Use Your Practice to Inspire Community Action With a Holon

By Jill Robinson

In this season of our yoga practice we can lay the groundwork to “align to our greatest truth” in what will no doubt be a critical year ahead. This is our opportunity to engage the wisdom we harvest from our personal practice into purposeful action so that we may support and contribute to the evolution of our human family.

Our Yoga practice is one of many ways we can embody a way of living that values conscious evolution through purpose, love, collaboration and the highest good for All. By honoring these attributes of wholeness, we can embody and activate a critical mass of change — sourced from love rather than fear — and strengthened in unity, rather than uniformity. This is the vision of the Holomovement, amplifying the impact of personal evolution within a collaborative social movement creating a world where humanity and the planet can thrive. 

Transforming the World Together

Group collaboration aligned in a specific cause or passion is at the heart of the Holomovement’s Theory of Change. Inspired by our cosmic building blocks to accelerate transformation, it is a movement activating a community of self-organized groups called ‘Holons’. 

Holons are groups of three or more people aligned in a service-inspired project while engaging within the larger community network to share wisdom, support and resources. We can visualize it as a wave of exponential collaboration. Everyone’s participation is vital in amplifying our transformative potential. 

The Holon Community Values that set the tone for this space include: 

  • Joyful Service (For the Good of the Whole)
  • Compassionate Purpose
  • Unitive Consciousness
  • Radical Collaboration 
  • Transformative Action

Holons take action from a higher consciousness sourced from Spirit to consciously embrace and activate our unique roles in the Whole. This is why projects of all scopes and timelines are valued in the Holon community, as well as projects already in motion that are aligned with the Holomovement’s core principles. 

Examples of Holons in action include a wide-range of projects such as global online prayer and meditation groups, community park and beach clean-ups, youth mentoring and regenerative farming initiatives. Your Holon might already be in action and ready to participate within the Holomovement in the form of Accessible Yoga classes or other non-profit organizational work.

Keeping the Festival Vibes Alive with Holons

Within our own Yoga community we have an extraordinary amount of wisdom and experience that can be amplified by collective intention. The Sedona Yoga Festival happening this March offers an exciting opportunity to activate Holon groups while embarking on a journey of self-discovery and community connection.

The Festival vibes we’ll be creating in Sedona shouldn’t be limited to our few days together. Fortunately, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn more about creating Holons and extending the wisdom of our Yoga community in a far-reaching ripple effect of change. 

It’s uplifting to consider what can emerge from this gathering of incredible people when we put our practice into action within a supportive group. We all have a frequency that is activated when we take some sort of action, and these actions and energetic waves will in turn attract and synchronize with others to amplify a global shift in consciousness.

We’re thrilled to have stewards of the Holomovement participating and leading conscious conversations about Holons throughout the Sedona Yoga Festival. Join us in March for a chance to activate your personal practice and connect with an extraordinary community ready to take their personal practice into action. Tickets on sale now!

Lead photo by Charles Ruscher



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