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Sedona Yoga Festival - Nicole Lynn CoyleNicole is a Native New Yorker recently making her home in Arizona. Her interest in mysticism and a search for a greater connection was sparked by her Catholic upbringing. Nicole first stepped onto a mat in college in 1991 and has never left. Humbled by the great gift of awareness that reveals itself through the practice of yoga and Bhakti, Nicole set out on a new path of light.She felt after sleepwalking through several years of disconnection, yoga sparked the vital connection to the Divine she was missing.


Naam Yoga is a spiritual science which combines many powerful yoga techniques from the East, with the Universal Kabbalah from the west, providing excellent tools for self-knowledge, self-healing, and, thus, graceful, healthy, effective living. By attuning oneself to the unseen powers and forces of nature, as well as the Universal Laws, great results can be achieved.

Naam Yoga is a powerful practice that simultaneously and systematically brings healing to every part of the body by combining rhythm, mudra, stretching, breath, mantra and dance in one enjoyable, spiritual exercise routine. It is the science of harmonizing unhealthy cellular memories and establishing beneficial vibrations within the physical and subtle bodies. It Purifies, Stimulates and Strengthens all the body’s systems; Strengthens the nerves, the digestive system, the immune system, glandular system; Removes toxins; Purifies the blood; Cleanses the glandular systems; and it shifts one’s state of mind toward Consistent Positivity.

During this class, students will be guided through sequences that infuse every part of the body with uplifting thoughts, feelings and words. We will break down the walls surrounding our hearts, so we can allow our true light to shine brightly! Best of all, this class will be presented in a fun, challenging and engaging way, both mentally and physically. This Intro to Naam Yoga workshop will lead students in the process of consciously stimulating the bodyâ??s vast matrix of energy meridians so as to reverse physical, emotional, and mental imbalances and strengthen the bodyâ??s restorative capacity. This sacred technology provides practical, integrative tools for radiant health and well-being. Naam Yoga is a practice that helps us connect the Macro/Micro relationship of all things, which allows us to face life with an open, joyful, hopeful Heart. ❤

The workshop will culminate with Naam Yoga Bhakti meditations and one partner meditation, to regulate the mind and shift consciousness, in order to keep the mind sharp, the body healthy, the heart full and the spirit high! Come Raise Your Vibration so you merge into Divine Bliss!

Some of the Unique Elements of NAAM YOGA®

SOUND: Naam Yoga® uses the power of vibration and sound. Our brain and cells are in a continuous state of vibration and, therefore, are affected by other vibrations from any source. Using your own voice, your own sound, is one of the most healing tools available. One aspect of the use of sound in this practice is spoken word through mantra. Chanting mantra stimulates the the 84 pressure points located in the palate, raising the energetic vibration and also working on harmonizing the glandular system- specifically, the pituitary and pineal glands. Each mantra is like a coded sound that behaves like a phone number, having an unique effect, causing one to connect with health, vitality, guidance, and a general state of well-being. Mantra is generaly chanted in Gurmukhi, Hebrew & occasionally Sanskrit.

MUDRAS: Naam Yoga® also uses mudras, or hand seals, to produce a state of balance in the body. With different mudras, we will tap into the energetic lines running throughout our bodies (meridians) as well as the energetic representation of planets and elements also contained in each one of our fingers. These healing hand positions are used to stimulate reflex points, which act as system-wide doorways for circulation and regeneration in the entire body.

More about Nicole…

Nicole is currently the director of Floating Lotus Yoga Studio in Mesa, AZ. She is a certified NAAM Yoga Therapist and teacher of Universal Kabbalah as
taught by Dr Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam), her spiritual mentor. She believes
that through the vibration of NAAM, one learns how to live from the heart and
not the head.
Committed to soulful living, Nicole is devoted to serving the
infinite, creative force of the Universe. Believing in the unlimited individual
and collective capacity for healing and growth, she is dedicated to offering a
sacred space for others to access their infinite potential.

Nicole brings elements of unconditional Love, Devotion, and heart-centered being into each class, inspiring students to honor their bodies, souls and ultimately
their TRUTH; by helping them realize that the DIVINE resides in themselves and
all living beingsâ¦that at our purest form we are ONLY LOVE.
Her classes are raw, energetic, spiritually grounded and often playful, focusing on breaking down walls and busting open hearts. By weaving chanting, mudra, meditation, asana and pranayama into each class, Nicole hopes to fulfill her goal of enabling her students to fill their hearts with light and experience the true
happiness that results from being united with their God-given selves.

In addition to NAAM, Nicole has studied Jivamukti Yoga with David Life and Sharon Gannon and is certified in Kundalini Yoga and Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga with Gurmukh. She currently teaches NAAM Yoga, Spiritual Warrior Flow, Pre-Natal Yoga, Bhakti Meditation, and leads monthly Gong Immersion Meditations at Floating Lotus Studio

Nicole is a certified Crystal Therapist and owns a company called âThe Jeweled Lotusâ, where she creates Transformational jewelry combining the principles of Kabbalah, numerology & crystal therapy. The jewelry is to act as a reminder of oneâs Light and to assist beings on their true path, while removing energetic blocks.

Nicole humbly bows at the Lotus Feet of her first gurus, her parents. Her deepest and heartfelt gratitude belong to her beloved teacher, Gurunam, whose loving,
patient and consistent guidance , wisdom & support provides a beacon in her

Sedona Yoga Festival

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