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ArinHeadArin Thrine LMT, CYI
Arin has been a student, teacher and practitioner of yoga and bodywork for 11 years. First hand experience with the transformative and healing power of both began her quest to bring these arts to all people.
Arin is committed to making massage and the practice of yoga accessible to everyone. She believes that work on the physical body directly affects the deeper aspects of our being and is therefore an invaluable tool for personal growth and transformation.

Arin received her yoga training at the Arizona School for Integrative Studies and completed her massage studies at Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute. She is a state licensed and nationally certified therapist and has studied with many yoga teachers such as Seane Corn and DavidSwenson.

PRENATAL YOGA: Practices For A Sacred Experience

Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most natural, normal occurrences in life. Practicing yoga while pregnant supports this truth and is deeply beneficial and rewarding for both mother and baby. We will explore the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, what is occurring during labor mentally, emotionally and physically and the importance of staying relaxed and centered in order for labor and delivery to progress smoothly, peacefully, naturally and without unnecessary intervention. You will learn how the yogic practices of asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra will help you create a healthy, comfortable and vibrant pregnancy and prepare you for the demands of labor and delivery as well as shorten the postpartum recovery period and give you tools to replenish energy that can be sapped by the demands of caring for a newborn.
Discover how birth can truly become a transformational, empowering and sacred experience.
This class is designed for anyone who is pregnant, may become pregnant, yoga teachers who teach or want to teach prenatal classes, healthcare professionals, midwives or anyone with an interest in birth.

Partner Like Never Before (with Jeff Masters)

You have never been to a partner yoga class like this â?? promise. We will warm-up with partner assists and a little Thai massage. Next, we will get you flying high, leading you through some amazing partner work that you probably never thought was possible, but is! And, just when you thought it couldnâ??t get any better, we will bring you down gently with some ultra relaxing aromatherapy and marma point work that will leave you totally blissed out.

Sedona Yoga Festival

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