Yoga for PTSD: Optional Integrated training for Yoga Teachers and Service Providers conducted annually at Sedona Yoga Festival

Yoga for PTSD

For the sixth year in a row SYF, a consciousness evolution conference aims to assist yoga teachers, service providers and others in bringing the tools and benefits of yoga to populations affected by PTSD, TBI, and other stress related illnesses.  Early on we focused on ‘yoga for’ specific populations, Yoga For Veterans and Yoga For First Responders, before we concluded that ultimately, Yoga, as it comes to us from the traditions, is and has always been the healing balm to soothe the injured human nervous system. Click the buttons below to see past curriculum and faculty.

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We have been blessed over the years to bring together extraordinary faculty members, ALL dedicated and impassioned to help those in need with simple and easy to do breath, body and mindfulness techniques proven to ameliorate and heal the symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress.

yoga for ptsd

*This training is open to others serving populations dealing with PTSD, TBI, and trauma. Just know it is geared toward yoga teachers and you will get the most out of it if you have a regular yoga practice in your life.

Anticipated Schedule:  THU 8-6, FRI 7-12, SAT 7-12, SUN 7-12.  Anticipated hours: 20.  Access to Sedona Yoga Festival, a consciousness evolution conference (happening concurrently) provided with registration (THU evening Opening Ceremony, FRI, SAT, SUN 12-9 exclusive of special events.)

About the Training

Yoga for PTSD

The carefully selected faculty and comprehensive courses in the SYF Gives Back training aim to provide: the latest in scientific research and support for alternative modalities in healing; specific practical techniques of yoga, pranayama and meditation and an understanding of why and how they work in relation to trauma and the nervous system; a comprehensive overview of complex trauma, PTSD, and TBI; break out sessions with practitioners working in specific populations (veterans, first responders, survivors of abuse/war/crisis, caregivers, etc) to help guide you to a deeper understanding of how to apply these universal healing modalities to the specific community you intend to serve. In providing these trainings over the years we have realized that it is the same YOGA that benefits everyone, and that trauma works in the body in a consistent way. These universal principles may be applied to each unique individual through the care of the teacher. We want to give the people these tools to take trauma awareness, sensitivity and skillful means into communities throughout the world and facilitate the healing… We have trained over 400 from around the globe in person, and 500+ on-line (mostly the US/CAN) and impacted 1000’s of lives with these ancient and proven practices. We are blessed to share what we have received, what has made such a difference in our lives; thank you for receiving

Faculty & Curriculum

Yoga for PTSD
SYF2019 Faculty announcements soon.  Register above or ‘get on the list’!  Either way, you won’t want to miss this… Namaste.

This, ‘trauma training’, I call it… it has matured these past few years.  I am truly humbled, every year, as those who sit with us to heal and learn healing tools share their stories; their hearts.  This idea came to me thunderbolt style and we launched in 2014, me with no idea I would soon be the one in very need of these tools.  Many past faculty have been integral in my own journey through the darkness and return to the light, their teachings providing integral components for my own toolkit in battling CPTSD. The road hOMe has been long and arduous, I am not gonna lie, but it gets easier.  Something starts to shift when one realizes what is going on… and that takes time, and awareness.  Practice.  With Tools.  Proven, time-tested tools and techniques. Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Pranayama, Energy Medicine… there’s more, to be sure, and I say, find what works for you no matter what!

Ultimately, if you haven’t already, you’re gonna come to the conclusion that it’s up to you… That you are gonna have to do something about this thing called PTSD… That if you don’t, it’s gonna really mess things up.  It sure was for me!  When I came to this conclusion myself, everything changed and for the better.  Yes, it was slow at first… but slowly the resilience built up. Slowly, my dedication to these practices strengthened… I created and still create, new habits. I do the work.

Some days it feels like I am back to square one, but I know that is not true anymore.  I have come so far from those days that were by and far the worst.  Ironically, those days were before I knew what was going on… it took 40 days on the inside for me and the dr’s to figure out what had… was happening. Even still, I got out and the struggle continued… it will, until something happens within you; call it a surrender. I imagine the how it happens is different for each of us, but the what happens is what’s important.  Thus begins the real work, as now awareness, consciousness itself can be at the table as well.  This is a game changer.

The drops these days definitively higher and don’t last near as long as back then, but they do come.  Thankfully, I am better equipped and so are those dearest to me to manage the crushing experience of a full-blown episode, though those come with less frequency, as well.  These practices work, but one must do them… I must do them.  

I don’t want to suffer anymore… I don’t want others to suffer.  It sucks. Period.  Not saying it’s going to go away… but it can get better, trust me.  It can, and it does.  Whether you or someone you know are in the $h!t, or are a teacher, practitioner, health-care provider, or just someone who wants to learn more this training is for YOU.  Don’t hesitate to signup, everyone will leave with a better understanding of the effects of trauma in the body, higher sensitivity & trauma-awareness, tools and techniques to implement immediately that facilitate real healing of the human nervous system.

Take a step in the right direction… towards your healing and begin the journey hOMe.

Jai Bhagwan
Victory in/to Spirit

Marc Titus

SYF Founder , Aumbase, Inc.

In this interview (October 2017) with Yogi Amrit Desai, I ask… for a friend, how we can overcome the effects of PTSD and trauma and why they are so overwhelming, debilitating and paralyzing at times, among other things.  After spending 10 days at the Amrit Yoga Institute, meeting Gurudev and his family, I can say I have… not a new, but rather a deeper more holistic understanding of how the body stores trauma and why specific yoga practices are so beneficial in the recovery from PTSD.  Humbly, I asked if i could interview him… so we could share this information… so it may help others… find their way hOMe. (

SYF2016 Training Available as a Digital Conference at Yoga International

with Molly Birkhom, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Love Your Brain, Dr. Pauline Lucas, Dr. Jerry Wesch

yoga for ptsd. works… period. yoga for ptsd. works… period. yoga for ptsd. works…period. Yoga for PTSD. Works… Period.

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