Ground Into Your Practice, Anywhere, With The Root Board®

Ground Into Your Practice, Anywhere, With The Root Board®

Ground Into Your Practice, Anywhere, With The Root Board®

The Root Board® is a bamboo platform designed for yogis practicing on uneven surfaces, like carpet or outdoors. Co-founded by Kathy McCarthy and husband Brian McCarthy, The Root Board was created to be a simple solution for yoga in all places, and a game-changer in your practice and path to well-being.


The Root BoardIt was during the Covid-19 quarantine that Kathy and Brian, like countless others during that challenging period, found themselves jolted out of their daily routines, and yet armed with newfound time and a heightened sense of motivation to introspect and chart the course of their lives. With the yoga studios closed it was a particularly trying period for Kathy, who struggled with the feeling that her yoga practice was slipping away. The distractions of being at home, coupled with the instability of practicing on a carpeted surface, had disrupted the familiar physical and mental release she had come to depend on.

Yoga is a discipline that hinges on calming the mind, honing focus, mastering one’s breath, and striving for peak poses. What Kathy soon came to realize was that practicing asana on carpet was a source of frustration, causing joint soreness and depriving her of the inner peace and radiant energy that the physical practice of yoga imparts.

In a concerted effort to enhance her yoga space, Kathy and Brian embarked on a mission to find tranquility in their compact living space, adorned with wall-to-wall carpet. Through diligent experimentation, Brian ingeniously conceived and crafted a bamboo yoga platform that wonderfully replicated the tactile experience of a professional studio. The impact on Kathy’s practice was immediate and profound, providing the stability she desperately needed to delve deeper, find serenity, and attain her full potential. Introducing: The Root Board®. It’s a simple complement to your at-home practice space that brings a sensation of grounding and stability no matter where you set up. It, quite simply, works!

The Challenges of Practicing Yoga on an Uneven Surface

Stability is paramount in yoga, both in a physical and mental sense. The foundation you practice on plays an integral role in achieving this equilibrium. When you step onto your yoga mat, you rightfully expect a stable and reliable surface to support your practice. Unfortunately, yogis practicing on carpet at home find themselves falling short of this expectation. This instability can manifest as wobbling during standing balances or discomfort during seated positions, disrupting the flow of your practice and eroding your confidence. This struggle can be mentally taxing and physically draining, detracting from the serenity that yoga aims to deliver.

Practicing on carpet often invites gripping, which contradicts the principles of creating space and releasing tension. It also places undue stress on wrists and ankles, potentially leading to soreness and injuries, especially in poses that require bearing weight on your hands, knees, or elbows, such as plank, tabletop, or camel pose.

The soft carpeting robs practitioners of the subtle sensations necessary for challenging poses, like inversions. For instance, when inverted, the feedback your hand receives is pivotal for maintaining balance, but this feedback is absent when your hand rests on a soft surface, significantly increasing the difficulty of the pose and inviting wrist injuries.

The Root Board®: A Simple Solution

The Root Board® is a simple yet elegantly designed solution to these challenges. It consists of two bamboo pieces linked together with a jigsaw pattern, complete with ergonomic handholds that make it portable and easy to store.

Kathy and Brian chose MOSO Bamboo for several compelling reasons. Unlike wood or plastic, bamboo has a minimal environmental impact, aligning with the core values of the yoga community. It is eco-friendly and sustainable, as bamboo is a rapidly growing grass that requires fewer resources to cultivate. Bamboo also aids in protecting against soil degradation and erosion, and absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere than trees. Furthermore, bamboo is biodegradable and emits fewer carbon emissions during production compared to plastic.

They also selected bamboo for its tactile qualities. It strikes a balance between being pliable enough to feel comfortable under your head, knees, or hands and rigid enough to provide a secure, stable surface for balancing poses. The porous nature of bamboo makes it relatively lightweight compared to materials like oak.

But Don’t Take It From Us — Here’s What Folks Are Saying!

Perfect for practicing on carpet!
“I was on this site looking for the heaviest mat possible to prevent sliding and buckling on my carpet when I discovered The Root Board. It’s exactly what I needed. This platform provides a solid surface for my mat, and now it feels like I’m back to practicing on hardwood. It’s sturdy, well-made, and conveniently slides under my sofa when I’m done!” – Sandra P

The best invention for Yogi’s to date!!!
“The best invention for Yogi’s ever!!! It’s easy to put together, portable, and a wrist lifesaver!!! It’s like having a studio on the go! I highly, repeat HIGHLY recommend this board for any and all Yogi’s needing a sturdy base to practice on. Two puzzle pieces that hook together, and it’s the size of a normal yoga mat. That’s as simple and safe as it sounds!!!” – LauraLeigh W

Find The Root Board® at the Sedona Yoga Festival This March!

