Yoga for PTSD: Optional Integrated 20 hour training for Yoga Teachers and Service Providers

Yoga for PTSD

For the 5th year in a row SYF aims to assist yoga teachers in bringing the tools and benefits of yoga to populations affected by PTSD, TBI, and life stresses of all kinds. Four years ago we focused on the benefits of Yoga For Veterans, three years ago on Yoga For First Responders. For the last two years we refined and expanded by offering training in all the ways yoga benefits trauma survivors and develops resiliency in a high stress environment. We are electing to integrate the training right into the conference. It is our hope and belief that we will double the number of participants in this training and therefore continue to widely expand the reach of the tools of yoga, having trained near 400 yoga teachers so far! Yoga for PTSD. The healing possibilities are real, and the resiliency… well, we all need it.

The Trauma Resiliency was fantastic. All the presenters were inspiring and amazing. It was wonderful to see the good work being done by so many!


This training was absolutely phenomenal and I’m so incredibly grateful that I decided to attend!! I’m getting ready to start a course for Vets with PTSD and this has been so incredibly valuable!!


yoga for ptsd

*This training is open to others serving populations dealing with PTSD, TBI, and trauma. Just know it is geared toward yoga teachers and you will get the most out of it if you have a regular yoga practice in your life.

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Thank you to the supporters of SYF Gives Back: 

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About the Training

Yoga for PTSD

The carefully selected faculty and comprehensive courses in the SYF Gives Back training aim to provide: the latest in scientific research and support for alternative modalities in healing; specific practical techniques of yoga, pranayama and meditation and an understanding of why and how they work in relation to trauma and the nervous system; a comprehensive overview of complex trauma, PTSD, and TBI; break out sessions with practitioners working in specific populations (veterans, first responders, survivors of abuse/war/crisis, caregivers, injured athletes, etc) to help guide you to a deeper understanding of how to apply these universal healing modalities to the specific community you intend to serve. In providing these trainings over the years we have realized that it is the same YOGA that benefits everyone, and that trauma works in the body in a consistent way. These universal principles may be applied to each unique individual through the care of the teacher. We want to give teachers the tools to take these skillful means to heal their communities throughout the world.

8am-4pm Thursday, February 8th. 8am-12pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday February 9-11 with up to 20 CEUs

Consider Making a Donation to the Trauma Training Scholarship Fund

Thank you to the supporters of SYF Gives Back: 

YOGA INTERNATIONAL, HOLY YOGA, STERLING FINANCIAL, Andrew Barkworth, Randall Cauley, Tiffany Denny, Michelle Grimm, Isabella Greene, Douchka Lecot, Laura McKinzie, Leah Misty, Lori Rubenstein, John Salisbury, Dana Shamas, Pamela Stokes-Eggleston, Denise Thompson, David Dhanvantari Tietje, Barb Totzke, Kate Towell, Jen Warr, & Roxanne Wessel.


Yoga for PTSD


As you may know, I have been very vocal about the effects of PTSD in our families, communities, businesses and life.  I am a strong advocate for healing modalities and practices that WORK… That make our lives better. This years training we are blessed to have Kamini, Sundar and a few other incredible speakers coming together to form the SYF2018 Yoga for PTSD Training Faculty.  Heather is finalizing the remaining faculty now…  And I can tell you.  THIS Training will be the one they talk about, in years to come.  As my own journey evolves, so to do the connections… the inspirations… the healing. And as I have claimed responsibility for my healing, so to am I seeing others do the same.  This path we walk is from the darkness to the light.  It is something we know how to do, it turns out… We just need to relax and allow the it to occur.  No small feat, it also turns out.  I am incredibly humbled and honored to share, what I have received.  As my life gets better, so to can yours… together, we will all make it home.

Marc Titus

SYF Founder

Kamini Desai

Kamini Desai

Energetic Diffusion Technique (EDT); Yoga Nidra

For the last 25 years Kamini has created unique body of teachings combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern psychology.

Trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health with degrees in Anthropology and Psychology from Smith College and La Salle University, and as daughter of one of the original yoga masters who pioneered yoga in the West, Kamini has served as Director of Wellness at Yarrow, an executive retreat center in Michigan, and on faculty of the Foxhollow Leadership Center. She is now the Education Director and Core Curriculum Developer of the Amrit Yoga Institute -a cutting edge teaching center for advanced studies in eastern philosophy. She is one of three Founding Directors of the International University of Yoga and Ayurveda with Dr. Vijay K Jain, MD and Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla.

