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Sedona Yoga Festival, a consciousness evolution conference, provides the keys to unlocking your greatest transformation with a focus on yoga and the expansion of consciousness in the undisputed spiritual center of the American West.

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Consciousness Evolution as societal post-traumatic growth. A commitment to personal mastery and the intention of serving the highest good of the Collective is all that is required. You do not need to be able to touch your toes.

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Yoga Festival

Choose Your Own Adventure

With over 200 sessions to choose from, ranging from quiet meditation to rockin’ vinyasa, performances, experiential journeys, conscious conversation varying from “your multi-dimensional selves” to “body positive teaching techniques”, no two attendees weekends will be the same.

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“Sedona Yoga Festival provides a unique opportunity to connect deeply with others and with self in one of the most beautiful and energizing settings on the planet. The experience is nothing short of life changing.” – Denise

Destination Transformation

This conference is a world class opportunity for you to deepen your practice and tap into ancient wisdom with three days and three nights of yoga, meditation, hiking and energy work in the undisputed spiritual center of the West.

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SYF2017 Presenters

SYF2017 Presenters

The SYF Tribe of Presenters have a commitment to consciousness and unfailing authenticity that resonate in Sedona’s spiritually charged environment… yogis, healers, artists, authors, musicians, shamans, scientists, philosophers and performers… Angels All.

SYF2017 Schedule

Coming Soon: With over 200 intimate workshops, panels, conscious conversations, sessions, classes, performances, gatherings, land hikes and healings there is certainly something for everyone from the absolute beginner to the most expereinced yogi seeking professional credits and certifications. Get ready to dive in and choose your own adventure at the 5th Annual SYF… Schedule will be ready November 30th

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Yoga for Trauma and Resiliency: the Training

Optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with First Responders, Veterans, trauma survivors, PTSD and TBI sufferers and many more.
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The Collective Sedona Venue

The Venue

Nestled among the red rocks and surrounded by easily accessible trails you can tap into the energy of the land. Rich in energy “vortexes,” Sedona has long been known for its magnifying, regenerative powers—making it the ideal place to come together in large numbers and create a concentration of energy that will resonate throughout the lands. The Collective Sedona provides the perfect container for this convergence! Filled with galleries, shops, restaurants, museums, artists, spas, and cafes it is a lively high-vibe venue in Sedona Village!

The Resort

Outstanding service and nestled in the red rocks of Sedona, the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock will host many of the conference sessions and adjacent The Collective Sedona will host many of our outdoor sessions as well deep dives in Vista Hall, all joined together with a vibrant expo linking the two. Book your stay at the Hilton early! The somewhat limited room block allows for 3 days before and after the conference if you’d like to extend your stay and explore all that Sedona has to offer before or after diving deep into your yoga at SYF!

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Aumbase, the SEDONA YOGA FESTIVAL parent company, is a multiple platform yoga organization created to offer the international community access to high- quality “conscious content” through a variety of access points. We create and nurture platforms and relationships that support awakening your yoga. We have recently opened a venue in Sedona to extend the powerful SYF programming throughout the year! Aumbase Sedona is open and holding the space for you…

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Aumbase Team photos

Our Sponsors

Sedona Yoga Festival is on a mission to uplift human consciousness and our partners get that. We are so grateful for their support!

Aumbase Team photos

Team SYF

A team committed to creating and nurturing platforms and relationships that support awakening your unique yoga. Authenticity, Integrity, and Professionalism guide this heart-centered, visionary team.

A Yoga Festival Open to ALL Levels!

We invite you to step into your power and are creating just the platform you need to experience YOUR unique transformation!
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Sedona by Dexx

About Sedona

A destination like no other. Known for its tangible regenerative and inspirational effects, deep spirituality, and healing lands, the small town of Sedona, Arizona rests…

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The call is out for Sponsors, Vendors, Angel Ambassadors, Attendees, Studio Partners, Photographers, Performers and more.

