Social Action Empowered by Interconnectedness

by Jill Robinson

Quantum physics, with its enigmatic principles and mind-bending discoveries, seems an unlikely path toward understanding our transformative potential as a practicing yogi. However, if we approach this path through the lens of David Bohm’s theory of the holomovement, we find that Yoga’s philosophy and quantum physics share an important core principle–interconnectedness.

The practice of Yoga seeks to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Through techniques encompassing physical postures, breath control, meditation and spiritual philosophy, Yoga allows us to explore the depths of human consciousness and the interconnectedness of the individual within the Cosmos.

Both quantum physics and Yoga invite us to transcend the illusion of separation. This awareness infuses our practice of Yoga with a deeper resonance, inspiring us to embody the principles of unity within ourselves and expressed outwardly through social action for the greater good.

Weaving Together Practice with Purpose

As yogis, we each have the power to be a catalyst for change. When we are in flow within ourselves, we can better amplify the quality of our relationships and community participation. It’s why taking action rooted in love and compassion, finding harmony within and in our relationships, are all expressions of our yogic powers enhanced by the scientific understanding that we truly are connected. Our actions and vibrational qualities matter in how we are best able to transform ourselves and our communities.

Everyone’s wisdom and experience is needed in our collective efforts to transform the world. Fortunately, our personal practice allows us to tap into our unique gifts and purpose–all vital within the Holomovement.

Knowing that we each play a part in our evolutionary unfolding, we find a greater meaning in our practice and how it can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Within the Holomovement’s network of Holons, we can amplify this in action through collaboration and intention.

The holotropic attractor to the Holomovement’s Theory of Change is the ability to offer actionable purpose while simultaneously building community within this movement. The Holomovement is set into motion through self-organizing Holons, groups of three or more individuals engaging in community action within a framework of the Holomovement’s unifying principles.

This collaborative network of Holons is an expansive, creative ecosystem accelerating humanity’s highest potential. Within the Holomovement, each Holon has an opportunity to collaborate and co-create with fellow groups, creating an exponential wave of impact and a critical mass of positive action.

The Science and Spirit of Creating a Global Tipping Point

The key to creating this global transformative tipping point, and the Holomovement Theory of Change, is found in the equation for quantum physics E=hf. Taking a bit of creative freedom, founding steward of the Holomovement Emanuel Kuntzelman explains the potential found in this equation:

“’E’ symbolizes the energy generated from the impact of our decision to act; ‘h’ represents intention of compassionate action for the greater good; and ‘f’ stands for the frequency of our consciousness and spiritual connection that coheres in love and Oneness. This reveals how with enough action, informed by higher consciousness, we can create a world that works for all.”

Unlocking this transformative change lies within Planck’s constant (h), the input of action in E=hf. Whether we are conscious or unconscious of our actions, our energetic waves are already rippling outward with their effect. The Holomovement is an invitation for each of us to consciously become the h factor. As Yoga practitioners, this is a chance to align practice with purpose, and enjoy the experience of interconnectedness both on and off the mat.

Learn more about aligning your practice with social action during the Sedona Yoga Festival! Stewards of the Holomovement will be participating and sharing how our Yoga community can create holons to support personal and social transformation. Tickets available here.



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