Kamini is the acclaimed author of the book, Life Lessons, Love Lessons, which is commonly described as, “Eat, Pray, Love meets Sex in the City.” In an entertaining and engaging voice Kamini draws you in to a riveting personal story that shows you how to use the teachings of yoga in everyday life.

Considered an expert in the inner sciences of yoga, relaxation and artful living, she is a frequent guest speaker and teacher at various nationally accredited institutions for higher learning throughout the United States. Her guided Yoga Nidra experiences have been used in various government institutions.

Her insight and experience-based trainings and lectures have been welcomed in over 10 countries around the world including England, Holland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany,Turkey, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Mexico and throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition to her work in assisting individuals towards personal empowerment and fulfillment, Kamini’s corporate clients have included Bahamas Princess Resorts, Kellogg’s, KEDS, Sony, KPN Telecom and Mars Confectionary as well as the Department of Defense and the Internal Revenue Service of the Netherlands.

Kamini sits on the Editorial Board of the Light on Ayurveda Journal, associated with the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. In 2012 she was awarded the title of Yogeshwari (a woman of yogic mastery) for her keen ability to bring ancient illumination to the genuine challenges of the human experience. Kamini has been featured on the cover of Natural Awakenings, in Dutch Cosmopolitan, Fit and Healthy magazine, and has published numerous articles in the United States and Europe.

Kamini conducts the Amrit Yoga Teacher Training and the Yoga Nidra Professional Training at the 500-hour level for aspiring yoga teachers. Kamini is certified as an E-RYT in yoga instruction. She is also certified in contact partner yoga, Phoenix Rising yoga therapy, massage therapy, danskinetics, and holistic health education. She speaks Dutch, French, and English.

Sundar Balasubramanian

Sundar Balasubramanian

Pranayama for Trauma; Sequencing Pranayama; Science of Yogic Breathing

Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian is a Cell Biology researcher and founder of PranaScience Institute. He is currently studying mechanisms involved in resistance to cancer therapy at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He is also a Yoga Biology researcher. A pioneer in the area of research combining Pranayama and salivary stimulation, he discovered Yogic breathing promotes salivary secretion, and it contains factors that are important for our healthy living. Recently, his research work on breathing received a mention in the New York Times.

Growing up in Tamilnadu, India in a traditional Yoga and Siddha medicine practicing family background, Dr. Balasubramanian went to Swami Chitbhavananda’s Vivekananda College in India where he further learned Yoga, Meditation, and Kirtan practices. He has been continuously learning from various Yoga Masters from the East and West. He is a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists, and the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, and a speaker at TEDx Charleston. He is the Director of the Yoga Studies Research Center of the Indian Medicine, Science and Culture Division (IMSCD) of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE). He has been traveling globally to speak and teach the richness of Yogic breathing as he understands through his research studies.

Marc & Heather Titus

Marc & Heather Titus

Session Facilitator| SYF Founder

Marc, along with his wife Heather, have been promoting their beloved Sedona, AZ as a yoga destination for nearly 5 years, running the Sedona Yoga festival and recently opening Aumbase Sedona, a center for consciousness evolution where all things yoga in Sedona can be found.  They both know that one of the best things to do in Sedona is Yoga and sharing that with the world is, to them; Dharma… Service in Action.
Marc will be present to facilitate sessions, and Heather has designed the balance of the program.

Sessions - *descriptions coming soon

Yoga for PTSD

Yoga Nidra

Kamini Desai

Description forthcoming (2 hours)


Sundar Balasubramanian

Coming soon

(2 hours)

SYF2016 training available as a digital conference at Yoga International with Molly Birkhom, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Love Your Brain, Dr. Pauline Lucas, Dr. Jerry Wesch

yoga for ptsd. works… period. yoga for ptsd. works… period. yoga for ptsd. works…period. Yoga for PTSD. Works… Period.

Check out our Blog…  We’ve been supporting trauma-sensitive yoga since the beginning.

Yoga for PTSD

Yoga for PTSD. A complete 20-hour certification track integrated into the SYF experience. Designed to provide you with the skills to share yoga with…

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