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Yoga for PTSD

Yoga for PTSD. A complete 20-hour certification track integrated into the SYF experience. Designed to provide you with the skills to share yoga with…

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Kid Zone Returns to SYF with Sitara Van Block

It's hard to be a kid today.  Luckily, there is a magical place at Sedona Yoga Festival for kids yoga ages 6-13! Scheduled to coincide with adult classes there is so much fun to be had at this years SYF. Our kids yoga program will include, Acro yoga, yoga dance,...
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Robert Sturman on Tao Porchon Lynch; Asana Artist, SYF 2017 Presenter, Author, and 98-year-old Yogini

SYF asked esteemed Photographer and Keynote Speaker of SYF 2107, Robert Sturman- who recently worked with Tao Porchon Lynch, to comment on their special time together shooting images for her recent press in the New York Times, and Autobiography “Dancing Light.”

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Ten Gallons – A Story of Strength

A trial of the mind and body, to remind me- that despite how hard it can be- to weather the storm… and accept that although you may fail miserably, or loose everything… you still have the strength to get up after a night of loathing, tear stained pillows… make coffee and do what needs to be done to feed the children and get outside to stand in the light. The fact is – lost love is shattering. But these experiences remind us, we are ten gallon people.

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From Presents to Presence… the best gift of All.

Presence… the glory & chaos of the holidays draws nigh; the New Year is ahead, let’s contemplate where we’ve been & where we would like to go.

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Kathmandu Yogi – More Than Meditation

Kathmandu Yogi is a Chicago-based, fair trade social enterprise, that produces limited edition yoga and meditation accessories made by female artisans living in Nepal.

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Total Body Cleanse – Find your way hOMe.

I cleaned house the other day and found this! Not a total body cleanse, as important as that is, rather something that was in front of me the whole time…

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The Beauty of Slow – by Heather K. Parris, owner of Self Propelled Tours in Sedona, AZ

When you go slow you see things you may have missed zooming right by. You smell things, you feel things. Your senses come alive to the world around you. When I’m on my bike I’m in my own world. I can get inside my own head or just tune the world out. As a dear friend...
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The Most Valuable Yoga Sutra; Love

Life and amazingly wonderful things want to happen to you- sometimes you just have to get out of your own way to see it.

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What is Yoga Music? An Insightful look & FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from DJ TAZ

Yoga Music, An Insightful look at a cultural phenomina

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Spiritual Detox; A Whole Body Cleanse, The Key to a Happier Life?

Feeling Stuck? Find out why a Whole Body Cleanse & Spiritual Detox may be just the right tool to clear body, mind & spirit and awaken to a rejuvenated YOU!

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A walk through our stunning venues-words and photos by SYF’s Executive Assistant, Jeness May

Amara Resort and SpaWe are proud to work with many sensational Sedona venues and after taking the final walk-throughs and measurements, we couldn't help but share the exquisite beauty that honors Sedona in all of her glory. Each location holds an incredible space for...
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SYF Presenter Amalia Camateros

[vc_column_text pb_margin_bottom="no" pb_border_bottom="no" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] [addtoany] [/vc_column_text] [vc_video link="https://youtu.be/wqmtw825kYs?list=PL3OHtUrMjV5Ctbk286zW0tp7ZLg3nB5UY" full_width="no" width="1/1" el_position="first last"]...
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Love Your Brain Foundation

[addtoany] LoveYourBrain yoga has been the single most positive experience that I’ve had during my recovery. I’ve been through over nine concussions and never found something that I could do to make myself feel better besides waiting it out and weathering the...
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Traumatic Stress: Resiliency & Healing with Yoga – Photos

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Journey Back Home by Dulce Ruby

There's this beautiful turning point... in all of our lives where everything begins to click for us. Anything that is no longer resonating with our frequency, serving higher good or purpose, just seems to just dissipate and be no more - while everything we dreamt...
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Anton Mackey

[addtoany] Meet Anton Holmes Mackey We recently chatted with Anton... he's been in some cool publications lately!  Congrats, Brother... EMAIL: WEBSITE/BLOG: www.antonyoga.com SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Occupation: yogi Hometown: Albuquerque, NM Current...
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Consciousness Unfolding – the Creation of Transformation.

