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Mindful Therapeutic Yoga Practices for Veterans

Brought to you by the Give Back Yoga Foundation and Sedona Yoga Festival, Corp. in collaboration with Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans2-Day pre-conference Training for Yoga Teachers – 17 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

February 6-7, 2014 Sedona, Arizona

[blockquote3]Give Back Yoga’s goal is to place 10,000 Yoga For Veterans Toolkits (developed by expert teachers with years of experience in working with Veterans) this year into the hands of our brothers and sisters affected by post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and other stress-related illnesses.  We thought we might be able to help out… This will jumpstart GBYF in 2014 and expand exponentially the services to Veterans in years to come. Marc Titus, Founder & Director, Sedona Yoga Festival[/blockquote3]

We at Sedona Yoga Festival actively researched to select an organization to support through our 2nd Annual Sedona Yoga Festival, a consciousness evolution conference. We are deeply committed to supporting a project that benefits veterans through the practice and offering of yoga at SYF2014. We were so inspired to see what the Give Back Yoga Foundation is doing in supporting and funding certified yoga teachers in all traditions to offer the teachings of yoga in service to community. We approached them a few weeks ago with our intention to channel 1 of every 10 incoming festival dollars to a service oriented yoga organization contained in a large scale seva project at each conference…

SYF mission:

Expand and Evolve human consciousness through the practice of yoga.

Sedona Yoga Festival, a consciousness evolution conference, exists to provide a container for the opportunity to directly experience energy, consciousness, healing, and transformation through Yoga…  see more about SYF, Corp.

GBYF Mission:

Awake. Transform. Give Back.

We believe that the methodology of classical yoga (including asana, breathing, and meditation) is a tangible tool for transforming human consciousness. The experience of yoga is to go beyond separateness, alienation, and diversity and fully recognize the fundamental unity of the universe and the underlying connectedness among all beings, communities, nations, and religions…  see more about GBYF

…and, as you may see, it was a good fit. We are very happy to announce the Give Back Yoga Foundation as our Partner in Service.

iraqyoga copyAt SYF2014, in partnership with the Give Back Yoga Foundation, we are offering SYF Gives Back 2014 – Mindful Therapeutic Yoga Practices for Veterans, a 2-Day pre-conference training for yoga teachers. We chose to partner with Give Back Yoga Foundation because of their total dedication to making yoga available to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformational benefits of this powerful practice. This training will provide participants with specific tools and practices developed through clinical experience working with veterans coping with post-traumatic stress and other psycho-emotional stress. While benefiting trauma patients safely and comfortably, the training can be helpful for yoga teachers working with anyone dealing with stress and other psychological difficulties.

The Give Back Yoga Foundation has assembled a faculty of leading experts for this training, including Beryl Bender Birch of The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, James Fox of Prison Yoga Project, Suzanne Manafort of Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans, Gina Garcia of Yoga Across America, and Ann Richardson of Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga, all who have been working continuously for years with veterans in their recovery process from post-traumatic stress. Expanding beyond the core curriculum, students will also have the opportunity to elect to receive teachings from SYF2014 vanguard teachers Rama Jyoti Vernon, Mark Whitwell, Sarah McLean, and Jeff Masters. Participants are offered complimentary access to the Sedona Yoga Festival through Saturday and Sunday, as well as post-conference offerings to help build networks and strategies for bringing back out into the world that which was realized at this inspiring and transformative event.

“Sedona Yoga Festival, Corp in partnership with Give Back Yoga Foundation is committed to supporting yoga teachers in offering service to their community. We are working together to provide the tools and trainings that teachers need to do this effectively and safely as a consistent part of their practice and dharma.” ~Heather Shereé Titus, Festival Producer

SYF Gives Back is for yoga teachers that are called to share with others the abundance of transformation that has occurred as a direct result of a yoga practice. It is for certified teachers that are ready to reach out and expand their capacity to give back to their community. Interacting with facilitators of the training, and then expanding and sharing in the greater conference weekend, supports the process of embodying the teachings. Participants will have multiple opportunities to interact with leading practitioners providing education and support for the mindful use of therapeutic yoga practices for veterans, their families and their communities.

Complementing this large scale seva project is Sedona Yoga Festival’s Partner in Education and Presenting Sponsor South West Institute of Healing Arts. SWIHA is on the forefront of providing Holistic Education, both at their beautiful Tempe campus and online.This partnership is born of a strong affinity in wanting to support people in finding their dharma and bringing Yoga life into action.


February 6-7, 2014 Sedona, Arizona

Tuition: $495 plus room

  • Deeply discounted room rates at training location

  • Bonus: Complimentary Sedona Yoga Festival All-Access pass

  • CEUs available.

  • Includes breakfast and lunch.

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Give Back Yoga’s goal in 2013 is to distribute 10,000 free yoga and meditation toolkits to veterans. The Sedona Yoga Festival is committed to raising the funds for this, as well as to train 210 yoga teachers at SYF Gives Back to go back to their communities and work with veterans. Please check out our fundraiser on CrowdRise to see how you can help!

See Our Fundraising Page at crowdrise.com

Please check out our fundraiser on CrowdRise and help us raise money for to get Veterans the resources they NEED to HEAL! Click Here to see Yoga Resources for Veterans at GBYF.org.

Fundraising at crowdrise.com will be open through the Festival in February.

The Goal…  10,000 Yoga Toolkits for Veterans

SYF is committed to raising $50,000 for Give Back Yoga Foundation, to assist in providing 10,000 Yoga Toolkits free to Veterans. If each teacher at the SYF2014 Mindful Therapeutic Yoga Practices for Veterans pre-conference training for yoga teachers returns to their community and reaches 50 veterans then that is 10,000 Veterans being offered yoga as a healing modality, and we would like them to have these amazing toolkits!

GBYF’s Yoga Toolkit for Veterans consists of:

  • The Mindful Yoga Therapy Practice Guide by Dr. Daniel Libby and Suzanne Manafort produced specifically for veterans coping with trauma.
  • Meditation CDs by Karen Soltes’ iRest Yoga Nidra: Easing into Stillness (who teaches at the Washington, DC, VA hospital as part of the War Related Illnesses and Injuries Study Center)
  • Suzanne Manafort’s “Breathe In, Breathe Out: Quick and Easy Breathing Practices to Help Balance the Nervous System,” designed for the Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans Coping with Trauma Program, a component of the PTSD Rehabilitation Residential Program (PRRP) in Newington, CT.;
  • Deep Relaxation: Yoga Nidra with Patty Townsend, a master teacher with a background of over 40 years in yoga and meditation.
  • Finding Peace, Building Resilence: A Yoga Therapy Guide for Combat Veterans and Military Service Men and Women by Beryl Bender Birch.
  • Beyond Disability: A Yoga Practice DVD based on Matthew Sanford’s unique experience with yoga and paralysis.
  • VetsYoga, the first instructional yoga DVD created for veterans, produced by Yatra Yoga International and Craig Coffman Productions.

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Please encourage your students and friends to fundraise and participate, offering benefit classes, and information on Give Back Yoga Foundation and the Sedona Yoga Festival as often as possible!  When we all Give Back, we can make a huge difference.

How to participate as an individual

  • Find a local studio, or set up your own account at Crowdrise joining SYF Gives Back. You are part of a Global Community of dedicated yogis and we thank you!

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