Have you ever stood next to a beehive and watched how the bees be-have with each other? The hive is athrive with of the hum and thrum of thousands of bees working in unison to bring the pollen and goodness to the whole.  This is what you will see and feel at the Sedona Yoga Festival with many coming from far and wide to share their gold, their “pollen” of expertise and wisdom to enrich the greater whole.

This “buzz” in action allows participants to feel the wholeness of the greater thrive, all working in unison to bring the best to every class offered. Varied styles of yoga ranging from Hatha, to Bikram, to Ashtunga, to Kundalini with classes often accompanied by live musicians.   Other classes range from ecstatic dance, movement, QiGong, astrology, shamanism, health protocols and dietary consciousness to satsangs, kirtan and ceremony.

Something for everyone here to enhance and inspire your personal and collective evolution.

Sedona, Arizona in itself is one of the hot spots on the planet not in temperature alone but in the “buzz and thrum” of seekers in their plight towards healing and spiritual transformation.

Vortex upon vortex, the lay of the land is made from a bedrock of water and crystals, magnifying your intentions, clearing for healing and transformation. The Sedona Yoga Festival is a concentrated vortex of all of such things that brings benevolence of healing and abundance of joy and fulfillment.

So come on down this February 8th-11th and step into the world of benevolence.

Look forward to seeing you there.


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Yoga for Trauma and Resiliency: the Training

Optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with First Responders, Veterans, trauma survivors, PTSD and TBI sufferers and many more.

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