The Magic Portal of the Winter Solstice

There are many moments. They are portals that we can step through consciously…or not. Nature very often gives us a “heads-up” before these moments occur, such as birds taking flight before a tornado or elephants running to high ground before a tsunami. Right now, all...


A bright golden leaf framed by a clear sky floated lightly to earth. My mind was transfixed on the leaf that marked the advent of autumn and the cycles of seasons within life. Deepak Chopra once remarked that he was now in the autumn of his life. What a wonderful way...

Connect to the Present Moment

by SYF2015 Presenter Alicia Valentyn, RYT LMT   What’s the Best Way to Connect to the Present Moment? I connect to the Present Moment by way of my Breath. In yoga the Breath is known as Prana. Take a Moment now and Notice Your Breath. Notice the Quality, Rate...

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