Keep calm and do some Yoga

Keep calm and do some Yoga

In a world of extremes, it is high time for a mindful time-out.

How Yoga & Meditation reduces stress in the body.

The current state of affairs in our country is such that the population is constantly bombarded with stress-inducing stimuli, from the harried morning commute to the evening news.  We very rarely, truly relax and it is taking its toll on families, communities, businesses… all relationships. Our lifestyles create tension in the body and without a conscious means of releasing that tension the body begins to falter; the mind and mental health can soon follow with anxiety and depression becoming the new norm. We find ourselves in the sympathetic nervous system, or fight/flight, the place where we can fight off the saber-toothed tiger or lift a car off a baby or run fast enough to catch our dinner.  Spend enough time here and things get worse, i.e. in the case of trauma survivors and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

How do we release this tension? How do we balance it out? We must relax, truly relax which means engage the parasympathetic nervous system; the body’s antidote to fight/flight and the reliever of tension. Relaxing isn’t easy in this day and age; it’s hard to take the break our body’s need so much, but we must or things will eventually break.

Practices that bring awareness to the moment, also known as mindfulness, such as yoga and meditation have now been proven by modern science to ameliorate the effects of stress and tension.  Science also shows that by controlling or shaping the breath, we can consciously engage the parasympathetic nervous system and down regulate at will.  For some this can be a game-changer, providing enormous relief from the anxiety an over reactive nervous system can produce.

Yoga and meditation provide an easy access point for those interested in, or needing to relax and down regulate.  Yoga primarily we see as physical postures, or asanas, shapes the body makes that are often linked together in a flow of movement.  Anybody can do them, especially when we use the breath as our guide, regulating and shaping our breathing patterns and timings to achieve the desired result of entering the parasympathetic nervous system.  Each posture ‘does something different’ for the body; different breathing patterns have the same phenomena!  So, one could design a asana class to support energizing the body, helpful in the case of depression, or down-regulate for anxiety.  Ideally, the practice leaves us in a balanced, or parasympathetic state, so that we can meditation

Here, too, we use the breath and when we combine breath awareness with a seated or supine meditation we are in true relaxation mode!  This is the ‘place’ we must go to truly relax and when we do, we receive the benefits in greater health and vitality, peace and tranquility.  Our lives get easier, the more we practice, not because things out there change, rather because we have conditioned our nervous systems to be less reactive and more resilient. We become more calm and peaceful; wouldn’t it be nice to provide calm and peace in your family’s and relationships, businesses and communities? We think it is… 

Learn more at the 2019 Sedona Yoga Festival, March 14-17, 2019 ( or try a class at Aumbase Sedona Yoga in West Sedona (

What is Yoga Music? An Insightful look & FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from DJ TAZ

What is Yoga Music? An Insightful look & FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from DJ TAZ


Yoga music and a Yoga DJ’s are becoming common place with events sweeping the nation infusing the celebratory festival environment, with yoga practice. Just five years ago, having a live DJ or live band in your local studio was a rarity. Some may have heard of a DJ Drez playlist, or if your were in LA you may have gone to a special event to hear MC Yogi. However, for the most part, you probably practiced yoga in silence.

Today, there’s an entire roster of DJs on yoga-festival lineups, and up-and-comers like (SYF Presenter, DJ TAZ), Bhakti Styler, and more booking regular gigs in studios and event spaces across the country.”– Andrea Ferretti of Yoga Journal 

But what is yoga music? Is yoga music simply derived from a series of Sanskrit chants? Is it Kirtan? A Gong? Or, is it a playlist created by the teacher for his or her flow class? Does music played in a yoga class, lessen the authenticity of yoga? Many of us have asked these questions ourselves, and have heard both sides of the argument.

“While some yoga teachers dismiss the live-music trend, as a mere ‘distraction’ from yoga’s most powerful exercises, such as listening to your breath or observing your thoughts to bring calm and focus, others see it as a tool for going inward, for timing the breath to the beat, or for simply feeling joy during the practice.” – Andrea Ferretti of Yoga Journal 


“There is a time and place for a quieter, more introspective practice, and you shouldn’t dismiss that,” says Stephanie Snyder, a San Francisco–based vinyasa teacher who travels across the United States and Europe and teaches some classes with a live DJ.

Lets start with the basics. Music played in a yoga class most notably, provides a new way to market the practice to a more diverse demographic such as those from other regions, spiritual beliefs, physical shapes and ages. Since the benefit of yoga, we hope, is to bring it to everyone. Therefore, some yoga, is better than no yoga. Right? 