We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with The Root Board® for the 11th Sedona Yoga Festival, happening March 14–17, 2024 (get your ticket here!)  Don’t miss your chance to learn more about The Root Board®, meet Kathy and Brian, try a Root Board® for yourself, learn about wholesale or social partnership opportunities, and be entered to win a Root Board® and Root Bag Tote® (Valued at $284 Whether you are an online instructor, creator, partner, or a passionate yogi, you won’t want to miss the chance to connect with The Root Board®  at their booth. 

Yoga possesses the incredible power to transform individuals into kinder, calmer beings, and The Root Board® mission is to empower the yoga community so that, together, we can contribute to making the world a better place. 

SPECIAL OFFER! SYF attendees will get $20 off using a code found on The Root Board® website. Visit this link to learn more.

More Not-To-Miss Booths at the 2022 Conscious Expo

More Not-To-Miss Booths at the 2022 Conscious Expo

The Conscious Expo is a signature SYF feature that showcases some of the best local and national mindful businesses, offering attendees an opportunity to shop small right from the comfort of the festival. We’re proud to offer a broad array of businesses, that provide a full breadth of mindful shopping — take home the best of what SYF has to display!

Best yet — the Conscious Expo is open to the public, so anyone passing through Posse Grounds Park or visiting Sedona can stop by and get a taste for SYF and the greater Sedona area. National purveyors are mixed in with local mainstays, so you can truly get a feel for what mindful business is all about. Here are just seven of our vendors who we hope you’ll visit at the event. Take a piece of SYF home with you to commemorate this transformational experience!

New Frontier Books

Started by Kim Galloway, New Frontier books helps you bring your vision to life as an Intuitive Ghostwriter, a Story Pathfinder, or a book coach. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs, business owners or coaches who are ready to claim space as an expert, an author, and in the ranks of best-selling books. Visit her booth to not only learn more about her offerings and how to turn your book dreams into a reality, but to explore the books she’s published with other mindful luminaries.

Active Threads

Started by two working moms with small children, the goal of Active Threads is to build and serve a community of women who love to be active and cherish time outside with friends and family, and to create a shopping experience is to be easy, convenient, and fun. Active Threads is committed to empowering you through choice, but instead of going for the most choice, we’re going for just the right curated products and content. Through this focus, our business can prioritize people, product and purpose.


ToxyFree sells products and systems to live the healthiest life possible while experiencing the most liberating freedom ever. When you turn to ToxyFree for freedom from worry about health-harming toxins, you will create a healthy home that you love and you will thrive! Founder Laura Paulisch not only recommends products to buy, but helps families set up a foundation to live in toxin-free households with ease and convenience.

Andrea Fast Artworks

Andrea Fast helps people connect to their deepest feelings through powerful, wild, vivid, spiritual paintings that evoke emotional empowerment. She currently works in Denver, producing colorful acrylic paintings centered around the female form, the natural world, spirituality, yoga, Ayurvedic and other healing modalities. When she paints, her feelings tend to reflect the subjects of her art.

Bad Ass Beaded Creations / Diedre Karger

Diedre Karger makes one of a kind custom pieces designed to support your specific journey or ceremony or everyday life. In ceremony everything we wear and adorn ourselves with has meaning, is intentionally worn to support us and to work with the energy around us. So should it be in our everyday, walking around life. Her pieces are designed with your inner badass in mind, to support you and what you are working with or through in life.

Manoj Chalam

An SYF 2023 presenter, Manoj holds the largest collection of Hindu iconography in the country, and guides students on how to embark on a meaningful samatha meditation practice. Take his class, and then ind your diety at his booth in the Conscious Expo! It’s a powerful opportunity to learn from a master, and take him up on his offer to help you find the archetype that will most serve your personal growth. Learn more about Manoj here.


High-vibrational rituals for healing, self care, and living a spiritually-aligned life. Offering guidance and products for ceremonial rituals to enhance the process of connection to self and the collective consciousness.

