7 Reasons to Get Your Asana to Sedona:  Reason #4: Music for Sacred Movement

7 Reasons to Get Your Asana to Sedona: Reason #4: Music for Sacred Movement

Maybe it’s vortex power, maybe it’s our incredible conscious community—or possibly it’s the magic that happens when the two come together. But Sedona Yoga Festival has always been known for its cosmic resonance…and this year, we’re taking that literally!

This year, there are more opportunities than ever to enfold yourself in sacred sound, and resonate with our deeply spiritual landscape. Whether you’re immersed in Kirtan, gettin’ down to the one and only MC YOGI or treating yourself to Secret Sessions at Mariposa, we’ve got so many ways to move that beautiful body.


  • YogiTunes sound lounge in Heart Center Village
  • DJ’d classes w/DJ Drez, DJ Hyfi, and Mental Physix
  • Concerts by Three Trees, Ashana, and Coburn Tuller
  • Exclusive Saturday night concert with MC YOGI
  • Sound healing sessions in the red rock landscape
  • Special live music yoga classes throughout the schedule

Tap into the healing and celebratory powers of DANCE—register today!


YogiTunes: Your Yoga Soundtrack

YogiTunes: Your Yoga Soundtrack

YogiTunes: Your Yoga Soundtrack

Offering an unrivaled selection of hand-picked yoga music from all over the world, YogiTunes offers studio owners, teachers and wellness enthusiasts an expansive library of curated music for yoga, meditation, massage and sound healing.

From global funk to kirtan to electronic trance, our resident DJs traverse the international yoga music landscape to find the best artists, albums and tracks, and sequence them into curated playlists suited to enhance any wellness practice, sorted by pace, duration and theme. Music fans can also create their own unique playlists: all YogiTunes music includes performance rights, so it can be publicly played without incurring additional fees. Steamed or downloaded, YogiTunes’ massive catalog enhances and deepens the yoga experience – anytime, anywhere.

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That’s what you’ll get with your YogiTunes personal subscription:

• The best yoga tunes with no ads or interruptions

• Music on any device – listen from your phone, tablet or computer

• Expertly crafted playlists for every mood or activity

• Custom personal playlists you can create yourself

• Always fresh – tens of thousands of tracks added to constantly

• Create custom playlists to set your own mood or tempo

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PRO & STUDIO PLAN (for yoga teachers, studio owners, performers)

YogiTunes PRO & STUDIO offers unlimited streaming of the world’s best yoga music with performance rights included for anywhere a yoga class is taught. You can enjoy a world-class collection of Yoga Music for your classes for as little as 50¢ per day.

Your class/studio/performance will benefit from:

• Expertly curated playlists to match every type of class

• Custom playlists to create your own mood or tempo

• Music on any device – play from a phone, tablet or computer

• Huge savings over buying even a tiny fraction of the tracks included

• The widest selection of yoga music available with tens of thousands of tracks

• Performance Rights 100% Covered in North America

• 20% discount for Yoga Alliance members

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Yoga for Trauma and Resiliency: the Training

Optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with First Responders, Veterans, trauma survivors, PTSD and TBI sufferers and many more.

Note from the Director on intention: SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE | Effortless Action

Note from the Director on intention: SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE | Effortless Action

Hello Yogis,

How are you? Has your world changed since we connected last? Are you finding peace in your heart amidst the chaos? Do you feel that you are able to see clearly in the midst of all of it? Are you practicing? What does that look like for you? How are you doing with your expectations? Is letting go becoming easier… or harder? Are you finding ways to help others, even if that means getting your own hOMe in order?

The container that is SYF is spilling over this year like a waterfall… We find ourselves on the move and in the flow. Whatever you think you “know” (or we thought we knew!) about festivals and conferences and how they work and what to expect you can pretty much forget about now. We need you to get here and BE here, … Now is a time to show up, to engage, to stand clear in your center, in effortless action and ease. Can you feel it? Yes? No? Let SYF Shift Your Perspective.

There are hugs and tears, laughter and dancing, quiet times of deep reflection, provocative moments that challenge your usual reactions and ask you to respond meaningfully from the heart space. From space even. Carry your blood, flesh, and bones from session to session, venue to venue – some small and intimate, some so full of humanity you get lost in it… carry your SELF through and out and release any tendencies that no longer serve, build up an authentic strength and will that you don’t even know is available to you – until you feel SAFE, burn the passionate fire of love and inspiration in your belly, the warmth of your heart then beating the endless drum of love and compassion, the voice you’ve been seeking then flowing in kind and clear devotion, until the light bulb goes off in your mind.

Are you ready for this? I mean, truth, we’re all going to die – someday. What we need to learn to do is live – a joyful and peaceful calm in the midst of any storm. How do you connect with all that’s going on out there? Look within. Find and make the choiceless choice, effortlessly, and without grasping… Right? Could we be more shrouded in veils in this time that they are almost becoming easy to brush aside? What is your SOUL resonating with? We are being called on now more than ever to make time for that level of discernment. You have a role to play in the play, and i’ll wager that if you don’t yet know what it is you really, really want to know right about now.

