What is Yoga Music? An Insightful look & FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from DJ TAZ

What is Yoga Music? An Insightful look & FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from DJ TAZ


Yoga music and a Yoga DJ’s are becoming common place with events sweeping the nation infusing the celebratory festival environment, with yoga practice. Just five years ago, having a live DJ or live band in your local studio was a rarity. Some may have heard of a DJ Drez playlist, or if your were in LA you may have gone to a special event to hear MC Yogi. However, for the most part, you probably practiced yoga in silence.

Today, there’s an entire roster of DJs on yoga-festival lineups, and up-and-comers like (SYF Presenter, DJ TAZ), Bhakti Styler, and more booking regular gigs in studios and event spaces across the country.”– Andrea Ferretti of Yoga Journal 

But what is yoga music? Is yoga music simply derived from a series of Sanskrit chants? Is it Kirtan? A Gong? Or, is it a playlist created by the teacher for his or her flow class? Does music played in a yoga class, lessen the authenticity of yoga? Many of us have asked these questions ourselves, and have heard both sides of the argument.

“While some yoga teachers dismiss the live-music trend, as a mere ‘distraction’ from yoga’s most powerful exercises, such as listening to your breath or observing your thoughts to bring calm and focus, others see it as a tool for going inward, for timing the breath to the beat, or for simply feeling joy during the practice.” – Andrea Ferretti of Yoga Journal 


“There is a time and place for a quieter, more introspective practice, and you shouldn’t dismiss that,” says Stephanie Snyder, a San Francisco–based vinyasa teacher who travels across the United States and Europe and teaches some classes with a live DJ.

Lets start with the basics. Music played in a yoga class most notably, provides a new way to market the practice to a more diverse demographic such as those from other regions, spiritual beliefs, physical shapes and ages. Since the benefit of yoga, we hope, is to bring it to everyone. Therefore, some yoga, is better than no yoga. Right? 

Perhaps what we should look at is that music itself, in this scenario, is getting a bad rap. Music for thousands of years has aided the human condition, aided our consciousness evolution, provided solace in every emotional scenario, and plays an integral role in virtually every culture since the beginning of time.

Enter DJ Taz, a person who both defines this new sub genre, but also is growing inside of it. While India may be a starting point for this indescribable subset of music, musical accompaniment, that flows as we do – it has become an integral part of our lives in the Yoga community. 

“My Mission in life is to help awaken the collective consciousness with music. “ DJ TAZ

Isn’t that good news for a brighter future for yoga? If the term ‘yoga music’ seems so fleeting and undesirable perhaps its speaking to something deeper. If the point is union, why are we judging the vehicle that carries us there?

“I’ve talked to a handful of classical Indian musicians who say that their music is their yoga, which makes sense: classical asanas and pranayama were performed at certain times of the day, to attune the yogi to nature’s rhythm. Ragas were invented with the same idea in mind.” – Derek Beres 


Tazdeen Rashid is a yoga DJ. brings a high vibrational energy to any crowd instantly by mixing a wide range of music beats and rhythms including, Ancient New World, hundreds of electronic Remixes, House, Kirtan, Devotional, and cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.

For DJ Taz, his music is his yoga. Taz has been producing and part of creating mindful events globally over the last few years and as a musician, he plays guitar, keyboard, Native American Flute, didgeridoo and hand percussion. He takes these instruments and connects to the Divine and what comes through has the ability to move his crowd to connect to their Divine higher selves.

The aim of the yogi: unifying all seemingly disparate elements into one continuous moment. Just as we celebrate the change in our physical practice as we progress and bend into new asanas and states of meditation, we can also appreciate the changes in our perception. 

Still, a persistent yet undefined image of ‘yoga music’ continues to wield its confusing head. I say, breathe and let it go. The fact is friends, while India may have been a starting point for this indescribable subset of music, the result is an amazing new platform in which we can all come together and celebrate.

