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What is a consciousness evolution conference?

SYF provides the keys to unlocking your greatest transformation with a focus on yoga and the expansion of consciousness. This conference is a world class opportunity for you to deepen your practice and tap into ancient wisdom with three days and three nights of yoga, meditation, hiking and energy work in the undisputed spiritual center of the West.

The SYF Tribe of Presenters have a commitment to consciousness and unfailing authenticity that resonate in Sedona’s spiritually charged environment… yogis, healers, artists, authors, musicians, shamans, scientists, philosophers and performers… Angels All.

The 4th Annual Sedona Yoga Festival will be held at a single conference venue, the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock, nestled among the red rocks and surrounded by easily accessible trails – some easy walks, some challenging hikes – where you can tap into the energy of the land and leave behind what no longer serves you. Rich in energy “vortexes,” Sedona has long been known for its magnifying, regenerative powers—making it the ideal place to come together in large numbers and create a concentration of energy that will resonate throughout the lands. What happens in Sedona doesn’t stay in Sedona!

We invite you to step into your power and are creating just the platform you need to experience YOUR unique transformation!



Transform Your Life… You’re Worth it!!!

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Sedona the destination

Sedona is as aumazing as you’ve heard… We’re partnering with Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association to get you out on the land!

Get On the Land

Peace In, Peace Out

We’re going to ask you to meditate. And we’ll teach you how. We’ll meditate all together and Sedona will amplify the peace!!!

Peace Out

Teacher Training

Preconference to assist yoga teachers in bringing the tools and benefits of yoga to populations suffering from PTSD, TBI, and life stresses.

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Kids’ Yoga

SYF2016 offers multiple scheduled activities for young ones age 6-13 including yoga classes, mandala making, games, acro and more.

Bring the kids

Check out these AUMazing presenters! Angels All!!!

See Full Lineup

Browse the full schedule here and choose your own adventure!

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How to be involved

Interested in a conscious collaboration? Or our Angel Ambassador Work Exchange Program? Are you a vendor with a conscious product to share? Click HERE for all the ways to be involved in SYF2016!

Where to stay

SYF2016 will be held entirely at Sedona Hilton Resort at Bell Rock. Click HERE for links to our lodging partners and begin to plan your transformation.

Who we are

This team works hard to create amazing things. Check them out! Click HERE

Where we are

Sedona has everything you need and more to rest, rejuvenate, restore, and re-inspire. With miles of hiking and biking trails, and scenic vistas everywhere you turn, there’s lot’s to do when you’re not practicing yoga! Click HERE

SYF Attendees Survey Says..

Rate Excellent/Very Good 85%
Recommend to a Friend 86%
A Great Deal of Value 70%
Plan to Return 82%
Number of Presenters 77
Loved Sedona!! 100%

Heart Center Village

A bustling conscious expo featuring mindful movement performance, yummy edibles, live music, yoga classes and more .

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SYF has been adding more properties to our room blocks. Book early and stay within walking distance of the event!!!

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Pre and Post Workshops

Extend your stay, expand your practice and teaching tools, earn CEUs, infuse your yoga while in the powerful vortex energy of Sedona!


Our Sponsors

Sedona Yoga Festival is on a mission to uplift human consciousness and our partners get that. We are so grateful for their support!

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SYF2015 Highlights

Amy Frasard dedication
Amy was with us from the beginning...


  • Wow. After a blessed weekend at the Sedona Yoga Festival, I am happy to say my personal yoga practice and my teaching mission are infused with new information, new enthusiasm, and a renewed dedication to my spiritual practice.
    MiraBai F.
  • Gratitude of immense magnitude to all the soul surfers, spirit seekers and adventurous yogis at Sedona Yoga Festival! Feeling totally more inspired than ever!
    Silvia Mordini
  • Auummm ... What an incredible event! Thank you for organizing SYF2013 and inviting me to present! ? ? Gratitude messages keep rolling into my accounts and its thanks to you for creating this sacred space for learning, connecting and sharing! AUM
    Misha B.
  • Sedona Yoga Festival provides a unique opportunity to connect deeply with others and with self in one of the most beautiful and energizing settings on the planet. The experience is nothing short of life changing.
  • "Consciousness is indeed evolving out there in beautiful ways beyond the constraints of our very creation with which we otherwise struggle. Carry on and carry aum, Sedona Yoga Festival!"
    Rob Dutton
  • "I had such a fun & magical experience at the Sedona Yoga Festival... I took lots of great classes, gained some new friends, did a rockin' performance with my dance company & ...came away feeling spiritually rejuvenated & inspired."
    Carrie Konyha
  • The energy of the place is the ideal setting for openness, humility, intimacy and contemplative energetic work, which allows a deeper connection within and with others. The simplicity, authenticity and friendliness of everyone, local and non-local, was very refreshing and welcoming...
  • Excellent presenters beautiful town and loving people who desired to make this the best festival ever!
    Sharon G
  • The SYF is a rich tapestry of yoga love from around the world. And the expansiveness of the Sedona mindset is extremely conducive to an enlightened, powerful experience~ Om Namaste~
    Roxanne W
  • "Wow. After a blessed weekend at the Sedona Yoga Festival, I am happy to say my personal yoga practice and my teaching mission are infused with new information, new enthusiasm, and a renewed dedication to my spiritual practice."
  • Thank you to all my fellow presenters and attendees for contributing such richness and depth, and for holding sacred space throughout the Festival.
    Misha Bell
  • Such an honor to be a part of the Sedona Yoga Festival!
    Ann Richardson
  • What a full day! How blessed it is to have this festival right here in Sedona.
    Amy T
  • Loved it so much, my four sisters and mom are coming next year for a girls trip.
    Aimee S
  • My heart bursts with bliss and appreciation,
    Yogi Surya Om
  • Thank you, Thank you,Thank you x well done all of you. I enjoyed very much being part of it as a facilitator and indeed a participant. I wished i had met Marc face to face to say this in person, hopefully i will get the chance one day soon.
    Katherine F.
  • This was an awesome adventure filled with wonderful energy and moments!
    Becca Pati
  • As a new yogi it was a great experience. I can't wait to come back next year.
  • I also loved the diversity of the events! I "got out of my box" and took classes I would have never taken before in my life!
    Sue G.
  • I just wanted to tell you again how glad I am I got to participate in this event. You were awesome, the festival was awesome.  I just can't express how emotionally moving it is to see this happening and at this critical time in Earth's evolution. The very best to you, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this incredible community from the early phase on... LOVE TO YOU!!!
    Julie Cruse
  • "Gratitude of immense magnitude to all the soul surfers, spirit seekers and adventurous yogis at Sedona Yoga Festival! Feeling totally more inspired than ever!"
    Silvia Mordini

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