Join us June 2–5 for the summer’s premiere transformational event! Get your ticket today:

Keep calm and do some Yoga

Keep calm and do some Yoga

In a world of extremes, it is high time for a mindful time-out.

How Yoga & Meditation reduces stress in the body.

The current state of affairs in our country is such that the population is constantly bombarded with stress-inducing stimuli, from the harried morning commute to the evening news.  We very rarely, truly relax and it is taking its toll on families, communities, businesses… all relationships. Our lifestyles create tension in the body and without a conscious means of releasing that tension the body begins to falter; the mind and mental health can soon follow with anxiety and depression becoming the new norm. We find ourselves in the sympathetic nervous system, or fight/flight, the place where we can fight off the saber-toothed tiger or lift a car off a baby or run fast enough to catch our dinner.  Spend enough time here and things get worse, i.e. in the case of trauma survivors and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

How do we release this tension? How do we balance it out? We must relax, truly relax which means engage the parasympathetic nervous system; the body’s antidote to fight/flight and the reliever of tension. Relaxing isn’t easy in this day and age; it’s hard to take the break our body’s need so much, but we must or things will eventually break.

Practices that bring awareness to the moment, also known as mindfulness, such as yoga and meditation have now been proven by modern science to ameliorate the effects of stress and tension.  Science also shows that by controlling or shaping the breath, we can consciously engage the parasympathetic nervous system and down regulate at will.  For some this can be a game-changer, providing enormous relief from the anxiety an over reactive nervous system can produce.

Yoga and meditation provide an easy access point for those interested in, or needing to relax and down regulate.  Yoga primarily we see as physical postures, or asanas, shapes the body makes that are often linked together in a flow of movement.  Anybody can do them, especially when we use the breath as our guide, regulating and shaping our breathing patterns and timings to achieve the desired result of entering the parasympathetic nervous system.  Each posture ‘does something different’ for the body; different breathing patterns have the same phenomena!  So, one could design a asana class to support energizing the body, helpful in the case of depression, or down-regulate for anxiety.  Ideally, the practice leaves us in a balanced, or parasympathetic state, so that we can meditation

Here, too, we use the breath and when we combine breath awareness with a seated or supine meditation we are in true relaxation mode!  This is the ‘place’ we must go to truly relax and when we do, we receive the benefits in greater health and vitality, peace and tranquility.  Our lives get easier, the more we practice, not because things out there change, rather because we have conditioned our nervous systems to be less reactive and more resilient. We become more calm and peaceful; wouldn’t it be nice to provide calm and peace in your family’s and relationships, businesses and communities? We think it is… 

Learn more at the 2019 Sedona Yoga Festival, March 14-17, 2019 ( or try a class at Aumbase Sedona Yoga in West Sedona (

Yogi Detox

Yogi Detox

This is part 4 of a multipart blog series.  Click here to read part 1.

yogi detoxDo yourself a favor… I did!  I took a 10-day vacation (well, almost 10-days… i will explain below) from the normal foods and ways I eat and wow!  what a difference…  Read on as I share my conclusions from the recent yogi detox I undertook.

The Purium 10-day Transformation makes things super easy.  There are five products that I cycle through each day, beginning when I wake and ending a few hours before I go to bed.  Every 2 waking hours, I attend to fueling my body.  It’s simple.

Wake, take 5 Super Amino 23’s, and a Super-Lyte.

2 hours later, 2 scoops of Power Shake and 2 Super-CleansR.

2 hours later 5 Super Amino 23’s, and a Super-Lyte.

2 hours later, 2 scoops of Power Shake and 2 Super-CleansR.

2 hours later 5 Super Amino 23’s, and a Super-Lyte.

2 hours later, 2 scoops of Power Shake…

2 hours later, 2 ounces ApotheCherry.

yogi detox

Flex foods, these and more…

*I can add flex foods from a list including cucumber, apples, honey, avocado, greens, etc… OR if I need to I can add a flex MEAL from a larger list including fish, chicken, quinoa, and more.

Here’s the thing…  This program pretty much takes the habits away from eating, when one sticks to the schedule.  And the choices are already made, so again… NO THINKING.  Which is what I wanted!  Thinking uses energy and so do subconscious habits, patterns and unwanted behaviors.   But, I wanted to focus that energy on SEEING those habits and CHANGING them.