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SYF Newsletter – August 2016

SYF Newsletter – August 2016

[addtoany] Photo: Alan Alcid

Hi Marc,

Now is the pivotal time… we have been looking back, as we consider your feedback and pore over the 1000+ photographs of SYF2016… are we really at the point half way between last year’s festival and next year’s festival? And, looking forward we are super excited to share some awesome news with you in the SYF Newsletter! Below you can begin to visualize your experience, perhaps reminisce or plan for the future… if you buy your all-access pass by August 31st you will get the best price before it goes up the next day... Regardless, we are doing it together, as we always do… And next year, full expansion into our trifecta of neighboring, walk-able venues… And now we’re proud to introduce our newest venue partner and festival supporter: The Collective Sedona! Read on for this and more for a look back and a look forward. We hope to see you in Sedona in March if not sooner, in fact, we’re planning on it~


Team SYF

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The COLLECTIVE Sedona is the best venue EVER for SYF!

We are so excited to announce that The Collective Sedona, adjacent to partner venue the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock, is hosting the Sedona Yoga Festival 2017! The Collective Sedona is the newest lifestyle and cultural venue in Sedona featuring shops, art and culture galleries, wineries, breweries, and dining experiences that celebrate modern Sedona and honor its rich heritage. Nestled in Sedona’s red rock formations, the 13,500-square foot indoor-outdoor entertainment plaza is home to award-winning chefs, artists, fine jewelry, cultural collectibles, gifts, spa treatments, and events…it’s collection of “hot spots” has something for everyone. Just like SYF! Its a match made in heaven. Click here to see why you should include the Collective Sedona as part of any Sedona adventure…

Experience SYF2016 Again!

The photos are here! The outstanding photographers that showed up to capture the spirit of Sedona Yoga Festival are all featured in this album, and we’re excited to share it with you! Discover SYF through their lens and experience the magic (again!) Can you find a picture of yourself? Feel free to create galleries of your own and share them on our social media… Curate and share your point of view! Check them out here…

Latest from the blog: 5 Reasons Sedona Will Rock Your Asana…

Sedona, Arizona… The undisputed spiritual mecca of the American Southwest, red rock canyons, spires to inspire, the water element of Oak Creek Canyon, and of course, the ENERGY. No matter your beliefs or background, Sedona is sure to make you feel something. And it has been known since time immemorial to support … Read More
photo by Alan Alcid

Introducing the SYF2017 Heart Center Conscious Expo Vendors

We simply cannot wait – but we must! – until it’s time to share all the details of what is coming together for SYF2017 (keep an eye out for next months newsletter and on social media for presenter and program announcements and more). For now, here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the amazing vendors who will be helping to generate the pulse as you stroll down Vendor Way through the Heart Center of Sedona Yoga Festival! Check them out!

Prices increase on September 1st. Invest in your All-Access pass now for the best price!

If you haven’t reserved your space yet, know that our Namaste pricing ends August 31st! Now is the time to save on your All-Access festival pass. Wake up in one of the most powerful places on the planet from March 9-12, 2017Choose from a festival All Access Pass or the integrated Yoga for PTSD training for yoga teachers. Day passes also available now. BOOK NOW! 

“Low on the yoga diva quotient. Easygoing and genuine community. Braced to feel self conscious and instead felt welcome and integral.” – Tess
Remember~ Now is the best time to book your flight deals for March 2017 and book your lodging at our host property the Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa. With these and your All Access Pass in place all you need to do is dream – until you wake up in Sedona.

Thank You to Our SYF2017 Sponsors! 

Presenting Sponsor




Oak Creek

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2017 Sedona Yoga Festival to be held at The Collective Sedona

2017 Sedona Yoga Festival to be held at The Collective Sedona

SYF2017 At The Collective Sedona… a walkable experience this year!



We are super stoked everyone!  They weren’t quite finished last year… you may remember, if you were here.  Directly below the Hilton, this AUMazing space, recently revision and repurposed, is now fully occupied and open for business!  Did we say we were stoked…?  Everything is in one place!  Sedona’s finest views, deep blue sky, red rock vistas in the distance and some super cool venues that we get to expand completely into this year.  We keep telling y’all… Year 5 is going to be heralded as one for the times, when it comes to consciousness evolutionary gatherings.  You don’t want to miss this one!