SYF is set to amplify the force of the winds within you to wrack any stagnation, set light to the fire of the inner teacher, to wash away the stains of the past, and finally free you from the weight of your expectations by quaking you to the core. Who’s in?

How are we going to do this? Intention, circumstance, subtle programming, sharing in this intention with the faculty and presenters. It is what wants to happen… The program is different than in the past: we will need to align and realign, move together and move independently, move from a place of deep knowing and trust in oneself, and look out for each other. Take care of each other. Be in service. We’ll talk, dance, practice, pray, be quiet, be loud, hug the rocks, share in so much together, be utterly alone to reveal that we are never alone – the true picture of it is going to be created by who shows up! Will you be here? The amplifying force of the location all by itself – Sedona has always stood strong in its knowing and fearlessness – is a force that if we all align with it in the power of LOVE and UNITY could help us shift to the tipping point. Will this be the year? Are we ready to rise up in consciousness and evolve into an enlightened society? Are you?

So many questions, so little time.

As it turns out there are only 300 All Access Passes left for SYF2018 The All Access Pass will be a part of the State of the Union: Yoga Talks and once those are all gone most classes, workshops, and 1-3 hour sessions will be available as single ticket for general public (unless they are full). Turns out its a pretty tight tribe that’s feeling the call to amplify our consciousness evolving in this way. If you are feeling the call then be here, please. This is a container that is held for you to rise and shine. All the humans dropping in for a taste of what we’re doing for three and a half days together need you, too.

What’s the State of the Union: Yoga Talks? While still revealing itself it is now being called for to start talking about the big stuff – together – in person. There are many leading teachers that return to SYF year after year who can really shine a light on living our yoga and leading from the heart. Let’s take these deep discussions into the big room now and explore together how we as American Yogis are showing up in our culture, in our communities, and in the world. Nothing’s off limits, there will be Q&A and if we can get some support for it, it will be recorded. You’ll know if you want to be in the room. And, yes, there will be time for lots and lots of dropping in to practice. Practicing is the key!

So that’s a little ramble about this year’s intention: Shift Your Perspective, Show Up in Effortless Action, Leading from the Inner Teacher – the voice of your soul – which knows its purpose. Easy 😉 Easy for me because its my purpose to orchestrate this. Let me acknowledge to you that I am grateful for all of the adversity I/we/SYF has faced so I could truly SEE how easy it all is – in the midst of any storm. Guaranteed this isn’t the first age that has seemed so hard… So, here we are. I see you here already and I feel it in my being – its going to be sooooo good.

In joy & service – and hopelessly devoted to you~

Heather Shereé Titus
Director, Sedona Yoga Festival
Co-Founder | CEO, Aumbase

From Presents to Presence… the best gift of All.

From Presents to Presence… the best gift of All.

This is part 3 of a multipart blog series.  Click here to read part 1.

It’s time…  the glory and the chaos of the holidays is drawing to a close; the new year is ahead now and our sight may drift to the future as we contemplate where we’ve been and where we would like to go… in presence.

Where do you want to go?

This time of year is universal in its opportunity to grow and expand our horizons; to find an inner solace that soothes the past in hopes of wiping the slate clean.  We all carry baggage; our  bodies often bearing the scars of times past and humanity as a whole has come to see the New Year as the time for fresh starts and letting go…

On the heels of Christmas (I grew up celebrating this time of year in this way), I think we have an Aumazing Opportunity!  I mean, let’s think about it…  The Spirit of the Holidays is the same, regardless of the Holiday one celebrates… Presence.

“Be like Him that we celebrate today… regardless of race, religion or creed; kindness and compassion. Love everlast.”

Spirit…  The Life Force, Consciousness.  God.  Whatever you choose to call it, even whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, it exists and is the very fabric of reality that weaves us all together in inexplicable ways. 


But, what does it want?

I have come to see, through a lifetime of empirical studies, my path, that it, ultimately wants nothing more than to expand into new territories of experience, and we, the human being, appearing to be its most advanced avatar, must realize that in its omnipresence it could not possibly want to destroy us, rather it is the giver of LIFE and without it I could no longer write, sit, think, or type, nor could it experience itself expanding through me anymore…  Why would it want to harm me, let alone any of its Creations?

Yet, we look around us today and there is such uncertainty and fear… tumultuous times, I have said often, even now, this Holiday Season, humanity seems to be walking the razor’s edge, precipice on either side, wondering when it all may come crumbling down.

I awoke today, the day after Christmas, with a slight panic…  like, something is wrong, and yet, I know this is not true.  It means something is out of balance within me, the scales tipped to the darker side of consciousness where fear and uncertainty live and after looking deep inside, again I find my solace; my peace.  Presence.  Om Shanti.

I have come to realize that  I HAVE A HUGE PART TO PLAY IN ALL THIS.  (and so do you… it turns out.) 

You see, my teachers have all told me, as have pretty much ALL the saints, sages and masters that have come before, that I (and you… ) are Happiness itself… Joy itself… Love itself… BLISS… ANANDA…  Ecstasy.