And that is just what happened and why this is truly a yogi detox!  Undeniably so, my body had a physical detox/cleanse the first 4 or 5 days and it certainly was nice to give my digestive tract a break for a few days, providing HIGH QUALITY, NUTRIENT DENSE SUPERFOODS at regular intervals in liquid and pill form.  Along with plenty of Sedona’s FINEST water, my body was certainly taken good care of nutrition wise.

So, what happens on a yogi detox?

My weather was conducive to inner work… !


Well, yogi’s systematically shine the light of consciousness on their thoughts, words and actions, discerning a wholesome course through life for the most part.  Often I slip, but I am ever-vigilant to stay the course, right my ways and move from an ever-evolving place of neutrality and consciousness… towards myself and others.  Occasionally… (actually, more often-than-not these past several months for me), I really lose my way, and get identified too deeply with the material world… PTSD kicks in and I live in a shitty place.

It was time to bring out the big guns, so when Heather said she was taking a yoga retreat in San Diego, I jumped at the opportunity to have some alone time for the yogi detox and thus jump start my new year, my new practice, my new life and our new businesses!

I am very pleased…

The thing about transformation is this…  in the end, nothing remains of that which was transformed. There are times when it happens in an instant and one is forever different, but my experience has been more like a journey… ‘peeling the onion’, layer upon layer reveals something new to transcend… transmute… transform.

And so, the yogi detox with support from the Purium Product line is my goto for a deep cleanse.  In my experience, its simplicity allows for redirecting all the available energy towards introspection if one desires.  The body goes through its machinations, ego attempting to dissuade, but if One stays present and observes it all for a few days patterns emerge.  Add gentle yoga sadhana with pranayama and meditation to complete a slam dunk for rapid transformation.

The super-cool thing about a Purium 10-day Transformation is how flexible it can be!  I did 7 days full on, following the schedule and adding the 3 flex snacks per day. During this time I limited my activity, but maintained a fairly strong yoga practice of 60-90 minutes and 20-30 minutes of meditation. Then I flew to San Diego for the Innaugural San Diego Yoga Festival and my activity increased.  On day 8, in addition to the schedule, I added a meal… of nigiri, seaweed salad, cucumber salad and yup… sake.  I approached this meal with the highest level of consciousness.  Every mouthful, the Divine… Blessed.  no problem.

Day 9, even more activity… and I was feeling kinda ungrounded…  Street Tacos, butternut infused whiskey sour.  Again, completely conscious…  again, no problem.

Day 10, even more activity… and I was actually hungry…  Finding the best place to eat that night was fraught with problems… complete with a non-stop verbal conflict at the restaurant we felt GOOD about going to… finally landing on a second best, but by then… not very conscious… suffice to say… BIG PROBLEMS…  Someone even got hit outside the restaurant towards the end of the meal.  So, the grass-fed burger and hand cut fries… nope.  didn’t work.

Here’s the thing about a yogi detox…  Everything comes to your aid.  Including serious indigestion, as the yogi continuously and relentlessly shines the light of consciousness into all areas of their lives.  These experiences showed me something about myself (that I needed to see… to know.)

It has been a few days now, I am still having a Power Shake and Aminos daily… and I have brought an even higher awareness to conscious living, eating, sleeping, playing, traveling… everything.  I have again seen how important it is to fuel this HIGH PERFORMANCE vehicle of consciousness evolving with the highest octane super-foods I can get my hands on.

It is up to me to create the optimum environment for my being to thrive and I have found diet to play a role.  I feel different; like I am firing on all cylinders.  I am clearer in mind, more peaceful in my thoughts, less reactive, happier for sure!  The physical detox, along with the flexibility of these products to suit your needs and goals, combined with the simplicity and ease of use makes it this yogi’s choice to support a personal home-based retreat that can really take you deep.


Days 3-5 are notorious…  and for me no different.  All of my being was focused on erasing some deep grooves… creating NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS… NEW EXPERIENCES… Much happened between days 3-5, but that is another story…

From Presents to Presence… the best gift of All.

From Presents to Presence… the best gift of All.

This is part 3 of a multipart blog series.  Click here to read part 1.

It’s time…  the glory and the chaos of the holidays is drawing to a close; the new year is ahead now and our sight may drift to the future as we contemplate where we’ve been and where we would like to go… in presence.

Where do you want to go?

