Lately, the topic of social media marketing- and how it pertains to the Health and Wellness industry (i.e.. yoga teachers and spiritually inclined healers, etc… yoga marketing) has been a common conversation.

I can’t seem to get through my Kale salad, without hearing about it. I chuckle as my friends relentlessly question the dreaded algorithms of social media, recent updates.. commenting always on number of followers, likes, insights, engagements, filters. Yoga Marketing in a modern world… a conundrum wrapped in enigma.

In my circle of yoga teachers friends, we are all professional marketers/photographers it seems. However, I have not been able to shake the the undeniable feeling, that things in our yogi world, are starting to become a little lack-luster with so much saturation.  

Understandably, the nature of our culture today, is that we live out our lives and the daily action of it… through our social media posts, re-shares, and likes. Social media is not for the novice, its a powerful tool for business and more. My mom has a Facebook, and I am sure yours does too. One of my favorite meme accounts, is run by a rainbow-toting, pink-haired, Grandmother called, “Baddiewinkle.” As a society, we have hashtag for everything, your 13 year old niece has a website, we have photoshoots with our latte art, news is created instead of reported, lovers reference each other as, #wcw or #mcm and… my favorite phenomena, now dogs have Instagram accounts (see Wolfie the Huskie).

So I get it- its entertainment, its customizable perception, its marketing, its how we connect with friends, and most importantly, its how those in this industry are able to promote themselves. For yoga teachers – entrepreneurs in their own right… self promotion in this medium, seems inherent (it’s yoga marketing after all).

“I am a yoga teacher, therefore, I must post pictures of myself demonstrating what I do – so others will want to join me on my next retreat or workshop.” I have heard.  “I can’t reach my demographic telepathically. If don’t engage on social media… I will loose followers, and no one will come to my class. ” Another powerful statement. When marketing oneself when you are paid by the number of people who attend your offerings, i.e. classes, gatherings, workshops… makes promotion and social media marketing… an integral part of your success.

Yet- Why do I feel like I am stuck in a social media vortex? 

I realized – through intense introspection, and LOTS of dedicated practice far away from my phone… (in Sedona) that their are a few simple marketing guidelines, that have simply been lost in binary translation. Because social media became the quick and dirty, “shiney new tool” in our industry – I believe, we kind of… played with it too much, and forgot, some core fundamentals that make this business great.

Back to Basics

Ask yourself- How as a practitioner of transformation, is your content benefiting our broken world? 

For me it was simple… To provide authentic, first-person narrative, of my struggle, my story of pain.. and how through the healing balm of yoga, I was able to come back from the dead. Yoga saved my life. This is my story. What is yours? Do you have a clear message? Are you utilizing the many other tools online other than social media? Have you streamlined your brand? Do you have a clear message? Do you have a engaging website? A lead capture? Newsletter?

Good SYF friend and 2017 Presenter,  Lynann Politte takes a closer look into this topic and gives you 6 manageable, easy tools to help YOU streamline you online yoga marketing presence in this short and informative video.

yoga marketing

Are you Ready for More? 

Thursday, March 9, 2017 Join  us for an amazing 1/2 Day Immersion with Lynann Politte 

Find Your Place in the Yoga Industry: Authentic Marketing for Yoga Teachers

12pm-4pm – $108

Filled with practical guidance in identifying and claiming your unique place in the yoga industry this step-by-step workshop explores ways to integrate the intimacy of the yoga industry with practical marketing strategies. You will walk away with the tools to discover, create and develop your yoga business in a successful way. Lynann offers a unique perspective and approach to brand development and marketing. You will see the importance of staying true to your authentic self and learn how to market your yoga offerings in an effective way so students who resonate with your teachings will find you. Your yoga business will thrive as your yoga marketing expands.

Lynann Politte’s Bio:

“I’m a marketing strategist, manager, promoter and agent for teachers, authors, and musicians in the yoga industry. My specialty is working with individuals who have achieved a level of experience and recognition locally and want to take their business to the next level. I work with my clients to create a plan that increases revenue within your existing business model and integrates expansion nationally and international via workshop, trainings, retreats, books, streaming video and online products. With over 15 years of experience working with producers and studios over five continents, I craft and implement a strategically sound and profitable tour. My experience in managing personality driven brands enables me to help you explore and expand your brand through whichever media or product is most applicable and to create cross marketing strategies that integrate and expand the reach of your message.

I’ve worked with many high profile yoga and wellness experts beginning in 1990s within the infomercial industry, back when low impact aerobics was the craze. I’ve negotiated multi-million dollar product deals and some complicated (and nasty) business partner break-ups. From that experience I discovered that my place (and passion) is being the bridge for the intensely focused and creative wellness expert and the pragmatic-logistical business work.

My strategic planning and marketing background combined with my yoga management experience is a formidable combination for guiding and supporting my clients successfully. My highest value is integrity. My desire is to reframe “business” into a model that is conscious, mindful, and wrapped in integrity. I consider myself a professional who dwells within what I call the “Conscious Business Model”. How I work is a culmination of the tools I learned in business school, my 25 years of business experience, and my own personal soulful work. I love what I do and who I work with.”

Yoga marketing is super fun and cool!  Hope you join us…


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