Total Body Cleanse – Find your way hOMe.

Total Body Cleanse – Find your way hOMe.

This is part 2 of a multipart blog series.  Click here to read part 1.

We’ve been in the flow lately… undeniably so.  It has been remarkable and filled with insights and as I was cleaning houses (old and new), I found something!  Not a total body cleanse, although important and part of the story, rather something more profound; perhaps a miracle, I have to say the experience has altered me somehow.  Or… maybe I was just primed to see something (from my last total body  cleanse…), again, to be reminded just how this journey called life works.  I marvel at it, truly…  and yet, it seems to be a continuous struggle to maintain this view…  or did. Let me explain.

We moved…

20 or so days ago, Heather and I spontaneously discussed the perfect place to live; a place we could expand our lives and grow, something we could share with family & friends, a place we could grow our business and share with our tribe.  We listed all the things we would want, right down to the neighborhood; we were very specific. Today, I am sitting in the back office of that home writing this blog!

Everyone can relate, I am certain, to the experience of moving…   Yet, we both handled it in stride!  I admit, there were a few times that it got challenging, yet I was able to literally turn 180 degrees from the thoughts, words or actions that were noticeably blocking the energy of expansion.  Somehow, I was able to maintain a peaceful clarity throughout what certainly looked like chaos from the outside, eventually the perceived chaos diminished and now I gaze upon a completely new experience!  So, how did I do it?

I didn’t!  It was the Flow…  We are in it. All of us, all the time.   Prana, Chi, Energy, Universal Energy, God, the Great Mystery… on and on the traditions describe something like “a fabric of reality”, something that keeps it all together, connects all creation, and so on… (So I am gonna leave that part alone and know that if you are reading this, we are close enough or on the same sheet. )

I have been shown over & over again, on this near 20 year journey into understanding myself and allowing consciousness to expand through me, that indeed there is something working on our behalf… in the ethers, I like to say.  Now, I am thinking, just straight up what I am calling ethers is actually it!  But truthfully, I have NO CLUE!

My teacher says, “we are happy… that is our nature.”  And all the times I looked at him and thought, “hmmmm…. no shit, there must be something to this”, I am now realizing… yup!  there is.

These past several days have shown me yet again that we are indeed part of something much grander than I could ever figure out.  I received empirical data to support my conclusions and directly experienced something palpable and profound. The only way to describe it is to say this.

There is a place I found… only I don’t have to go anywhere, although it feels like I leave it sometimes, where I feel safe, secure and nurtured and HAPPY, yes, happy.  and I don’t mean ‘happy to have passed the test!’ or ‘happy to see you!’ or ‘my children make me happy’ or ‘happy its friday’, no I am talking about a deep sense of joy or bliss. ultimately, these words do it no justice.  but i know the feeling.  and when I feel that way, things work out…  the Energy wants to expand, Consciousness is evolving and it is doing it through us.  Aware or not, it is happening.  When I tune into that feeling

I am that feeling.  I have come to that conclusion now and that it is up to me to support this human being in experiencing its birthright. Bliss, ananda… all the sages, saints, mystics and masters have pointed humanity to this fact.  Ok… mind blown.  again, as I said.  I am a yogi, that is what is ironic… one might think, I got it… but the chatter in my mind has had its way with me, too! (and likely will again, albeit each time is less and less intense!)

Lets do a little 2+2…

All the saints, sages, masters, mystics…, the Wayne Dyers and Eckhart Tolle’s, the Beatles and other celebs… Jim Carrey, for goodness sake!  google it.  Jim Carrey Awakening…  bam!  My teachers…  ALL SAYING THE SAME THING.

Now, again… me.

Does that mean what I think it means!  yup…  AVAILABLE TO ALL… They do call it the Infinite… that means everywhere… you, me, them…  over there, here, yesterday, tomorrow…  it is here, now.  Always.