This time of year is universal in its opportunity to grow and expand our horizons; to find an inner solace that soothes the past in hopes of wiping the slate clean.  We all carry baggage; our  bodies often bearing the scars of times past and humanity as a whole has come to see the New Year as the time for fresh starts and letting go…

On the heels of Christmas (I grew up celebrating this time of year in this way), I think we have an Aumazing Opportunity!  I mean, let’s think about it…  The Spirit of the Holidays is the same, regardless of the Holiday one celebrates… Presence.

“Be like Him that we celebrate today… regardless of race, religion or creed; kindness and compassion. Love everlast.”

Spirit…  The Life Force, Consciousness.  God.  Whatever you choose to call it, even whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, it exists and is the very fabric of reality that weaves us all together in inexplicable ways. 


But, what does it want?

I have come to see, through a lifetime of empirical studies, my path, that it, ultimately wants nothing more than to expand into new territories of experience, and we, the human being, appearing to be its most advanced avatar, must realize that in its omnipresence it could not possibly want to destroy us, rather it is the giver of LIFE and without it I could no longer write, sit, think, or type, nor could it experience itself expanding through me anymore…  Why would it want to harm me, let alone any of its Creations?

Yet, we look around us today and there is such uncertainty and fear… tumultuous times, I have said often, even now, this Holiday Season, humanity seems to be walking the razor’s edge, precipice on either side, wondering when it all may come crumbling down.

I awoke today, the day after Christmas, with a slight panic…  like, something is wrong, and yet, I know this is not true.  It means something is out of balance within me, the scales tipped to the darker side of consciousness where fear and uncertainty live and after looking deep inside, again I find my solace; my peace.  Presence.  Om Shanti.

I have come to realize that  I HAVE A HUGE PART TO PLAY IN ALL THIS.  (and so do you… it turns out.) 

You see, my teachers have all told me, as have pretty much ALL the saints, sages and masters that have come before, that I (and you… ) are Happiness itself… Joy itself… Love itself… BLISS… ANANDA…  Ecstasy.

I have experienced this to be true, maybe you have too!  Fleeting at times, yet  when I release all the stress and trappings of our modern ways,  quiet my mind, purify my body and tune into my Souls’ voice… Peace is there.  Joy is there.  Happiness is there.  Presence.

Mark Whitwell tells us that if we come away from our practice in any other state than described above, then we aren’t  doing yoga….  I laugh out loud at this now, as it sinks in…

And like a ton of bricks it hits me (again)…  head in palm…

I don’t go to my practices to seek aggravation, frustration, anger, or fear… those only exist in my fragmented and unbalanced mind, body and spirt…. NOPE!!!!  what happens when I find my way… my balance… is undeniably PEACE…. Happiness, Joy Itself.

THEREFORE… that is the underlying reality for ALL OF US…

So, we have our work cut out for us… and to be true it is our work… your work.  Mine.

Focussed practice ahead!  Presence.

It is time…. that we come hOMe.

(I am planning to do a spiritual detox and total body cleanse beginning in the next few days…it has helped me in the past to gain, presence and clarity… let me know in the comments if you would like to join in!  and Click here to see part 1 in this multi-part blog series!)


Total Body Cleanse – Find your way hOMe.

Total Body Cleanse – Find your way hOMe.

This is part 2 of a multipart blog series.  Click here to read part 1.

We’ve been in the flow lately… undeniably so.  It has been remarkable and filled with insights and as I was cleaning houses (old and new), I found something!  Not a total body cleanse, although important and part of the story, rather something more profound; perhaps a miracle, I have to say the experience has altered me somehow.  Or… maybe I was just primed to see something (from my last total body  cleanse…), again, to be reminded just how this journey called life works.  I marvel at it, truly…  and yet, it seems to be a continuous struggle to maintain this view…  or did. Let me explain.

We moved…

20 or so days ago, Heather and I spontaneously discussed the perfect place to live; a place we could expand our lives and grow, something we could share with family & friends, a place we could grow our business and share with our tribe.  We listed all the things we would want, right down to the neighborhood; we were very specific. Today, I am sitting in the back office of that home writing this blog!

Everyone can relate, I am certain, to the experience of moving…   Yet, we both handled it in stride!  I admit, there were a few times that it got challenging, yet I was able to literally turn 180 degrees from the thoughts, words or actions that were noticeably blocking the energy of expansion.  Somehow, I was able to maintain a peaceful clarity throughout what certainly looked like chaos from the outside, eventually the perceived chaos diminished and now I gaze upon a completely new experience!  So, how did I do it?