I have been watching a dear brother on the path lately... Nick Hansinger, co-founder of Source Movement  has been laying it down, Realzies these past several weeks.  I have been inspired. There is something deeply profound available to each and every one of us,...
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John M. Soderberg spent the first 18 years of his life in Central and Southeast Asia, and circled the world eight times before graduating high school in Bangkok, Thailand. Gil Gillenwater has travelled much of his life, and among many other countries, extensively...
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Teri Undreiner

We recently chatted with Teri Undreiner who excels at Loving and encouraging people, and being an LMT , Life Recovery Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Songwriter/Singer/ Writer, Essential Oils Wellness Advocate/ Workshop Teacher, Warrior Posse Designs ( Yoga Shirts &...
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5 Reasons Sedona Yoga Festival Will Rock Your Asana

Sedona, home to one the top yoga festivals in the world & undisputedly a spiritual mecca of the American Southwest, the Energy of Yoga is Everywhere here.

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SYF wouldn't thrive without the expanded community that has come together around it!  We were blessed with the participation of some outstanding photographers at SYF2016 and the yoga photos they took are absolutely spectacular!  Kudos, ALL and Namaste. The 2016 Sedona...
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“To be in the company of luminous beings and the sacred red earth of this magical and mystical land… if you are looking for a sweet intimate and powerful yoga gathering in a beautiful place – this is it. AUM” – Saul David Raye

“Consciousness is indeed evolving out there in beautiful ways beyond the constraints of our very creation with which we otherwise struggle. Carry on and carry aum, Sedona Yoga Festival!” – Rob Dutton

“The SYF is a rich tapestry of yoga love from around the world. And the expansiveness of the Sedona mindset is extremely conducive to an enlightened, powerful experience~ Om Namaste~” – Roxanne W

“Never in my life had I felt Spirit move through as many amazing master teachers. I did not have to do readings, take a class, visit a local psychic, or sit at the feet of a guru. I just had to show up and be present.” – Jennifer Annenberg

“SYF is so zen! how can you not feel full of light, joy, and peace afterwards?” – Madison

“Sedona is the best Yoga Festival I have ever attended. It truly was Yoga – all 8 limbs of it.” – Janet F.

“As a new yogi it was a great experience. I can’t wait to come back next year.” – Pamela

“Wow. After a blessed weekend at the Sedona Yoga Festival, I am happy to say my personal yoga practice and my teaching mission are infused with new information, new enthusiasm, and a renewed dedication to my spiritual practice.” – MiraBai F.

“The energy of the place is the ideal setting for openness, humility, intimacy and contemplative energetic work, which allows a deeper connection within and with others. The simplicity, authenticity and friendliness of everyone, local and non-local, was very refreshing and welcoming…” – Douchka

“Excellent presenters beautiful town and loving people who desired to make this the best festival ever!” – Sharon G.

“Gratitude of immense magnitude to all the soul surfers, spirit seekers and adventurous yogis at Sedona Yoga Festival! Feeling totally more inspired than ever!” – Silvia Mordini

“Very high integrity teachers, liked the effort and thought that went into the event, a lot of variety to choose from, I was highly impressed with the outcome of how my body felt as well.” – Amalia C.

“Loved it so much, my four sisters and mom are coming next year for a girls trip.” – Aimee S

“Sedona Yoga Festival provides a unique opportunity to connect deeply with others and with self in one of the most beautiful and energizing settings on the planet. The experience is nothing short of life changing.” – Denise

“I also loved the diversity of the events! I “got out of my box” and took classes I would have never taken before in my life!” – Sue G.

“Fond memories of inspirational yoga in a special place at the Sedona Yoga Festival this year.  Looking forward to returning again next year.  Smiling just thinking about reconnecting in a dedicated yoga community!” – Camella Nair

“Thanks to all of the amazing healers, guides, winged ones, and human, fully human, embodied beauties who were part of the magic in Sedona this weekend.” – Randy Gauley

“I was very impressed with the eclectic selection of yoga classes and events. I was introduced to many new styles, and from each one I gained something special. I had a wonderful experience.” – Molly

“The yoga festival was enlightening, and I came back from the festival feeling relaxed and re-energized. The festival has all kinds of classes for beginners to experts.” – Lori V.