Cleaning my homes last week (1 old & 1 new) I found something…  It was here all the time, silently waiting for me to return; to notice. (yes, i have been here before… maybe you have, too!)  I found a temple, a true hOMe that I carry in my heart… a place I can never leave, nor ever go; I have always been here; safe, nurtured, supported and cared for.  And so have you.

total body cleanse

Total Body Cleanse

It is up to each of us to gain the clarity; consciousness is evolving through us all.  Are you stuck?  This is where the total body cleanse comes in.  Of all the practices I have turned to over the years to gain and maintain my clarity, one sticks out to be the very best and quite honestly a rapid way to achieve clarity and gain insights when you are feeling out of sorts.  A total body cleanse has been my goto over the years to feel lighter in body… mind & spirit.  I firmly believe that our food system in the US is a contributing factor to systemic issues of low energy, physical & mental illness, along with a host of other issues plaguing our society.  Cleaning up your diet for 10 days, is not only  a great way to begin to entertain some discipline your life, but the healthy, happy vitality that results from the 10-day Transformation of a total body cleanse will bring some zing back into your life and a sure cure to feeling stuck over or after the holidays.  There are many out there so do your research; many are not pure, organic, non-gmo, sustainably harvested, etc…  but that may not matter to you.  If it does, click here to learn more about the products I use daily.

There are many practices available to facilitate the expansion of consciousness within you…  We aim to share what has worked for us: Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, along with dietary support in the form of supplements and organic, non-gmo, minimally processed foods.  Please comment below what has worked for you…

Join us in the flow!  SYF2017 is right around the corner… and Aumbase Sedona has some great offerings, including a Total Yoga Detox with Luke Ketterhagen January 19-22!  and remember, this hOMe was inspired by something bigger than us … look for us on airBnB soon and as hosts to a private total body cleanse retreat in our hOMe… with us.


Adventure Travel – the Makings of an Aumbase Sedona Adventure

Adventure Travel – the Makings of an Aumbase Sedona Adventure

Does adventure travel inspire you…? We have all done it, and if not, we want to… we all dream about it, whether aware or not, and the big screen provides innumerable examples of losing ourselves in EPIC adventures; we are a culture of dreamers, oft just dreaming, not as much doing.  But you can change that!

Adventure Travel with Aumbase Adventures

Choose your own adventure – Always.

Adventure Travel

A common theme in the adventure travel arena is the backdrop, of course being ‘out there… in nature’ is the ultimate and where it happens can actually contribute (positively and/or negatively) to the experience.  Aumbase Adventures, based in Sedona, Arizona, USA, certainly boasts a very distinctive and unique backdrop for the discerning Adventure Travel enthusiast, providing intuitively created transformational experiences focused in yoga, meditation & mindfulness (on the land & in the studio)  in the heart of an undisputed spiritual mecca of the American West.  Sedona and her surrounding lands, the vistas and vortexes, the red rocks and Oak Creek, all combine to provide the backdrop for a very special adventure travel experience…

