The 108+ Presenters are chosen not purely for their marquis-friendly names, but for the richly layered credentials, commitment to consciousness and unfailing authenticity that resonate in Sedona’s spiritually charged environment. Among them are acclaimed Happy Yogi to the stars Steve Ross, Yoga Journal Co-Founder Rama Jyoti Vernon, Kundalini masters Ana Brett & Ravi Singh, best-selling spiritual author and pulitzer prize-winning journalist Bhava Ram, Weight Watchers Yoga Spokesperson, Sara Ivanhoe, Artist/Photographia Robert Sturman, Spiritual Medium Sunny Dawn Johnston, Dancing Shiva’s Mas Vidal, Justin K and the Outlaw Yoga Posse, Saul David Raye, and more than 100 other yogis, healers, artists, authors, musicians, shamans, scientists, philosophers and performers… Angels All. Click HERE to meet them all!

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Deepen your practice and tap into ancient wisdom with three days of yoga, music and energy work in the undisputed spiritual center of the West. The flexible conference structure gives you an unparalleled opportunity to weave your own experience in the richly colored cultural and natural tapestry that is Sedona.

You’re encouraged to set aside time to embrace your surroundings, which include some of the most breathtaking high desert landscapes in the world. Our intimate venues welcome you into a variety of Sedona’s vibrant neighborhoods. Rich in energy “vortexes,” the area has long been known for its inspiring, regenerative powers—making it the ideal place to take your practice to the next level.

The SYF2015 Conference Schedule is READY!  Get your tickets and be among the first to preregister for workshops, kirtan, land hikes, classes and more…

Weekend Passes and Saturday Day Passes will begin on January 1, 2015. If SYF is not sold to capacity then a limited number of Friday and Sunday Day Passes will also be available. No single ticket workshops will be available. See you in Sedona!

10% of all revenue is donated to the Give Back Yoga Foundation Make your adventure count, awaken your yoga in Sedona!


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Continuing Education

Yoga Continuing Education (CE) for Lawyers, Doctors and Dentists with YogAttorneys

Get the maximum benefit from your yoga at SYF15: yoga for your mind, body and soul–plus optional CE credit and tax benefits for enrolling in this track.  Each course in this track has been professionally designed to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance and professional ethics of lawyers, doctors and dentists, to benefit their personal wellness and to enhance the services they provide to patients, clients, the public, and within their profession.  Our courses meet general eligibility guidelines for agencies including but not limited to the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Arizona, the Arizona Dental Board, the Arizona Medical Board and the American Dental Association. Classes are not pre-approved for CE credit, confirm with your accrediting body. Regardless of CE credit, your participation in this track for may qualify all or a portion of your SYF15 travel, lodging and other expenses as legitimate business travel and/or educational expense deductions; ask your personal tax advisor. This track can be added on to your SYF All Access Pass for $108. Click HERE for more information.

CEUs for Yoga Teachers, Licensed Massage Therapists, Counselors, Nurses, and Ayurveda practitioners will be announced with the schedule. Stay tuned for more information!

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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Resiliency Training to Benefit First Responders and Emergency Personnel

Brought to you by Give Back Yoga Foundation and Sedona Yoga Festival, Corp.

February 4-6, 2015, Sedona, Arizona
2.5-Day Intensive Training

This training is useful for yoga teachers, psychologists, first responders, or anyone working with first responders and law enforcement personnel dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and Secondary Traumatic Stress. Through yoga practices such as mindfulness, compassion, and physical exercise one can strengthen resiliency in the body, mind, neurological system, and transform how he or she experiences and handles stress. Students will leave this training with the tools and understanding of how to use trauma-sensitive yoga to work with and benefit this population. This high caliber training offers 14 Yoga Alliance CEUs for certified instructors while nurses and counselors can receive 22 CEUs.

Dharma, Service in Action.

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Enter The Ageless Playground with Nick Montoya and Ageless Yoga


A day dedicated to your inner child. Right when you thought the older person within was about to take over, it’s time to reconnect to your inner child. No yoga experience is required. Just be ready to let go, let loose and have fun. The perfect start to the Sedona Yoga Festival weekend. $85 at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa.

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Find Breath. Find Balance: Rediscovering Postural Movement through Breath with Shelly Prosko


Join Shelly as she passionately shares this educational, inspiring and interactive workshop discussing the mechanics and physiology of breathing and how it influences numerous systems of our body, with a focus on how breathing affects postural alignment and movement. Come with an open mind and heart to explore the combination of the science of respiration with the art of yoga. $50 at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa.

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Embracing Wholeness: The Yoga of Body, Mind and Soul with Saul David Raye


This immersion will `dive deeply into some of the most essential yogic teachings on the holistic nature of body, mind and soul. The ancient yogi’s envisioned a map of consciousness wherein all levels of being and consciousness are connected to one source through LOVE and that we each have access to this source of being at any moment. Yoga is a holistic practice for body, mind and soul and the fullness of Yoga is experienced as we open to the deeper dimensions of ur own being. Join us for a soul-full day of inner exploration we dive teachings on the koshas, the nature of the soul (atma), karma and the non-dual philosophy of bhakti and vedanta. We will also have a full practice of heart / soul centered yoga practice, breathwork, chanting, live music  and the power of community. Please bring a pen + paper or journal. All levels are welcome.

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Uniting Raja and Tantra Yoga while Embracing Ayurveda with Mas Vidal


Experience the essential principles of Yoga and Ayurveda for an integral practice and balanced lifestyle. Topics covered include: asana, pranayama, relaxation, mantra and meditation, diet, daily routines and seasonal practices for creating a balanced approach to health and wellness. $85 Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa.

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