Anjili Lori Lynn

Sedona Yoga Festival - Anjili Lori LynnAnjili has a sincere passion for people and a desire to introduce individuals to one’s-Self through a holistic approach to wellness; incorporating always the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of self.

Anjili has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and has worked in the Mental Health field for more than ten years. She has experience in various settings, focused on personal independence, community integration, crisis intervention and counseling for those with severe and persistent mental illness. Anjili experienced the healing benefits of yoga, breath awareness and meditation in her own life, healing her own body, mind and spirit though these practices and choose to make drastic changes in her life as a result. She left the western world behind, including her home, career and marriage in order to pursue her life’s purpose as a Spiritual Teacher and Energetic Healer.

This decision marked the death of one life and being reborn into a new one that reflected this new awareness of health and healing through yogic practices. It was for her a complete life transformation. Now, Anjili has had a consistent yoga practice for many years and has spent the last four years studying, practicing and teaching yoga in India, Guatemala, Canada and the US. She moved to India in 2009 and completed her 200h Yoga Alliance Certified TTC and remained there for almost 2 years teaching and studying yogic practices. Anjili then moved to Guatemala to teach yogic lifestyle with a non-profit organization that offered 10-week spiritual expedition programs. Finding her new home in Guatemala Anjili went on to complete her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Teacher Training as a Mystical Yoga Teacher with SchoolYoga Institute in 2011. Since then she has successfully completed 1000hours of training through SchoolYoga allowing her to facilitate Teacher Training courses in over 8 countries around the world.

Throughout her yoga training and teaching Anjili has continued to study meditation and various Mystical and Esoteric topics with International teachers and schools in India, Central America, Europe, and North America deepening her own connection to the Ancient Mysteries and Healing Practices. Anjili feels most fulfilled when she is able to share the information and tools that she uses to guide her own Spiritual Path, focusing on yoga, meditation, the Tarot and the Tree of Life to guide herself and others on the path to Oneness.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Anjili Lori LynnAnjili believes in the power of intention and creation through thought and energy and is a witness to manifestations in her own life on a momentary basis. Her life is a reflection of faith and perseverance and the magic that can be experienced when one aligns body, mind and spirit. She lovingly guides others in unifying all aspects of the Self, through the breath, and will leave you with the tools and knowledge of how to create and manifest your own reality.

You will find Anjili in Fiji, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Canada and the US, through 2012-13 facilitating trainings, teaching classes and workshops, sharing the magic and love that she has found through the healing arts.

Kabbalistic Yoga

Sedona Yoga Festival - Anjili Lori LynnAnjili founded Kabbalistic Yoga in 2011.

Kabbalistic Yoga is the blending of two fundamental philosophical systems that together provide a complete, systematic approach to understanding fundamental questions such as Who am I, Where did I come from, What is the purpose of my life, and How do I return to `There`?

The intention of Kabbalistic Yoga is to combine these two Mystical philosophies, each of which stems from a major world religion, as all mystical thought does. The first is The Kabbalah, which has its origins in Judaism and the Path of Mysticism, which originates in the Yoga Philosophy of the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutras.

Together these two systems provide various tools and techniques for connecting with the essence that is your Truest Self. The unbounded consciousness that understands everything exactly as it is. This is the home that we seek, this is the knowledge that ought to be shared, understood and taught. It is the experience of this knowledge that will change your understanding, as it has changed mine.

Sedona Yoga Festival - Anjili Lori LynnWith Kabbalistic Yoga you will be challenged to examine the deep aspects of human nature, question how and why things came to be as they are and find through oneâ??s own direct revelation the answers to the questions that each of us has sought answers to in the deepest part of the Soul.

This workshop is:
A philosophical meditation through the Tree of Life and the Yoga Sutras. It will leave participants with a clear and practical understanding of how ancient texts can be useful in our modern world.

In this workshop we will

  • Construct a sacred geometrical diagram of the Tree of Life
  • Integrate into our awareness the basic properties of the Tree’s various aspects
  • Learn how to incorporate it as a meditation tool for Self Understanding
  • We will also examine how the Yoga Sutras are a complimentary tool to aid us in the journey ‘up the Tree’ and back to the most Divine Aspect of Self
  • Concluded with a journey meditation to meet One’s most High Self

Sedona Yoga Festival - Anjili Lori LynnKabbalistic Yoga will provide you with an understanding of your self in a deeper way. Through this unique application of the concepts found throughout the Yoga Sutras, one can begin to meditate on The Tree of Life and apply these concepts in a practical and real way while undertaking the path-working on the Tree, each step revealing an aspect of the Nature of Self.

Other Relevant Information
Anjili is currently writing a Spiritual Self-Guide book based on the unique principals of Kabbalistic Yoga. This book will serve as the main tool to guide people on a path to Self-understanding though Direct Revelations. The book will be the compilation of tools and exercises derived from the philosophical concepts that will be explained in an accessible way and practical to use for one’s everyday life.


Sedona Yoga Festival

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