Eva Maurice and Kim Wight


Elevating Shakti Workshop with Eva

Join Eva Maurice to explore the Elevation of YOUR Shakti in an interactive workshop that will introduce insightful tools to reveal more about your soul’s purpose than you have ever realized. By aligning your daily activities with your Authentic Soul’s Purpose you will see how to serve the highest good in your every action. If you are tired of feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused or just not where you want to be…you will find this experience powerful and effective. With quick and easy evaluation tactics you will become aware of the areas of life that are not in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose… and learn how to release that which is not serving the highest good. www.elevatingshakti.com

Elevating Shakti Talking Circle with Eva and Kim

elevating shakti logo-1Talking Circles have been a sacred part of community throughout history. Gathering in Circle allows us to share authentically, to listen intently and be heard without judgement. Join Elevating Shakti each day of the festival to speak your heart on a variety of topics. Come with the intention to listen and if you have words to share please do, if silence is what you need…feel free to sit in quiet serenity. A beautiful way to center in and set intentions for a fulfilling festival experience!

Talking Circle Facilitators – Issa (Kim) Wight & Eva Maurice


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Eva Maurice’s love of the arts, over twenty years in the wellness industry, and a lifetime of spiritual studies led her to co-found Elevating Shakti – “a community of healers in Sedona serving the greater good…”  A certified Chaplain and Spiritual Counselor Eva currently works with individual clients and couples, facilitates workshops in the celebration of the Authentic Self and shares about Elevating Shakti; which is the path to opening ones channels so Divine Inspiration and Creativity can be awakened. Through weekly sessions Eva guides her clients towards their Authentic Soul’s Purpose. A student of Yoga since childhood, Eva takes Shakti off the mat and into practical living. Hear more about Elevating Shakti at her workshop Friday at 8:30am, at the Elevating Shakti booth and at the daily Elevating Shakti Talking Circles.www.elevatingshakti.com

Kim Wight (Issa) has experienced a variety of professional incarnations  in her life which has led her to holding space for and guiding others as they birth the knowing of their Souls and Spirits.  As a Keeper in the Sacred Path of the Feminine she has come to know that the relationships that we have with all things stem from our ability to rest in the acceptance of the Divine. The acceptance that we hold as well as the acceptance that is held for us. Through Forgiveness we become aware of possibilities that did not exist just seconds before. This is the moment of choice. What will you choose? Something of your ego’s ability to create or something inspired from the Sacred within?
Issa holds space for others to move into these states of awareness and being. She utilizes several modalities to assist you in the discovery of your sacred journey. It is her Soul’s Desire and Purpose to be of service to those who seek to nurture their communion with the Divine, with Creator, with God.
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