The Collective Sedona is the newest lifestyle and cultural venue in Sedona featuring shops, art and culture galleries, wineries, breweries, and dining experiences that celebrate modern Sedona and honor its rich heritage. Nestled in Sedona’s red rock formations, the 13,500-square foot indoor-outdoor entertainment plaza is home to award-winning chefs, artists, fine jewelry, cultural collectibles, gifts, spa treatments, and events…it’s collection of “hot spots” has something for everyone.

Located on Highway 179 outside of the Village of Oak Creek, The Collective Sedona includes the following for everyone to enjoy: Cucina Rustica, J Wine Bistro, Schoolhouse Restaurant, The Village Grind, Full Moon Saloon, Miley’s Café, Grand Canyon Winery, Historic Brewing Company, Four Eight Wineworks, Sedona Health Spa, The Salt Room, Bilby & Moss Boutique, Adorn Collection, Buddy’s Grocer, Sedona Arts Center, and the Culture Studio.


The Culture Studio showcases local artists, exhibits and the world’s largest 3D printer, along with nightly events focused on mindfulness, spirituality, heritage, wellness and fun. The Collective Sedona also includes Vista Hall, an indoor-outdoor event venue space for private events that will be home to some awesomenasana and boasts unobstructed red rock views.

So, there you have it!  Next year SYF, a consciousness evolution conference promises to be off the charts…  Plan your experience… and check out all the cool shops at the Collective Sedona… www.thecollectivesedona.com

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Yoga Rocks the Park Returns to Phoenix & Tempe this Fall!

Our team at the Sedona Yoga Festival is so excited to announce the 5th Season of Yoga Rocks the Park! Join us in Phoenix and Tempe to support the growing Arizona yoga community!  Be sure to say “hi” to us at our SYF Booth!  See you there!

Yoga Rocks the Park – Phoenix Celebrates their 5th Season with Complimentary Tickets for all 5 Yoga Festivals.  Kick off for the 5th year of “Yoga Rocks the Park – Phoenix” on October 16th, 2016 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, AZ.

Yoga Rocks the Park is honored this season in partnering with Namaste AZ (a local, community based magazine bringing like-minded and health conscious Arizonian’s together and founded by Sumit Banerjee of Sumit’s Yoga Studios).  Namaste AZ also hosts the local “Namaste AZ Yoga Festival” held this year in September. Yoga Rocks the Park is excited to partner with Namaste AZ since they share the vision of bringing the yoga community together by “Creating Conscious Community” through yoga, music, and meditation. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts continues yoag-rocks-the-park-2to be a National Sponsor for Yoga Rocks the Park and sponsors two of the festivals – Sunday October 23rd and November 6th at Tempe City Center in Tempe, AZ.

Although the festivals continue to be held on Sundays this year the times of the ‘yoga practice’ have changed from 1:00 PM to 10:00 AM.  Registration and the Wellness Vendor Village will open at 9:00 AM offering many “aumazing” local vendors for your shopping pleasure before practice. Also, so that the entire family can participate in the festival, Camp YRP for the little yogis aged 3-10 opens at 9:30 AM and closes 30 minutes after completion of the yoga practice (approximately 11:30 AM).  From 9:20–9:50 AM instructors from AcroBody, the first acro yoga studio in the United States, will be leading warm-ups including partner stretching and basic acro yoga before the regular practice. Following the AcroBody warm-up the regular yoga practice which features local leading yoga teachers and musicians starts at 10:00 AM and closes with a Gong Bath Meditation.  The festivals close at 12:00 PM.  Yoga Rocks the Park is supported through your generous donations and we greatly thank you

For more information please go to www.yogarocksthepark.com.

What happens at Sedona Yoga Festival? What can you expect?

What happens at Sedona Yoga Festival? What can you expect?

Photo: Alan Alcid Yogi’s Vo Vera & LaMonte Goode Inverted in the Vortex

What can you expect at SYF2017…?