Five must-have ingredients for your next adventure

  1. yoga-in-sedona-0582-smallBackdrop…  It’s not about the destination, really it isn’t.  All the pundits, sages & masters would point you to presence in the moment, and as such, wherever one is on their journey, it’s fairly easy to see that this is something that one should cultivate in their own practice and daily life.  However… if daily life has gotten a bit stagnant and/or stuck, often it takes a jump start to get back on track.  Here’s where adventure travel enters the equation and an energized and stunning backdrop for a personal journey becomes a bit more important to cultivating that ever-so important ingredient to successful mindfulness, Presence.  Trust me when I say, “just sit for twenty minutes… on the red rocks, overlooking stunningly colorful and vibrant vistas with blue sky panoramas… and not have an experience.  It’s just not possible!  You can be forever changed by the backdrop to your personal journey.  Undeniably, Sedona is a powerful one indeed, unlike anything else in the world; you’ll need to see for yourself.
  2. Perfect Weather, of course I am biased, but hey… When most of the rest of North America is in a deep freeze, Sedona, AZ is enjoying outright warmth, with blue bird days better than 278 days a year, the odds are you will experience some gorgeous weather to go with your Personal Transformation!  Yeah… sure, we are supposed to not want anything and all that, but really, I have spent equal time in the rain, snow, sleet, hail and worse; I can tell you, the sun is quite conducive to personal growth… and relaxation, yes it is linked to that, too.  Whether, you want to sit by the pool and drink coladas or hike and meditate on the rocks, again, trust me… its lovely in the sun.  (Summer temps do get warmer than most are used to…. carry and drink plenty of water on & off the trails.)
  3. Adventure Travel with AumbaseWater — Oak Creek Canyon & West Fork of Oak Creek…  With sun and the summer 100 degree days, water is always nice and there is an ample supply here!  Oak Creek runs right through Sedona and provides wonderful opportunities to experience cool waters, red rock waterslides, sycamore shade and much, much more.  Sitting in or by this nourishing waterway is a soul-cleansing experience, certainly on par with the rest Sedona has to offer.
  4. Friends or Family, Colleagues & Associates…  Yes, bring em all!  Adventure travel is just the stuff for family reunions or corporate retreats, creating deeper, shared bonds with those experiencing transformation and growth together.  I did say that radical change and instant transformation is possible, didn’t I…?  Sedona has a penchant for up-leveling everyone’s experience, so why not plan to bring your team here for a corporate retreat facilitated by Aumbase Adventures?  Family or friend reunions, parties and gatherings of a high vibe nature can be hosted at Aumbase Sedona, a center for consciousness evolution. It will truly be unforgettable!  and transformative.
  5. Proven, tried & true... That’s right.  Since time immemorial, humans have been drawn to what we now know as Sedona for its mystical and metaphysical experiences and potential.  The discerning adventure traveler will quickly realize that Sedona is indeed a mecca for personal growth, rapid transformation and lasting effects… tried & true.  I literally guarantee that everyone has their own unique & powerful experience, here… no matter how aware of it they are… or aren’t.  This is a powerful place and has been used as such for spiritual, metaphysical and personal growth for good reason.  Something happens here, undeniably so…

Come and see for yourself… better yet, let your mind go and sink into the present moment, now… and feel yourself here.  See if she calls to you, Sedona… and if she does, we’ll be here…  Click here if you are ready…

Sedona Hikes & Yoga Tours on the Land - Aumbase Adventures


SYF Newsletter – August 2016

SYF Newsletter – August 2016

[addtoany] Photo: Alan Alcid

Hi Marc,

Now is the pivotal time… we have been looking back, as we consider your feedback and pore over the 1000+ photographs of SYF2016… are we really at the point half way between last year’s festival and next year’s festival? And, looking forward we are super excited to share some awesome news with you in the SYF Newsletter! Below you can begin to visualize your experience, perhaps reminisce or plan for the future… if you buy your all-access pass by August 31st you will get the best price before it goes up the next day... Regardless, we are doing it together, as we always do… And next year, full expansion into our trifecta of neighboring, walk-able venues… And now we’re proud to introduce our newest venue partner and festival supporter: The Collective Sedona! Read on for this and more for a look back and a look forward. We hope to see you in Sedona in March if not sooner, in fact, we’re planning on it~


Team SYF

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The COLLECTIVE Sedona is the best venue EVER for SYF!

We are so excited to announce that The Collective Sedona, adjacent to partner venue the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock, is hosting the Sedona Yoga Festival 2017! The Collective Sedona is the newest lifestyle and cultural venue in Sedona featuring shops, art and culture galleries, wineries, breweries, and dining experiences that celebrate modern Sedona and honor its rich heritage. Nestled in Sedona’s red rock formations, the 13,500-square foot indoor-outdoor entertainment plaza is home to award-winning chefs, artists, fine jewelry, cultural collectibles, gifts, spa treatments, and events…it’s collection of “hot spots” has something for everyone. Just like SYF! Its a match made in heaven. Click here to see why you should include the Collective Sedona as part of any Sedona adventure…

Experience SYF2016 Again!

