aftermath of trauma, know that there are simple, concrete ways you can be part of the solution.

I am so looking forward to sharing ideas and receiving new perspectives at Sedona Yoga Festival’s Yoga for PTSD training this year!

About the Author: Erin Byron

Erin’s Master of Arts research studied the benefits of Yoga practices in coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and the literary review of the study equipped her for helping people with a range of physical and mental health concerns.

Erin is grateful for the opportunity to support others on their personal growth paths.

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