SYF Presenters: Authenticity and a Commitment to Consciousness Evolution


  1. Marc Titus

    Absolutely AUMazing… I cannot wait ’til SYF2017! ūüôā

  2. Brenda Feuerstein

    Incredible lineup of presenters! Sounds like an amazing conference.

    • Ylara

      Thank you Marc, I am so looking forward to being there again!

  3. Sarah McLean

    I am excited! Thanks for creating such an amazing event right here in Sedona!

  4. Ashana

    So excited to be part of this amazing tribe of presenters! Wow!

  5. Julie Thomas

    I would like to see some presenters for Qigong. Working with life force energy with the Sedona backdrop would be phenomenal!

    • Karen

      I too would like to see QiGong and empowered breath work this year. Both were offered at the progressive studio I went to in Virginia, along with soundhealing, before I moved to Sedona. I felt more energy and happier, healthier than I ever had with Yoga. Focus was on health, not just on position.

  6. Heather

    Will Saul David Raye be presenting?

  7. Ken Lotus Bambace

    That is an amazing cast of experts. Nice job you guys! It keeps getting better every year!

  8. Sunny Dawn

    So looking forward to this!!!!! Thank you Marc and Heather!

  9. Mary

    I would also enjoy seeing Saul David Raye, Dana Trixie Flynn and Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band as part of the group of presenters. We used to see them at the Yoga Crib in Ojai every year but , sadly, that event didn’t happen in 2016.

  10. Joyce J Burlingame

    This will be the first yoga festival I have ever attended. Yoga has become a very important part of my life and I look forward to learning more, making new friends, and eventually sharing my new knowledge with others.

    • Kirsten Beverley

      Joyce, you are going to love every minute of this festival. I hope you are ready for all the love.

  11. Kirsten Beverley-Waters

    I’m am so excited for this Festival! Honored to be a part of it. Cannot wait to learn from everyone attending as well.

  12. Dawn

    Is the PTSD only for current yoga instructors?

    • Marc Titus

      It is open to all… a current yoga practice is helpful, but not necessary. if you are drawn, please attend. Namaste. Marc

    • Marc Titus

      It is open to all. A current yoga practice would be helpful, but not necessary. If you are drawn, then please attend! Namaste. Marc

  13. Janet Farnsworth

    Yowza. I just read through all of the classes and presenters, and feel like I just ate a feast, swam in the ocean, watched a sunset, and flew. Thank you for all you do, SYF!!!! I can’t wait to be a part – to present, learn, and grow. Love you!



  1. Sedona Yoga Festival 2017 | Spirit Guides Magazine - […] 108 presenters, including the likes of 98-year-old yoga master, Tao Porchon-Lynch, and Gordon Ogden of Walter Yoga […]

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