Perhaps what we should look at is that music itself, in this scenario, is getting a bad rap. Music for thousands of years has aided the human condition, aided our consciousness evolution, provided solace in every emotional scenario, and plays an integral role in virtually every culture since the beginning of time.

Enter DJ Taz, a person who both defines this new sub genre, but also is growing inside of it. While India may be a starting point for this indescribable subset of music, musical accompaniment, that flows as we do – it has become an integral part of our lives in the Yoga community. 

“My Mission in life is to help awaken the collective consciousness with music. “ DJ TAZ

Isn’t that good news for a brighter future for yoga? If the term ‘yoga music’ seems so fleeting and undesirable perhaps its speaking to something deeper. If the point is union, why are we judging the vehicle that carries us there?

“I’ve talked to a handful of classical Indian musicians who say that their music is their yoga, which makes sense: classical asanas and pranayama were performed at certain times of the day, to attune the yogi to nature’s rhythm. Ragas were invented with the same idea in mind.” – Derek Beres 


Tazdeen Rashid is a yoga DJ. brings a high vibrational energy to any crowd instantly by mixing a wide range of music beats and rhythms including, Ancient New World, hundreds of electronic Remixes, House, Kirtan, Devotional, and cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.

For DJ Taz, his music is his yoga. Taz has been producing and part of creating mindful events globally over the last few years and as a musician, he plays guitar, keyboard, Native American Flute, didgeridoo and hand percussion. He takes these instruments and connects to the Divine and what comes through has the ability to move his crowd to connect to their Divine higher selves.

The aim of the yogi: unifying all seemingly disparate elements into one continuous moment. Just as we celebrate the change in our physical practice as we progress and bend into new asanas and states of meditation, we can also appreciate the changes in our perception. 

Still, a persistent yet undefined image of ‘yoga music’ continues to wield its confusing head. I say, breathe and let it go. The fact is friends, while India may have been a starting point for this indescribable subset of music, the result is an amazing new platform in which we can all come together and celebrate.

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Teri Undreiner

Teri Undreiner

We recently chatted with Teri Undreiner who excels at Loving and encouraging people, and being an LMT , Life Recovery Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Songwriter/Singer/ Writer, Essential Oils Wellness Advocate/ Workshop Teacher, Warrior Posse Designs ( Yoga Shirts & Apparel)…

NAME: Teri Undreiner



SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter/Instagram: teriundreiner

Occupation:  Loving and encouraging people, LMT , Life Recovery Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Songwriter/Singer/ Writer, Essential Oils Wellness Advocate/ Workshop Teacher, Warrior Posse Designs ( Yoga Shirts & Apparel)

Hometown: Phoenix

Current Town: Phx. Az.

teri undreiner guitarWhere has yoga taken you?

Yoga has taken me to a deeper place within me and challenged me to live a much more conscious life than I was doing before it.  It’s opened me up to reading different things that help me to get in touch with the “inner woman of the heart”. It brings me so much joy and peace and helps me live a more contented , yet adventurous life. It’s given me courage to branch out and challenge myself to do things I haven’t done before or things that fear use to stop me doing. It has connected me to so many different types of people as well. I feel that my world and my heart has become so enlarged to take in so much more of life. Yoga has taken me into other venues, and stretched me to reach out to demographics that I had no previous connection with, such as the Military and First Responders world.

What are the 4 most pivotal occasions in your career both in and outside of Yoga?

1. About 5 years ago, I was choosing between going through Yoga teacher training and Life Coaching and so I decided on a 200 YTT certified through Holy Yoga,, because I wanted to bring Yoga to the Church since most Churched people didn’t engage with yoga I wanted to show them the two were compatible.  I use theme related classes that challenge not only our bodies but the way we look at things emotionally and spiritually.

2. Two years ago I began a journey into Life Coaching because I thought that including Yoga with how to help others live more productively and positively would be helpful to my career. Venturing into becoming a Yoga Instructor that included Life Coaching themes and meditations has enabled me to begin my dream of holding Workshops.

3. I began doing Essential Yoga Workshops just this year that incorporates a yoga class, essential oils, and a Nidra class with powerful affirmations to encourage people to move forward in their lives. This Workshop helps them learn how to intentionally relax and let go of those things that n o longer serve them.

4. I have also ventured into becoming trained for Trauma Sensitive Yoga and working with a Veteran and his equine therapist Horse, Bella and have began making videos of such work.

 What do you never leave the house without? My phone, computer, backpack filled with books, journal, pens and food/water.

