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Amy Frasard



New Moon Cosmic Yoga and Gong Experience

Please join us as we celebrate the New Moon of February and pay homage to the Chinese New Year-Year of the Snake!

We will activate our chakras through pranayama and asana and use the healing vibrations from the spiritual portal we call the gong. We will honor our intentions and remove physical and emotional obstacles through this clearing led by power of the New Moon of February.

An extended Gong Bath Mediation from a Chinese Wuhan Gong perfect to pay homage to the beginning of the Chinese New Year!

This is an ALL-LEVELS PRACTICE, everyone is welcome!


Amy Frasard  discovered yoga, close to 20 years ago after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  It was at this time that she realized the deep connection between the spiritual and physical body and the ability we all have to heal ourselves.  As with many practitioners, she once thought of yoga as a physical means to build flexibility and stamina.  She soon discovered that she was developing a deep calm and peacefulness she began to carry with her off the mat and this enabled her to approach her illness with new eyes.

This was the beginning of a lifetime journey that has led her to receive her 500 hour certification at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and is in the process of completing an 800 hour Yoga Therapy Degree.

Amy is also a Certified Kids Instructor through Rainbow Kids Yoga and a Certified Gong Master through Hatha Gong Yoga with Duane Armitage and has taught in schools, drug treatment centers and many community centers throughout the state of Arizona.  She is also an official community partner with the Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts of Arizona.

Amy believes that yoga should be accessible for everyone.  Her patience and clear instruction as well as presenting modifications, offer a safe and balanced class for all levels.


Sedona Yoga Festival