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Why Liability Insurance is Essential to the Yoga Community

The number of yoga practitioners in the U.S continues to grow. As with any physical activity, more participants means more risk; and yoga-related injuries are on the rise. Some may be as minor as a twisted ankle while others may result in torn cartilage, dislocations,...

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Forward Thinking about Springing Back: SYF2019

It’s spring time in Sedona and you’ve found a gorgeous little creek bed to spend your lunch time. You kick off your sneakers and dip your feet into the crisp spring fed waters at Red Rock Crossing. You become mindful for several seconds as brightly hued desert blooms...

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CEUs at SYF2018

From Massage, Ayurveda, Yoga Alliance and more. SYF provides a wide variety of offerings eligible for your CE Credit.   Continuing education is a vital part of certification programs designed to credential professionals across the United States to ensure licensed...

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The SYF2018 Special Events Calendar is Here!

The SYF2018 Special Events schedule is here and filled with so much greatness!   * Special Events are included with an  SYF2018 All Access Pass 2-Day Friday & Saturday Pass 2-Day Saturday & Sunday Pass $40 BUY TICKETS $20 BUY TICKETS $40 BUY TICKETS $25 BUY TICKETS...

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SYF2018 Red Rock Magic Trolley Schedule

Sedona Yoga Festival Shuttle | Feb. 9, 10, 11 Loop Shuttle Service – See Route Below: Loop / Locations of Service: Shuttle Loops are approx. 30 minutes SPAC Performing Arts Center 89A @ Green Tree Inn - services Unity Church Shelby Driver, by Humane Society, services...

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