Where are your favorite places to experience? I have traveled to the Mediterranean and it is my favorite out of the country place by far. But I travel although right now to see my kids and first grand-baby, Barrett and that is my favorite of all and my daughter in Ventura Beach.

What are the first three words that come to your mind when someone says: “grounded” or “connected?” Centered. Content. Strong.

teri undreiner horseWe want to know what your typical morning looks like! What does your daily practice look like?

My daily practice …First thing in the morning I make coffee and I take it outside with my Bible, and or another book I’m reading about living a conscious lifestyle. I also take my journal to write down my thoughts and then my computer as well. I like to share my most fun thought of the day first to encourage others if I can.

I either go to a yoga class or I do a 5/15 minute sequence of my own before work. I put on some emotionally moving music and use those moments to do my sequence as a dance. I use it as a worshipful practice to begin my day off in the right attitude and mindset.

What is one mantra that is like a remedy for your soul?

I made this mantra up coming from a lifestyle before Yoga that was a people pleasing lifestyle. “ I’m not who I thought I was, and I don’t know who I will be, but I am confident of this, that I am becoming who I am.” I also ask myself the question, “ How are the connections?” I do this because if the connections aren’t encouraging me to live that life of authenticity and worry free of pleasing others, then I seek to change that.

How do you channel your inner 5 year old? 

I think that I live with such wonder already in my life, that I stay in that child-likeness all the time. I also play with my crazy dogs. They keep me playful. Plus having a grandchild. Nothing better than that for calling out to that child within.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself. 

I got my nose pierced at this years SYF ( 2015) and my first tattoo at 62 years old a bit later. It’s the lotus because I love the story of the journey of the lotus. When the light draws up the lotus from the muddy and murky pond, the pressure of the rising against the water enables the soil on the lotus to begin to fall away and by the time it reaches the world outside of the water, that which muddied it up and held it down has been purged. That has been very fun to watch happening in my life!

Teri Undreiner GraffitiWhat is your favorite pose to teach in your classes? And why?

I love Warrior Two straight into Exalted Warrior because it is so strong and confident. I love that it is reaching forward as well as back signifying that often life takes you back and forth and you get to learn how to steady yourself. I love going straight into Exalted Warrior because as a faith based yoga teacher, the strength I receive from God through that gives my heart such a burst of gratitude that it just is natural to go from warrior 2 straight there. I like to add on Humble Warrior right after that because it just makes sense to me in that trinity. I think I love these because they give great ideas for intentions, meditations, and themes. So, even though there are 3 here, they become as one pose for me together.

If you’re not on a yoga mat, where can we find you?

Work, writing,  songwriting/ singing, walking dogs.

Teri Undreiner

Pamela Joy Teacher Feature


Meet Joy Nanda, CranioSacral Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Intstructor

We recently chatted with Joy and discovered bliss…

Pam Padme no background smallNAME: Joy Nanda

EMAIL: contact Joy through her website…


SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter/Instagram Facebook: craniosedona

Occupation: CranioSacral Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Hometown: All over upstate New York

Current Town: Sedona

Where has yoga taken you? 

Yoga has taken me to a place of self-acceptance and compassion for others that trascends everyday “reality.” I feel comfortable in my own skin, and no longer feel the need to project “negatives” onto others. When I truly embraced the philosophy and teachings of yoga, all my challenges in this life, including health challenges, were put into a perspective from which healing truly began, and I am enjoying the journey wherever it takes me.

What are the 4 most pivotal occasions in your career both in and outside of Yoga?

  • Leaving a Medical Scool faculty position to pursue alternative forms of healing.
  • Becoming a Yoga Therapist to bring the healing power of Yoga to everyone, regardless of physical ability.
  • Leaning how to use meditation techniques as therapy for stress-related condtions.
  •  Putting it all together to develop a holistic brain health program.

What do you never leave the house without? Water and awareness of where I’m going in this life.

Where are your favorite places to experience? The Hangover Trail here in Sedona, and the parking lot at Natural Grocers, where I almost always encounter a good friend or two.

What are the first three words that come to your mind when someone says: “grounded” or “connected?” Yogi, Muladhara, Santosha

We want to know what your typical morning looks like! What does your daily practice look like? 20 minutes of seated meditation followed by asana flow as inspirted, or a yin sequence for specific meridians as needed. Checking in with my gratitude list to close.

What is one mantra that is like a remedy for your soul? Om, Gum, Ganapataye Namaha seems to cover every situation. Asato Ma is my prayer.

