7th Annual Yoga for PTSD Training at Sedona Yoga Festival

March 12 – 15th, 2020
Sedona, Arizona


SYF Gives Back is something we’ve been doing from the start.  Utilizing this event as platform to serve and in our case, we’ve been offering some form of trauma informed yoga training at SYF since the beginning. We have trained hundreds of yoga teachers and brought awareness to the devastating effects of Post Traumatic Stress in our communities across the country. We’ve called this program all sorts of things from Yoga for Veterans and Yoga for First Responders to Yoga for PTSD, with one simple aim: Provide the tools to alleviate the effects of trauma, of suffering.  A trauma sensitive yoga training takes into account the specific aspects of traditional yoga practices that ameliorate the effects of trauma and stress on the human nervous system. Yoga is and has always been the healing balm to soothe the injured human nervous system, ergo a Yoga for PTSD training, a trauma sensitive yoga training, trauma informed yoga training… Call it what you will, we know what outcomes have emerged from this training.  We know that by training hundreds we have impacted thousands. 

SYF2020 Training Faculty

Judy Weaver

Judy Weaver

Lead Instructor | Founder, Connected Warriors

Judy is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist.  Using her 30 years of learning and teaching she founded Connected Warriors a non-profit delivering Trauma-Conscious yoga programs to veterans and their families around the world and Bodymind Recalibration™ a multi-discipline body-mind practice building cognitive and somatic relationships. She has developed protocols for 3 clinical studies used by Connected Warriors and health care practitioners.  Judy is a Yoga Alliance On-line Presenter and part of Core Curriculum Working Group and contributor to the YSC book “Best Practices for Yoga for Veterans”.

Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

Post Traumatic Growth

Celebrated Teacher Ravi Singh has 45 yrs. teaching experience and (w/Ana Brett) is Author of 25 bestselling DVD’s and an incredible new book: Kundalini Yoga: Life in the Vast Lane. Ravi’s approach is powerful, poetic, motivational, majestic, and fun! He’s been called the “Teacher’s Teacher.” He recently participated as an advisor to the Yoga Alliance Standards Review Project on Teacher Training Qualifications. Ravi Singh is a 500 hr. E-RYT T. Trainer and can offer CEU’s for this event. 

Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Guest Instructor

Pete A. Sanders Jr. is an Honors Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with principle studies in BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science. A 35+ year resident of Sedona, he is the author of Scientific Vortex Information and Access Your Brain’s Joy Center (brain science discoveries for Natural Mood Elevation) and also teaches “Yoga of the Soul.”. In 1980 after completing five years voluntary service as a Top Secret Cleared Naval Officer, he founded Free Soul Mind/Body Education in Sedona. Free Soul is dedicated to teaching methods and techniques that share “Science for Living AS a Soul.”

Schedule: Coming Soon

Thursday, March 12, 8am-5pm
Friday, March 13, 8am-12pm
Saturday, March 14, 8am-12pm
Sunday, March 15, 8am-12pm

Class Descriptions: Coming Soon


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SYF has several partners distributing scholarships. Here are just a few: coming soon

Yoga for PTSD Training

March 12 – 15th, 2020
Sedona, Arizona

Yoga for PTSD training, a trauma sensitive yoga training

For the seventh year in a row SYF, a consciousness evolution conference, aims to assist yoga teachers, service providers and others in bringing the tools and benefits provided in a trauma informed yoga training to populations affected by PTSD and other stress related illnesses.  Early on we focused on ‘yoga for’ specific populations, Yoga For Veterans and Yoga For First Responders, before we concluded that ultimately, Yoga, as it comes to us from the traditions, is and has always been the healing balm to soothe the injured human nervous system, ergo a Yoga for PTSD training… Trauma sensitive yoga training at SYF brings awareness to specific aspects of Yoga that are especially beneficial to Trauma Survivors. Click the buttons below to see past curriculum and faculty.

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SYF Gives Back Faculty and Alumni, Essie Titus… serving her family with Yoga, every day. Photographed by Robert Sturman


Yoga for PTSD
trauma informed yoga training
trauma sensitive yoga training

SYF2016 Training Available as a Digital Conference at Yoga International

with Molly Birkhom, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Love Your Brain, Dr. Pauline Lucas, Dr. Jerry Wesch

yoga for ptsd. works… period. yoga for ptsd. works… period. yoga for ptsd. works…period. Yoga for PTSD. Works… Period.

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For a wealth of ideas, research, and direct experience with effective practice, please join me and my friends and colleagues March 14 – 17 at the Sedona Yoga Festival, Yoga for PTSD Training. I can’t wait to learn, teach, and commune with you!

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Yoga for PTSD Training, a trauma informed yoga training… or is it trauma sensitive yoga training?

“Yoga has been yoga since the beginning… when one looks closely at the ancient texts and the modern experience, nothing has changed really. We are still allowing the mind to rule, we lack discipline here.  This is where yoga can help! A definition of Yoga is stilling the fluctuations of the mind; our thoughts.  What we advocate in this training and aim to provide are traditional yoga practices that ameliorate the effects of trauma, stress and post-traumatic stress.


The notion of a trauma sensitive yoga training or a trauma informed yoga training, then is true in every sense of the wording!  However, it has always been this way, not some recent discovery or buzzword… Yoga has always been the healing balm for the out of balance nervous system.  That’s what practicing it does.  Balance the autonomic nervous system.


Modern western yoga, tends to emphasize the physical aspects of Yoga, mainly the postures, or asana.  These are good practices and when utilized properly can be phenomenally healing to an overactive, traumatized nervous system.


The wrong practices at the wrong times, however can have the opposite effect and amplify the nervous system… Face Palm!  I didn’t catch on to that for quite some time and more difficult it made it!  The most important thing I emphasize at this trauma informed yoga training is just that… We consider trauma and its effects on the nervous system; it is the primary perspective.


I suppose I prefer trauma informed over trauma sensitive yoga training.  Perhaps as a society we have actually become too sensitive, giving too much power to those pesky thoughts, feelings and emotions… ya know the vrittis, fluctuations of the mind and all… 😉


This Yoga for PTSD Training will prepare you to be trauma informed with proven effective tools, techniques and practices that can change a life… For the Better.


Thanks for your interest!

Marc Titus

SYF Founder

PTSD Survivor



trauma informed yoga training trauma sensitive yoga training trauma informed yoga training trauma sensitive yoga training 

trauma informed yoga training trauma sensitive yoga training trauma informed yoga training trauma sensitive yoga training 

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