I have experienced this to be true, maybe you have too!  Fleeting at times, yet  when I release all the stress and trappings of our modern ways,  quiet my mind, purify my body and tune into my Souls’ voice… Peace is there.  Joy is there.  Happiness is there.  Presence.

Mark Whitwell tells us that if we come away from our practice in any other state than described above, then we aren’t  doing yoga….  I laugh out loud at this now, as it sinks in…

And like a ton of bricks it hits me (again)…  head in palm…

I don’t go to my practices to seek aggravation, frustration, anger, or fear… those only exist in my fragmented and unbalanced mind, body and spirt…. NOPE!!!!  what happens when I find my way… my balance… is undeniably PEACE…. Happiness, Joy Itself.

THEREFORE… that is the underlying reality for ALL OF US…

So, we have our work cut out for us… and to be true it is our work… your work.  Mine.

Focussed practice ahead!  Presence.

It is time…. that we come hOMe.

(I am planning to do a spiritual detox and total body cleanse beginning in the next few days…it has helped me in the past to gain, presence and clarity… let me know in the comments if you would like to join in!  and Click here to see part 1 in this multi-part blog series!)


What is Yoga Music? An Insightful look & FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from DJ TAZ

What is Yoga Music? An Insightful look & FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from DJ TAZ


Yoga music and a Yoga DJ’s are becoming common place with events sweeping the nation infusing the celebratory festival environment, with yoga practice. Just five years ago, having a live DJ or live band in your local studio was a rarity. Some may have heard of a DJ Drez playlist, or if your were in LA you may have gone to a special event to hear MC Yogi. However, for the most part, you probably practiced yoga in silence.

Today, there’s an entire roster of DJs on yoga-festival lineups, and up-and-comers like (SYF Presenter, DJ TAZ), Bhakti Styler, and more booking regular gigs in studios and event spaces across the country.”– Andrea Ferretti of Yoga Journal 

But what is yoga music? Is yoga music simply derived from a series of Sanskrit chants? Is it Kirtan? A Gong? Or, is it a playlist created by the teacher for his or her flow class? Does music played in a yoga class, lessen the authenticity of yoga? Many of us have asked these questions ourselves, and have heard both sides of the argument.

“While some yoga teachers dismiss the live-music trend, as a mere ‘distraction’ from yoga’s most powerful exercises, such as listening to your breath or observing your thoughts to bring calm and focus, others see it as a tool for going inward, for timing the breath to the beat, or for simply feeling joy during the practice.” – Andrea Ferretti of Yoga Journal 


“There is a time and place for a quieter, more introspective practice, and you shouldn’t dismiss that,” says Stephanie Snyder, a San Francisco–based vinyasa teacher who travels across the United States and Europe and teaches some classes with a live DJ.

Lets start with the basics. Music played in a yoga class most notably, provides a new way to market the practice to a more diverse demographic such as those from other regions, spiritual beliefs, physical shapes and ages. Since the benefit of yoga, we hope, is to bring it to everyone. Therefore, some yoga, is better than no yoga. Right? 

Perhaps what we should look at is that music itself, in this scenario, is getting a bad rap. Music for thousands of years has aided the human condition, aided our consciousness evolution, provided solace in every emotional scenario, and plays an integral role in virtually every culture since the beginning of time.

Enter DJ Taz, a person who both defines this new sub genre, but also is growing inside of it. While India may be a starting point for this indescribable subset of music, musical accompaniment, that flows as we do – it has become an integral part of our lives in the Yoga community. 

“My Mission in life is to help awaken the collective consciousness with music. “ DJ TAZ

Isn’t that good news for a brighter future for yoga? If the term ‘yoga music’ seems so fleeting and undesirable perhaps its speaking to something deeper. If the point is union, why are we judging the vehicle that carries us there?

“I’ve talked to a handful of classical Indian musicians who say that their music is their yoga, which makes sense: classical asanas and pranayama were performed at certain times of the day, to attune the yogi to nature’s rhythm. Ragas were invented with the same idea in mind.” – Derek Beres 


Tazdeen Rashid is a yoga DJ. brings a high vibrational energy to any crowd instantly by mixing a wide range of music beats and rhythms including, Ancient New World, hundreds of electronic Remixes, House, Kirtan, Devotional, and cosmic sounds. His vision is to be a channel to cause the expansion of all those around by tapping into the creative wisdom of the body and allowing them to feel, let go and awaken.

For DJ Taz, his music is his yoga. Taz has been producing and part of creating mindful events globally over the last few years and as a musician, he plays guitar, keyboard, Native American Flute, didgeridoo and hand percussion. He takes these instruments and connects to the Divine and what comes through has the ability to move his crowd to connect to their Divine higher selves.

The aim of the yogi: unifying all seemingly disparate elements into one continuous moment. Just as we celebrate the change in our physical practice as we progress and bend into new asanas and states of meditation, we can also appreciate the changes in our perception. 

Still, a persistent yet undefined image of ‘yoga music’ continues to wield its confusing head. I say, breathe and let it go. The fact is friends, while India may have been a starting point for this indescribable subset of music, the result is an amazing new platform in which we can all come together and celebrate.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.23.18 PM

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