The Founder of Free Soul & M.I.T Honors Graduate, Pete A. Sanders Jr., will be sharing “Secrets from Science and Spirituality” for YOGA OF THE SOUL and what Sedona Meditation Sites are best for your current needs and supporting “Living Your Retreat.” Also available will be his Books and DVDs: Scientific Vortex Information, Access Your Brain’s Joy Center and Science for Living AS a Soul (both at the Festival and thru Pete is a 38 year resident of Sedona and a Spiritual Teacher and Lecturer for 45+ years. He has traveled the world as a Top Secret Cleared Naval Officer and is considered the Sedona expert on the science that explains Sedona’s Famous Vortexes and how to best tap them.
Pete will be hosting a special Pre conference immersion. Join HIM for ‘Science & Soul Yoga in the Vortex’ on Thursday, February. This will be held out on the land at a vortex location. Participants are limited to 9 people and spots will fill up fast.

What is the Free Soul Triangle?

Free Soul have developed a unique three step approach to more fully Living Life “AS a Soul.” We call the techniques and skills for that process, “The Free Soul Triangle.”

The first skill (that forms the base of the triangle) is the Soul-shift technique. This is a rapid and dynamic method for easily accessing the extra dimensions that even science now acknowledges that you exist in. The Soul-shift allows seekers to do in seconds what often required 20-30 minutes of meditation. Doing the Soul-shift first makes every meditation or spiritual practice easier, faster, and deeper.

The Brain’s Joy Center technique is the left side of the triangle (connecting up from the base to the top). Knowing how to do the Joy Touch technique gives you the ability to self-trigger natural mood-elevation and counter the effects of the limbic system of the brain.

The Limbic Brain is that part of our dinosaur physiology that pulls you out of Soul. It causes you to live more out of your animal evolutionary past. The limbic system also creates 90% of your negative emotions, your worries hurts, angers, and fears. When you know how to Access Your Brain’s Joy Center, you can rise above just survival reflexes and tap more of your Soul wisdom in all that you do.

The final leg of the triangle (connecting down the right side from the top to the base) is the NEW SOUL INFUSION DISCOVERY. Knowing Soul Infusion allows you to easily flow Soul connectedness into all facets of your life without feeling spacy or ungrounded. This new technique can be learned from the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set.

The Soul-shift technique is contained in all of Mr. Sanders’ books. Specifically it can be found in You Are Psychic!pages 198-202 and Access Your Brain’s Joy Center pages 115-119.

You Are Psychic! is available thru all bookstores, as an E-Book or an Audible Book. You can order Access Your Brain’s Joy Center thru (book or Discounted book + CD & DVD).

You can complete your Soul Triangle and learn Soul Infusion by attending the 17-18 Feb. Sedona Retreat or from  the Science for Living AS a Soul 2-DVD Set (available thru

2018 Sedona Yoga Festival

Shift Your Perspective

February 8-11, 2018

2018 OMcoming Ball

Featuring MC Yogi & Tao Porchon-Lynch

February 10, 2018

SYF2018 Meal Plans

From Balsamic Mercy Catering

FREE Kids Yoga at SYF2018

Classes are daily from 9am – 6pm

February 8-11, 2018

Yoga for Trauma and Resiliency: the Training

Optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with First Responders, Veterans, trauma survivors, PTSD and TBI sufferers and many more.

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