How do you channel your inner 5 year old? Marveling at nature and playing with my cats.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself. I lived through the 1960s. And I remember most of it.

What is your favorite pose to teach in your classes? And why? Balancing Half Moon – most of my students never dream they can do it when they see a demo, but actually manage it quite easily. The balancing in the pose is actually the sun and moon aspects of Hatha yoga brought together perfectly in one pose, not just the aspect of balancing on one leg. The exhilaration of completing the pose, the inversion and extension of all the limbs is balanced with the moon aspect of grounding into the earth with both leg and arm, and feeling supported in a way we don’t usually access in daily life.

If you’re not on a yoga mat, where can we find you? Working with clients one-on-one in CranioSacral sessions or teaching meditation.

Teri Undreiner

Mimi Solaire


Meet Mimi Solaire, yoga educator…

We recently chatted with Mimi, just to see how things are taking flight…
MimiS42-evEMAIL: email Mimi.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Occupation: yoga educator
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Current Town: Phoenix, Arizona

Where has yoga taken you?

On the physical level I have presented at workshops and conferences throughout the US. I have also led retreats in Southeast Asia- Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia. I have traveled to India to experience yoga from the Motherland.

The inner journey has been far more interesting. I rely on my inner GPS to guide me and often “redirect” me when I get off course. Although I ‘m still not sure where I’m headed I am enjoying the ride and the adventure.

What are the 4 most pivotal occasions in your career both in and outside of Yoga?

  1.  Ending my graphic design business to teach yoga full time
  2. My dvd “Back in Shape” got a good review in Yoga Journal
  3. Teaching at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
  4. Every day is a pivotal occasion living yoga.

What do you never leave the house without?

My cell phone and lipstick.

Where are your favorite places to experience?

I love to explore different cultures. My curiosity has led me to live with and photograph the Choco Indians in the jungle of Panama for two weeks. Also I traveled to Mexico, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, India, Australia and Europe.

 What are the first three words that come to your mind when someone says: “grounded” or “connected?”

Balanced, focused, peaceful

mimi upside downWe want to know what your typical morning looks like! What does your daily practice look like?

I teach most mornings before 8 after walking my dogs. My schedule changes every day but I usually continue to teach or practice until 2.  Then I begin the evening classes at 4 or 5.

My daily practice varies. I do hot yoga 2/3 times a week, lead aerial yoga classes 3 times a week and then practice aerials- silks, trapeze and ropes twice a week with my instructor.  During my break in the afternoon I meditate and stretch.

What is one mantra that is like a remedy for your soul?

Be Truthful, Gentle and Fearless

How do you channel your inner 5 year old?

My aerials practice is a result of climbing trees as a kid and hanging upside down on the swing set in my back yard.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I’m a Steelers fan.

What is your favorite pose to teach in your classes? And why?

I don’t teach poses. Although I begin with alignment, the focus is on the internal experience of the breath and how it awakens emotions, thoughts and underlying sensations in the moment. My favorite pose is awareness on or off the mat.

If you’re not on a yoga mat, where can we find you?

Dancing, enjoying live music with friends, walking my two dogs.

Teri Undreiner

SYF Presenter Amalia Camateros

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Amalia Camateros, N.D. author of Spirit of the Stones – A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom, is a Transformational Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Healer. She started her career as a Naturopathic Doctor in Australia where she owned and ran a clinic of 14 holistic practitioners and has worked in the field of health and consciousness for 30yrs. She was also the private health practitioner for the renowned Australian band “INXS” for over 6 years. She has taught Foot Reflexology to 3 colleges in Australia and continues to offer classes and trainings in the USA. She has garnered a notable reputation as a ceremonial dancer who has inaugurated conferences with her ceremonial dance for Alberto Villoldo, Jose Arguelles, David Hawkins, Michael Beckwith, and Robert Mirabal. She has also worked her shamanic dance segments into events and workshops for Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra and David Wolfe. Amalia is as a powerful facilitator of her shamanic based “EarthSpirit Dance™” workshops at conferences, expos, events and workshops both nationally and internationally. As a wisdom guide she inspires us to reconnect with the Earth as a sacred temple of Living Spirit. A service of her mastery is to integrate the Spirit Self into the Body, and embody the wisdom of the Earth into the blossoming of the full potential self.

Learn more about Amalia at:

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yu-jinSo much gratitude to Healthy Positive Lifestyle Network for bringing our presenters to you! Here’s a podcast for you to learn about Dr. Eugene Sukhorukov. Enjoy!!!

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