I didn’t!  It was the Flow…  We are in it. All of us, all the time.   Prana, Chi, Energy, Universal Energy, God, the Great Mystery… on and on the traditions describe something like “a fabric of reality”, something that keeps it all together, connects all creation, and so on… (So I am gonna leave that part alone and know that if you are reading this, we are close enough or on the same sheet. )

I have been shown over & over again, on this near 20 year journey into understanding myself and allowing consciousness to expand through me, that indeed there is something working on our behalf… in the ethers, I like to say.  Now, I am thinking, just straight up what I am calling ethers is actually it!  But truthfully, I have NO CLUE!

My teacher says, “we are happy… that is our nature.”  And all the times I looked at him and thought, “hmmmm…. no shit, there must be something to this”, I am now realizing… yup!  there is.

These past several days have shown me yet again that we are indeed part of something much grander than I could ever figure out.  I received empirical data to support my conclusions and directly experienced something palpable and profound. The only way to describe it is to say this.

There is a place I found… only I don’t have to go anywhere, although it feels like I leave it sometimes, where I feel safe, secure and nurtured and HAPPY, yes, happy.  and I don’t mean ‘happy to have passed the test!’ or ‘happy to see you!’ or ‘my children make me happy’ or ‘happy its friday’, no I am talking about a deep sense of joy or bliss. ultimately, these words do it no justice.  but i know the feeling.  and when I feel that way, things work out…  the Energy wants to expand, Consciousness is evolving and it is doing it through us.  Aware or not, it is happening.  When I tune into that feeling

I am that feeling.  I have come to that conclusion now and that it is up to me to support this human being in experiencing its birthright. Bliss, ananda… all the sages, saints, mystics and masters have pointed humanity to this fact.  Ok… mind blown.  again, as I said.  I am a yogi, that is what is ironic… one might think, I got it… but the chatter in my mind has had its way with me, too! (and likely will again, albeit each time is less and less intense!)

Lets do a little 2+2…

All the saints, sages, masters, mystics…, the Wayne Dyers and Eckhart Tolle’s, the Beatles and other celebs… Jim Carrey, for goodness sake!  google it.  Jim Carrey Awakening…  bam!  My teachers…  ALL SAYING THE SAME THING.

Now, again… me.

Does that mean what I think it means!  yup…  AVAILABLE TO ALL… They do call it the Infinite… that means everywhere… you, me, them…  over there, here, yesterday, tomorrow…  it is here, now.  Always.

Cleaning my homes last week (1 old & 1 new) I found something…  It was here all the time, silently waiting for me to return; to notice. (yes, i have been here before… maybe you have, too!)  I found a temple, a true hOMe that I carry in my heart… a place I can never leave, nor ever go; I have always been here; safe, nurtured, supported and cared for.  And so have you.

total body cleanse

Total Body Cleanse

It is up to each of us to gain the clarity; consciousness is evolving through us all.  Are you stuck?  This is where the total body cleanse comes in.  Of all the practices I have turned to over the years to gain and maintain my clarity, one sticks out to be the very best and quite honestly a rapid way to achieve clarity and gain insights when you are feeling out of sorts.  A total body cleanse has been my goto over the years to feel lighter in body… mind & spirit.  I firmly believe that our food system in the US is a contributing factor to systemic issues of low energy, physical & mental illness, along with a host of other issues plaguing our society.  Cleaning up your diet for 10 days, is not only  a great way to begin to entertain some discipline your life, but the healthy, happy vitality that results from the 10-day Transformation of a total body cleanse will bring some zing back into your life and a sure cure to feeling stuck over or after the holidays.  There are many out there so do your research; many are not pure, organic, non-gmo, sustainably harvested, etc…  but that may not matter to you.  If it does, click here to learn more about the products I use daily.

There are many practices available to facilitate the expansion of consciousness within you…  We aim to share what has worked for us: Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, along with dietary support in the form of supplements and organic, non-gmo, minimally processed foods.  Please comment below what has worked for you…

Join us in the flow!  SYF2017 is right around the corner… and Aumbase Sedona has some great offerings, including a Total Yoga Detox with Luke Ketterhagen January 19-22!  and remember, this hOMe was inspired by something bigger than us … look for us on airBnB soon and as hosts to a private total body cleanse retreat in our hOMe… with us.



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