Photo: Alan Alcid Yogini Taylor Kurz

Photo: Alan Alcid Yogini Taylor Kurz

Well, the conference and festival itself evolves each year so there’s lots we will be unfolding in late September about the Who, What, When,and Where of it all. But the WHY remains steady. We create and nurture this platform and the relationships built within and around it for the purpose of uplifting and expanding human consciousness and providing Sedona transformations with a focus on yoga and meditation.
SYF is accessible to all, and there is truly an access point for the newest beginner as well as in depth networking, studying, practice, and continuing education opportunities for the professional.  We believe this intermingling leads to authentic and powerful interactions.
Photo: Alan Alcid Taylor Kurz @ Bell Rock Vortex... Flying.

Photo: Alan Alcid Taylor Kurz @ Bell Rock Vortex… Flying.

Have a look at the SYF2016 pages to get a taste of what’s to come in March 2017. We hope you will join us in Sedona, where the magic happens…
March 2016 Sedona Yoga Festival overview
March 2016 Presenters
March 2016 Schedule
March 2016 Yoga for PTSD training
March 2016 pre/post conference overview
If you’re curious how we’ve evolved over the years, there’s a complete archive menu over on the “About Us” page.
Stay curious, friend.



SYF2017 Festival Promo Postcard2  SYF2017 Festival Promo Postcard




5 Reasons Sedona Yoga Festival Will Rock Your Asana

5 Reasons Sedona Yoga Festival Will Rock Your Asana

UPDATED: 8/26/16 – wow!  we have gotten HUGE response from this post!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!  Over the last few days, this article has received 1000’s of views from all over the world… We are so grateful to be seen as one of the top yoga festivals in the world.  Please, leave a comment… like, tweet, share.  SYF is here for you… are you ready to continue your evolution?

one of the top yoga festivals in the worldSedona, Arizona… The undisputed spiritual mecca of the American Southwest, red rock canyons, spires to inspire, the water element of Oak Creek Canyon, and of course, the ENERGY.  No matter your beliefs or background, Sedona is sure to make you feel something.  And it has been known since time immemorial to support human transformation.  Indigenous tribes frequented the area for ceremony and gathering, yet lived in the distant canyons.  It is palpable.

People have been coming here, to this small enclave in Northern Arizona for decades now to enjoy its intrinsic stillness and beauty.  Some are called, others hear about the healing and transformational energies, regardless those who find themselves here have an experience.  Transformational. Growth. Expansion. Letting Go. Manifesting Dreams. Creating New Habits & Experiences… And more are possible!  These are just some reasons SFY is ranked as one of the top yoga festivals in the world!

We have seen now 1000’s in attendance at the SYF, a consciousness  evolution conference, bearing witness to the extraordinary experiences attendees are having.  It never ceases to amaze me the ear to ear grins on everyone’s faces, as they move gracefully between classes, or the light in someone’s eyes as they tell me about talking to their favorite teacher for the first time, and best of all, when someone shares that they mark their current evolution as beginning at SYF.  I have heard product designers stories of getting their big break while networking in our heart center vendor villages and teachers who connected with a new tribe… Really, anything is possible here.  All that’s needed is you.  

sedona home of one of the top yoga festivals in the world

Coffee Pot Rock • Sedona • AZ • Home of one of the top Yoga Festivals in the World.


  1. SYF was created to support you in your transformation!
    Marc and Heather stillness
    You see, I had been practicing for over a decade when I moved to Sedona, AZ to deepen my practice and become a yoga teacher.  To make a long story short, I Love YOGA (it has saved me from myself over and over) and I Love Sedona.  Yoga in Sedona is an absolutely mind-blowing combination.  Since we both know just how important it is to be held and nurtured during these breakthroughs, Heather and I decided to hold a vision for SYF to be a safe place for sharing, where someone like me could come and be exposed to something very powerful AND be sheltered in a womb of safety, security, compassion and serenity.  Our fifth annual Sedona Yoga Festival a consciousness evolution conference is next March and all feedback has shown this event is a place where anyone can come and have an experience of Yoga… Young, Old, Weak, Strong, Firm, Infirm, Stable, Unstable, Happy, Sad…  There is something for everyone regardless of being a beginner or advanced student and Heather always says, “you can go all weekend without doing a lick of asana…” There is nothing to fear here.  It’s safe.
  2. It’s what we share… Authentic Yoga from Authentic Yogis.
    Every year, we are asked numerous times by the 100’s of applicants who apply to share an offering with you at SYF, “what do you need me to teach…?”  Our reply has always been… “Whatever LIGHTS you up… whatever has inspired you the most… whatever your PASSION is.”  And that is what you will receive at SYF, a teacher’s deepest experience, something that has transformed their lives for the better. Something, whose profound effect on themselves has been distilled into a workshop or class.  This is authenticity at it’s finest (imho), and that’s what you are getting at SYF.