The photos are here! The outstanding photographers that showed up to capture the spirit of Sedona Yoga Festival are all featured in this album, and we’re excited to share it with you! Discover SYF through their lens and experience the magic (again!) Can you find a picture of yourself? Feel free to create galleries of your own and share them on our social media… Curate and share your point of view! Check them out here…

Latest from the blog: 5 Reasons Sedona Will Rock Your Asana…

Sedona, Arizona… The undisputed spiritual mecca of the American Southwest, red rock canyons, spires to inspire, the water element of Oak Creek Canyon, and of course, the ENERGY. No matter your beliefs or background, Sedona is sure to make you feel something. And it has been known since time immemorial to support … Read More
photo by Alan Alcid

Introducing the SYF2017 Heart Center Conscious Expo Vendors

We simply cannot wait – but we must! – until it’s time to share all the details of what is coming together for SYF2017 (keep an eye out for next months newsletter and on social media for presenter and program announcements and more). For now, here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the amazing vendors who will be helping to generate the pulse as you stroll down Vendor Way through the Heart Center of Sedona Yoga Festival! Check them out!

Prices increase on September 1st. Invest in your All-Access pass now for the best price!

If you haven’t reserved your space yet, know that our Namaste pricing ends August 31st! Now is the time to save on your All-Access festival pass. Wake up in one of the most powerful places on the planet from March 9-12, 2017Choose from a festival All Access Pass or the integrated Yoga for PTSD training for yoga teachers. Day passes also available now. BOOK NOW! 

“Low on the yoga diva quotient. Easygoing and genuine community. Braced to feel self conscious and instead felt welcome and integral.” – Tess
Remember~ Now is the best time to book your flight deals for March 2017 and book your lodging at our host property the Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa. With these and your All Access Pass in place all you need to do is dream – until you wake up in Sedona.

Thank You to Our SYF2017 Sponsors! 

Presenting Sponsor




Oak Creek
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2017 Sedona Yoga Festival to be held at The Collective Sedona

2017 Sedona Yoga Festival to be held at The Collective Sedona

SYF2017 At The Collective Sedona… a walkable experience this year!



We are super stoked everyone!  They weren’t quite finished last year… you may remember, if you were here.  Directly below the Hilton, this AUMazing space, recently revision and repurposed, is now fully occupied and open for business!  Did we say we were stoked…?  Everything is in one place!  Sedona’s finest views, deep blue sky, red rock vistas in the distance and some super cool venues that we get to expand completely into this year.  We keep telling y’all… Year 5 is going to be heralded as one for the times, when it comes to consciousness evolutionary gatherings.  You don’t want to miss this one!

The Collective Sedona is the newest lifestyle and cultural venue in Sedona featuring shops, art and culture galleries, wineries, breweries, and dining experiences that celebrate modern Sedona and honor its rich heritage. Nestled in Sedona’s red rock formations, the 13,500-square foot indoor-outdoor entertainment plaza is home to award-winning chefs, artists, fine jewelry, cultural collectibles, gifts, spa treatments, and events…it’s collection of “hot spots” has something for everyone.

Located on Highway 179 outside of the Village of Oak Creek, The Collective Sedona includes the following for everyone to enjoy: Cucina Rustica, J Wine Bistro, Schoolhouse Restaurant, The Village Grind, Full Moon Saloon, Miley’s Café, Grand Canyon Winery, Historic Brewing Company, Four Eight Wineworks, Sedona Health Spa, The Salt Room, Bilby & Moss Boutique, Adorn Collection, Buddy’s Grocer, Sedona Arts Center, and the Culture Studio.


The Culture Studio showcases local artists, exhibits and the world’s largest 3D printer, along with nightly events focused on mindfulness, spirituality, heritage, wellness and fun. The Collective Sedona also includes Vista Hall, an indoor-outdoor event venue space for private events that will be home to some awesomenasana and boasts unobstructed red rock views.

