Camella Nair – Aqua Kriya Yoga


Sedona Yoga Festival - Camella NairCamella was born and raised in Bedford, England. At the age of 17, she began attending yoga classes with her mother. She moved to the United States in 1995, when her first born son was only 8 weeks old.  It was then that she began to deepen her spiritual practice as she became a mother and housewife. She found the teachings she craved in a formal lineage when she began her studies with the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. It was a few years after the birth of her second son that she obtained her Yoga Teachers Certification.
 As her studies deepened, she was formally initiated as a disciple in the Kriya lineage by her guru, Swami Enoch Dasa Giri, and then went on to study and become ordained as a Swami in the Kriya Seminary. The Kriya lineage she has been ordained into has an unbroken line of teachers that impart the mystical teachings of yoga in the oral tradition. Kriya is a conscious, volitional, engaged spiritual action that is based upon self-discipline and self-study. She is one of the few women priests in the Kriya lineage formally teaching. In 2011, she completed the higher seminary level of study.

Aqua Kriya Yoga

Sedona Yoga Festival - Aqua Kriya YogaYoga in the water is a new and trend setting modality for a yoga practice. Many students may find yoga on a mat somewhat limiting or frustrating, and may have difficulty getting into certain poses. The pool is an amazing place to experience the many benefits of yoga. It allows access to individuals that find yoga on a mat challenging. The feeling of weightlessness in the water takes the stress out of challenged joints and stabilizes them to free muscular tightness or discomfort.
Experienced yoga students are finding that they can take their practice to a whole new level by studying and practicing familiar or new poses they want to understand on a deeper level and they are finding a new element for their restorative practice to unwind and relax.
The purpose of Aqua Kriya Yoga vs Aqua Yoga:
Aqua Kriya Yoga was designed with all of these points in mind. The main desire was to bring yoga to those who have difficulty with the strength, flexibility & balance on a yoga mat, have physical limitations, are recovering from injury, or have high stress or concentration issues.
Sedona Yoga Festival - Aqua Kriya YogaDive in deeper than mere Aqua Yoga:
The supportive environment of the pool not only provides easier access to muscles & joints, it allows for a deeper sense of the mind/body connection. The practice is committed to the belief that everyone should feel fabulous, at least some of the time. The entire team at Aqua Kriya Yoga is dedicated to making yoga accessible to a wide audience with different physical abilities.

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