    Past SYF Presenters

  3. Master Teachers, too!
    Every year, SYF’s Vanguard Master Teachers are chosen with you in mind.  These teachers all have decades of practice, experience and teaching under their belts and they are here just for YOU!  (some don’t do many yoga festivals and you may only be able to see them here…) Imagine that.  When I began my practice, Yoga Festivals weren’t happening yet, save for the Yoga Journal Conferences, and all these master teachers I was reading about seemed so FAR AWAY… Out of reach, for me, the mere mortal practicing to Inhale with Steve Ross on TV.  It wasn’t until many years later that I began to interact with these living links to the ancient masters and I realized just how special it was to share a live class, or even better a conversation with a Master Teacher!


    Past SYF Presenters

  4. Intimate setting…
    You will be able to bump into Master Teacher Mark Whitwell in the halls of our Event Venue (he’s really tall!…)  Or share an intimate meditation with Steve Ross, of Maha Yoga in a classroom that holds 30.  Ask Rama Vernon what it was like showing Mr. Iyengar around shortly after his arrival to the United States.  You see, SYF is held in a single event venue and we will all be together on this AUMazing journey… Whether you get to hang out after class or sit with someone for tea or go for a hike on the Red Rocks, it will all be rooted at the Collective Sedona & Hilton Resort Sedona Bell Rock in the southern outskirts of Sedona.  Indoors or out, you will find somewhere special to just be!
  5. Sedona: Destination Transformation

    Prayer Wheel by Dexx

    Prayer Wheel by Dexx

    Sedona has been nurturing transformation since time immemorial; Native American tribes came to this valley for ceremony long before anyone else showed up! The energy of the land here is very conducive to support you through whatever transformation is on your horizon.  Our team and Angel Support staff are also dedicated to fostering an environment that supports you in your experience of transformation; along with myself and Heather, we have created an experience for you… check out our new yoga retreat center, Aumbase Sedona.

  6. Bonus – Optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with First Responders, Veterans, trauma survivors, PTSD and TBI sufferers and many more. This 20 hour track is integrated into the SYF experience with full access to the conference outside of the intensive held on Thursday all day, and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, allowing plenty of time for integration and reflection be it on the land or in other classes and workshops, among all festival attendees. (a first amongst yoga festivals, we aim to assist in transformations and providing these trainings insure we are creating a positive impact in peoples lives who suffer from oft-debilitating effects of PTSD and other stress-related mental illness or those who choose to serve this population.  It is our way of creating a positive impact in the world with the SYF platform. Click here to see last years training.

You are going to have the most amazing, auspicious, synchronistic, wholistic, healing, fun AND transformative experience at SYF.  One that, like many before you, will likely not be your last, nor something you ever forget.  Past SYF Attendees all made the choice to come the first time and now we see them every year!  The experience was just too powerful not to return and now better than 80% come back year after year.  Whether yoga festivals are your thing or not, consider Sedona as your next Yoga Destination by attending the Sedona Yoga Festival or check out the other cool things the team behind this consciousness evolution conference is up to.  All things Yoga in Sedona.

They now know just how powerful the experience is, how supported they are and how much better their lives become after … and you will too!

Come and get your asana rocked!  Sedona style…

See you at SYF,

SYF Founder & Executive Producer.

PS.  Consider joining us next year… Click here.

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