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YogaSTARology: An Introduction to Celestial Yoga

A workshop designed to provide a clearer understanding of the basics of Astrology. Understand the Astrological Wheel, Signs and what each house represents. Learn about the Sun Signs, their Ruling planets, what the Rising and Moon sign represent and more!

 The Astrological Signs are linked to different parts of the human body & your health. Find out what specific house in your chart pertains to your health, how the placement of the Astrological signs in your Birth Chart could affect your health and how practicing Yoga specific to your sign and birth chart can help keep you healthy!

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 Studying Astrology from a young age, and as someone always looking for the deeper meaning Yoga was a perfect fit for Jordan. She began her Yoga practice in 2002. She completed her  200hr certification in Iyengar method with Anusara emphasis at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Jordan is a YogaWorks certified instructor and continues to further her education, most currently enrolled in NAAM Yoga training in Los Angeles, CA.Jordan is a life long student and loves to encourage her own students to find what they can learn within each and every moment. Yoga has been the awareness that has helped her to focus and see how she really handle things and bring that awareness off of her mat and into the world.Jordan feels Yoga literally has the ability to change your life for the better, if you are open to the transformation. She is passionate in helping others to find this same freedom in Body, Mind and Spirit.Her classes are a unique & creative blend of yoga traditions & Astrology. They’re designed with the intention to inspire and uplift her students by sharing quotes and messages of encouragement to consider a new perspective and find the courage to move in a way that best serves your own unique body and spirit.

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Sedona Yoga Festival

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