“Low on the yoga diva quotient. Easygoing and genuine community. Braced to feel self conscious and instead felt welcome and integral.” – Tess

“SYF has the feel of a genuine yogi’s festival. The venues are intimate and the presenters are down to earth. There is a great variety of offerings to inspire every yogi(ni).” – Nancy Britton

“My heart bursts with bliss and appreciation.” – Yogi Surya Om

“Wow. After a blessed weekend at the Sedona Yoga Festival, I am happy to say my personal yoga practice and my teaching mission are infused with new information, new enthusiasm, and a renewed dedication to my spiritual practice.” – Mirabai F

“Gratitude of immense magnitude to all the soul surfers, spirit seekers and adventurous yogis at Sedona Yoga Festival! Feeling totally more inspired than ever!” – Silvia Mordini

“I was amazed at the quality of the sessions.  I had no idea how great this experience would be…” – Peter Neis, Photographer

“I had such a fun & magical experience at the Sedona Yoga Festival… I took lots of great classes, gained some new friends, did a rockin’ performance with my dance company & came away feeling spiritually rejuvenated & inspired.” – Carrie Konyha

“Sedona!! What an amazing place!! I loved the people, they were warm and open. Very friendly.” – Lauren

“There is a really fun hip vibe in Sedona and site-seeing and exploring red rock country is off the charts….there’s even a mountain ghost town to visit!” – Hazel Patterson

“All of my friends that have been to Sedona previously kept telling me I would “feel something” when I arrived… It wasn’t until I left and made it back to Las Vegas that I felt something. I couldn’t put my fingers on what it was but there was a definite change that had happened inside of me. It was so strong that people in my office and my fiance took notice! Now that it’s been a few months since the event I can tell that I need a recharge! The festival and everything about Sedona was a positive event for me personally. It has impacted the way that I teach yoga and most importantly my own personal practice.” – Chanelle

“So many talented presenters on a wide variety of yoga specialties sharing their expertise in a magical setting for an affordable fee!” – Maheshvari

“A wonderful array of uplifting yoga experiences delivered by talented souls with lots of love!” – Johanna M

“The teachers were incredible! They get high marks from me and my sister and niece.” – Cynthia

“Sedona Yoga Festival is a powerfully transformative experience for me and I look forward to going back again and again!” – Leah B.

“My experience at this festival left me with an afterglow that I have maintained… I absolutely loved my experience.” – Kendra

“This festival catered to all levels of practitioners and delivered such a variety of classes and offerings that created a truly inspiring gathering of yoga, art, and fun!” – Marnie

“My life has changed and my path and journey in this world have been redesigned in the short amount of time spent at SYF. For all the love and wisdom that was shared, I am truly grateful.” -Gail

“Words poorly describe the gifts I received this weekend. I feel truly blessed to have been part of this phenomenal inaugural event. Thank you and living in the moment, not reaching to the future…my intentions are to return. Namaste” – Tomi St. Mars

“SYF is a festival that truly gathers all varieties of bringers of light, love and yoga into one sacred and gorgeous container, and then that container opens up for you, and you take that courageous step inside… To sum it into one word: Transformational.” – Vo Vera Sapienza

“SYF is always a transformational event for me. I look forward to it every year and include it as staple in my life plan. It is spiritually uplifting, physically exhilarating, emotionally fulfilling, and a delight for all the senses!” – Nancy Lamb

“The Sedona Yoga Festival is an unparalleled experience of yoga, music and community. There is nothing like it!” – Nancy Alder

“Sedona Yoga Festival will be a must go from now on! In addition to the breathtaking Nature and energy, the Sedona Yoga Festival offered lots of classes with really inspiring teachers and very often it was s hard to choose my schedule: I needed 3 of me! Sharing notes with my girlfriends only confirmed that.” – Silvia Neri

“I am really grateful for the Yoga Festival 2016, for all the love and expansion it brought to me and to all of the participants and the attendees both individually and collectively!!! What a beautiful, heart-opening, mind-expanding, aura-cleansing, love-filled high-quality event!!!! Proud, honored and blessed to be a part of this profound experience! Thank you! Looking forward to next year! Namaste! ” – Isabella Greene

“I am a full time yoga teacher, trainer and writer. I love that my personal practice becomes enthused with more ideas when I come back to teach my students. That way the benefits of the festival reaches out far beyond the Sedona experience and into our world.” – Camilla Nair

“What a great initiation into a yoga festival. I loved the variety of offerings and found the teachers and facilitators to be accessible and knowledgeable. If you love yoga and conscious awakening, you’ll LOVE Sedona Yoga Festival!” – Dawn DelVecchio

“Sedona Yoga Festival is one of the best festivals around. Not only is the diversity in class offerings so wonderful, but it is all accompanied by the magic that happens in Sedona.” – Nancy Britton

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