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All of my adult life I have been active with one form of exercise or another
including aerobics (which I taught for over ten years), weight training,
Pilates, running, swimming, and horseback riding. Upon retiring after 26
years of a successful, but very stressful, corporate career, I found yoga.
My very first serious yoga class was an ashtanga Primary Series class taught
in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was very intimidating and challenging, but
also called to me. For two years, I attended classes at this studio and
practiced Primary Series five to six days a week. In 2009, I completed the
200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher training, which deepened my
understanding of yoga as more than just a practice, but as an entire
philosophy and guide to how to live your life. Since that time, yoga has
been a constant touchstone in my life.

The idea for Yoga Blessings was “hatched” in 2014. Upon moving to
Sedona in 2012, I had noticed how there was no store for yogi’s, despite
the large number of yoga instructors and studios in Sedona, the annual
yoga festival, and the thousands of locals and visitors who practice yoga in
Sedona! I thought a store dedicated to the yoga enthusiast could fulfill a
need. However, the timing wasn’t right in 2014, so I put the idea on the
shelf waiting for a better time. When Sedona Hot Yoga needed a new
space, the idea of co-locating the hot yoga studio with a retail yoga store
seemed like a natural fit and Yoga Blessings became a reality!

I feel truly blessed to have yoga as part of my life and hope you do also.
Please come visit us at Yoga Blessings– the store created just for you, the
yoga lover and enthusiast!

Blessings and Namaste,
Wendy Yarno

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Yoga for Trauma and Resiliency: the Training

Optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with First Responders, Veterans, trauma survivors, PTSD and TBI sufferers and many more.

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