So, there you have it!  Next year SYF, a consciousness evolution conference promises to be off the charts…  Plan your experience… and check out all the cool shops at the Collective Sedona…

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Yoga Rocks the Park Returns to Phoenix & Tempe this Fall!

Our team at the Sedona Yoga Festival is so excited to announce the 5th Season of Yoga Rocks the Park! Join us in Phoenix and Tempe to support the growing Arizona yoga community!  Be sure to say “hi” to us at our SYF Booth!  See you there!

Yoga Rocks the Park – Phoenix Celebrates their 5th Season with Complimentary Tickets for all 5 Yoga Festivals.  Kick off for the 5th year of “Yoga Rocks the Park – Phoenix” on October 16th, 2016 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, AZ.

Yoga Rocks the Park is honored this season in partnering with Namaste AZ (a local, community based magazine bringing like-minded and health conscious Arizonian’s together and founded by Sumit Banerjee of Sumit’s Yoga Studios).  Namaste AZ also hosts the local “Namaste AZ Yoga Festival” held this year in September. Yoga Rocks the Park is excited to partner with Namaste AZ since they share the vision of bringing the yoga community together by “Creating Conscious Community” through yoga, music, and meditation. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts continues yoag-rocks-the-park-2to be a National Sponsor for Yoga Rocks the Park and sponsors two of the festivals – Sunday October 23rd and November 6th at Tempe City Center in Tempe, AZ.

Although the festivals continue to be held on Sundays this year the times of the ‘yoga practice’ have changed from 1:00 PM to 10:00 AM.  Registration and the Wellness Vendor Village will open at 9:00 AM offering many “aumazing” local vendors for your shopping pleasure before practice. Also, so that the entire family can participate in the festival, Camp YRP for the little yogis aged 3-10 opens at 9:30 AM and closes 30 minutes after completion of the yoga practice (approximately 11:30 AM).  From 9:20–9:50 AM instructors from AcroBody, the first acro yoga studio in the United States, will be leading warm-ups including partner stretching and basic acro yoga before the regular practice. Following the AcroBody warm-up the regular yoga practice which features local leading yoga teachers and musicians starts at 10:00 AM and closes with a Gong Bath Meditation.  The festivals close at 12:00 PM.  Yoga Rocks the Park is supported through your generous donations and we greatly thank you

For more information please go to

What happens at Sedona Yoga Festival? What can you expect?

What happens at Sedona Yoga Festival? What can you expect?

Photo: Alan Alcid Yogi’s Vo Vera & LaMonte Goode Inverted in the Vortex

What can you expect at SYF2017…?

Photo: Alan Alcid Yogini Taylor Kurz

Photo: Alan Alcid Yogini Taylor Kurz

Well, the conference and festival itself evolves each year so there’s lots we will be unfolding in late September about the Who, What, When,and Where of it all. But the WHY remains steady. We create and nurture this platform and the relationships built within and around it for the purpose of uplifting and expanding human consciousness and providing Sedona transformations with a focus on yoga and meditation.
SYF is accessible to all, and there is truly an access point for the newest beginner as well as in depth networking, studying, practice, and continuing education opportunities for the professional.  We believe this intermingling leads to authentic and powerful interactions.
Photo: Alan Alcid Taylor Kurz @ Bell Rock Vortex... Flying.

Photo: Alan Alcid Taylor Kurz @ Bell Rock Vortex… Flying.

Have a look at the SYF2016 pages to get a taste of what’s to come in March 2017. We hope you will join us in Sedona, where the magic happens…
March 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival overview
March 2016 Presenters
March 2016 Schedule
March 2016 Yoga for PTSD training
March 2016 pre/post conference overview
If you’re curious how we’ve evolved over the years, there’s a complete archive menu over on the “About Us” page.
Stay curious, friend.



SYF2017 Festival Promo Postcard2  SYF2017 Festival Promo Postcard





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