Trey Trey and Mixtress Hava


 Yoga Jam

jamTracey Shadley (or Trey Trey as she is known in the Sedona Yoga community) and Mixtress Hava love yoga and love to dance! Weaving two creative expressions they love, they are offering an upbeat, fun-filled, fast-moving Power Flow class with LIVE DJed music. The vinyasa class is designed to combine movement and breath with music and lights. Be prepared to move from standing to balancing to floor work, with a beat in your heart and a smile on your face. From a well-earned Savasana, the energy will build again into an all-out dance party!

Hava, a long-time resident and lover of Sedona, has been practicing yoga for 15 years and DJing half that time as Mixtress Hava. Yoga and music are two of her biggest loves in life and she’s very excited to be sharing them with the gorgeous community that’s gathering for the Sedona Yoga Festival.


traceyTracey discovered to her passion for yoga after watching someone close to her’s spirituality immerge through their daily practice of yoga and meditation. Seeing the positive changes in another, she decided to experience it for herself. After practicing for five years, Tracey completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training and her 300 training in Yoga Therapy in Sedona AZ.
Tracey is a true free-spirit.  She will challenge and inspire you in your daily practice.  She understands what the practice is all about and shares her consideration, dedication and generosity with everyone she practices with.

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